will muay thai training benefit boxing

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by shouldercarge, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. shouldercarge

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    a bit about me:
    my striking experience is very limited i trained muay thai for a bit over a year a few years ago,TKd as a kid ,and about a year ago i trained boxing and mma for 6 months and had an amature mma fight.I'm quite stocky at 5'7 90kg and mainly train in grappling (judo and jiujitsu)i'm moving to a new city and training at a gym that offers bjj,judo,muay thai,and boxing i wan't to take up some striking training when the classes dont clash with grappling just because 1) i may aswell with it being available to me and 2)i may get back in to mma at some point.

    i feel like i took to boxing alot quicker than muay thai the guy coaching me semed to think i had a bit of natural talent for it,plus for mma purposes with my style of grappling i think it would be the best striking style to suit me and also with my short legs i dont see the point in training alot of kicks.

    However i'm only going to be able to make boxing class once a week,but will be able to attend the muay thai classes 2-3 times a week will the muay thai training help or hurt my progresion in boxing?
  2. B3astfrmthe3ast

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    it def. wont hurt bro as Just about every fighter i know of trains muay thai and boxing together there are some subtle differences in the punching but other than that i think it will actually make your striking that much better but good luck in whatever you decide to do bro
  3. Lee M

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    no it won't hurt it - working the both is good.

    Boxing is king when it comes to fists and striking - look at Dos Santos and GSP in their last fights - boxing all the way!
  4. Rider

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    Hmmmm... defo muay thai would benifit with boxing, i think muay thai is one of the best for just pure stand up striking alot of MMA fighters train or have done it.

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