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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by johndoch, Dec 11, 2004.

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    I also read that on the Sky Text service. I think he'd be making a big mistake, he never should have fought Klitchsko the first time round and took a beating becasue of it. Lewis should have retired after the Tyson fight even though it was not the 'defining firght' of his career like he claims it to be, Tyson was a shell of his former self when Lewis fought him and so was Holyfield for that matter. Lewis never beat a true great at the top of his game.
    In the Klitchsko fight , the cuts Klitchsko suffered flattered Lewis as he was clearly getting the snot beat out of him. On the other hand when Lewis did unleash some devistationg uppercuts, Klitchsko just took them and kept on comming! He has proven that he has an iron chin and that Lewis cannot hurt him. For Lewis to be talking about comming back is shear madness on his part. He says that he can be in shape in 9 months but I think even if he did get in shape by then, his age would have caught up with him anyway and his reflexes would not be the same nor possibly his technique. He would take an even heavier beating in my opinion. He should stay retired and enjoy his earnings and life with his family otherwise if he came back he could end up punch drunk or worse!.
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    I couldn't agree more. Some people just never learn! Lewis should take one look at Muhammed Ali, then remind himself why he retired in the first place.
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    I see that in the Article/ Interview with Lennox Lewis in the Scum Newspaper of all places, he critiscises Danny Williams for defeating Tyson 'way past his prime'.

    Lol, talk about the pot calling the kettle Afro-Caribbean :confused:

    This being the same Lennox Lewis that beat Mike Tyson slightly earlier on in his 'way past his prime' phase .

    Lewis is a good boxer (although not as good as he is by his own reckoning), but as a neutral observer, I seem to remember his fight with Klitchsko slightly differently than he does.

    To him it seemed to be a eulogy to his Boxing Brilliance. But I remember seeing Klitchsko surprising the champion by not falling over, by countering Lewis with good solid boxing skills and hitting him hard and giving him a serious boxing lesson.

    I also remember Lewis seeming desperate and skillfully Headbutting him and then rubbing his head in the gashes on Klitchsko's face to open them up.

    I didn't neccessarily object to his slightly looser interpretation of the Boxing Rules, just that the way he'd talked it up, we were going to see a exhibition of his Worlds Greatest Boxing Skills to cap a illustrious career, instead I saw a guy winging it and looking a bit flumoxed.

    Will Lewis beat Klitchsko in a re-match?

    Perhaps, he is skillful and does hit hard, but that would seriously underestimate Klitchsko's skills, which seems to be something that everybody in the Media is doing, saying 'Oh well he's just big and can only knockout guys that are smaller than him', or 'he's mechanical and doesn't have good movement' etc etc blahblahblah.

    I don't see these things, I see a clinical fighter who is improving all the time. I see a Heavyweight Champion who most fighters won't want to tussle with.

    Is Lewis too old? Well he could get back in shape and have no problems, it's just a question of whether he wants it enough.
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    I don't even think Lewis is that amazing, he was just around at the right time. He will get beat if they have a rematch, Klitchsko would be even more up for battering him. Excellent points sokklab.
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    I agree. When I first saw him fight I thought he was really "robot-like" and was only winning because he was throwing tree trunks and he can take a lot of abuse, but as I see him fight more I notice he's getting much less mechanicle and looking more like an "A" class boxer every day.

    I don't know if Lewis can beat him or not, but I would sure as hell like to find out ;)
  6. Sorry guys to hijack this thread on a (albeit slightly) unrelated note. Shotokanwarrior...

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    Didn't Williams knock "Little Klitschko" silly?
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  9. semphoon

    semphoon walk idiot, walk.

    Over the 8 rounds, Williams only landed 44 punches to Klitchskos 284.

    So, no.
  10. Out of interest, does anyone know why Williams even got a shot at Tyson, let alone Klitschko?

    Did anyone see the Wlad/Brewster fight? What happened? :eek:
  11. MerKaBa

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    Hmmm... I wonder who I'm thinking of then, thanx for the link.

    I was talking about his brother. I thought they fought, but I was mistaken.
  12. If he did fight Klitschko Jr, he wouldn't have been in the same ring as Sr, because both would bater him, unless Williams posesses a high powered gun ;)

    One of Wlad's recent fights, however was against "DeVarryl Williamson" (sp), so that could be where you got the Williams link. Just a thought, although Wlad barely got battered there either.
  13. MerKaBa

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    Yeah, that's who I was thinking of... see I don't have TV in my house so I have to read and hear about the fights for now.
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    Williams is an odd guy. He's not so much egotistical, but over-confident on a spiritual level. I recall him thanking Allah for his victory over Tyson. (Correct me if he's not Muslim.) Like he feels his God is backing him up more than in reality.

    The heavyweight divison is pretty empty right now. That's why Audley Harrison and Danny Williams are getting so much flak. "He's no good, just there's no one better to fight him right now." Kinda like Tommy Gunn in Rocky V, huh?
  15. Johnno

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    You are correct. He converted to Islam. He won't cut his beard for religous reasons. Said he'd walk away from the Klitshko fight if the authorites had ordered him to trim it.
  16. gedhab

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    but why would the authorities order him to trim his beard...is it compulsory? :confused:
  17. Johnno

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    No, but there was a suggestion that it would protect his face. (Which it obviously didn't!)
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    LOL!....his beard isn't that big anyway.
  19. They should have ordered him to trim it - he wouldn't have taken such a beating that way ;)
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    He's gorgeous. I can't make up my mind who I like better.

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