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  1. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    How is your ROM progressing as a result of your flexibility work?
  2. Wildlings

    Wildlings Baguette Jouster

    My side and roundhouse kick seem to have stayed the same, but it feels like it's more an issue of balance and correct leaning than flexibility. One visible improvement I've seen has been my ability to raise the knees higher towards the chest, which is helping a lot with the shin blocks. I think I'll definitely see most of the flexibility gains as I practice my technique a bit more. :)
  3. Wildlings

    Wildlings Baguette Jouster

    Warm up
    Solo practice: all basic punches, kicks and footwork x10
    Combos practice with partner
    One round of all out punching

    Warm up
    Exercise 1: bouncing all the length of the gym while doing roundhouse kicks without ever putting the leg down, then rest while partner does it x 6
    Exercise 2: hold onto the partner shoulders and raise a leg sideways to kinda-roundhouse kick his hand at shoulder - head height, then rest while partner does it x20 kicks each leg alternating legs

    Exercise 1 x2

    20squats + exercise 2 x3

    frog jumps all the length of the gym + 10 tuck jumps x4

    exercise 1 x2

    exercise 2 x3

    exercise 1 again while Kicking partner's hand
    Possibly repeated these some more times, I honestly lost count

    Various abdominal exercises (max reps in a certain time)

    Various push ups variations (max reps in a certain time)

    Isometric stretching with partner

    Relaxed stretching
  4. Wildlings

    Wildlings Baguette Jouster

    On Saturdays there are no classes at the gym so we have access. :)

    Warm up
    Freestanding bag:
    50 low kicks
    50 middle kicks (mawashi geri)
    50 middle kicks (thai kicks)
    50 high kicks (either of them)
    Most of them were shoulder-height, but on a few I managed to kick my head height. Not enough at all since I'm quite short, but still rewarding. As I imagined, it's all about technique.
    20 front push kicks
    Punches: freestyle for a while :D

    On the heavy bag:
    Punches and kicks with focus on footwork, evasion and dodging. This is a very light bag so it swings around a lot.


    I am no longer tormented by DOMS after every class. I can start isometric stretching again. :D
  5. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    How much of a difference is there between the two?
  6. Wildlings

    Wildlings Baguette Jouster

    The mawashi geri is a is done by chambering, snapping from the knee, chambering and putting the leg down. The movement is always controlled.

    In the muay thai style roundhouse all the power comes from the rotation of the hips (no chambering) and from the knee down the leg is relaxed - I've been taught 'dead leg'. The motion is more thrusting than snapping. It is much more difficult to control a thai kick, you can't just stop it halfway in the air.

    I mainly use the latter for power and the former for speed and accuracy.
  7. Wildlings

    Wildlings Baguette Jouster

    Warm up

    2 minutes jumping rope + 10 pushups x4 (1 minute rest)

    2 minutes heavy bag x 3 (rest 1 minute)

    2 minutes pads x 2

    Drilling combos with partner, focus on technique and accuracy - 4-5 drills

    Isometric stretching

    Relaxed stretching

    Still recovering from illness, and in terrible conditions to train. Maybe I should have stayed at home as I didn't manage to train properly anyway, but that's it.
  8. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    Something is better than nothing and you will find it easier again soon :)
  9. Wildlings

    Wildlings Baguette Jouster

    And now I'm ill again. :D
    I totally hate paracetamol, makes me sleepy and dumb all day. :mad:
  10. Wildlings

    Wildlings Baguette Jouster

    Process of healing/recovering: complete. :happy:

    Warm up: jogging and light calisthenics

    3x 2 minutes jumping rope, 10 pushups (1 minute rest)

    4x 2 minutes heavy bag drills (1 minute rest)

    2 minutes pads, 2 minutes paos

    3x 2 minutes light sparring (1 minute rest)

    Relaxed stretching

    I've got shin splints again though. :( I've iced them and I'm going to foam roll them later/tomorrow morning and see how it goes.
  11. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    Wooop for going back to training!

    Have you tried doing a regular calf raise routine? I've had shin splints for...8 years now and I still get bothered by them, but I'm finding regular calf raises with the foam roller stuff has been helping immensely. They still bother me but it's getting easier.

    Worth a try maybe?
  12. Wildlings

    Wildlings Baguette Jouster

    Thanks for the advice, I'll try that! :)
  13. Wildlings

    Wildlings Baguette Jouster

    Warm up: 10 minutes on the stationary bike, some calf raises

    About 45 minutes of random bag work - alternating intense 2 minutes round, distance work and slow technique work

    Isometric stretching: side split level 5 - I've just restarted from there. It wasn't as bad as I expected.

    Relaxed stretching

    My shin splints haven't got any better yet. :mad:
  14. Wildlings

    Wildlings Baguette Jouster


    5 body rows - not actually done in a row, more like 5x1 with no rest
    15 push ups
    20 lying leg lifts
    30 hindu squats
    (Rest 1 minute)

    That's it. I'd planned another circuit to do just after this, but after spectacularly failing the first set of OHPs I decided I'd better not push myself as I have class tomorrow. I was appalled yet. After this one, not so challenging circuit I found myself shaking and light-headed. My self esteem is now considering suicide. :D

    EDIT: RIP my broomstick. It couldn't survive any more sets of body rows. :cry:
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  15. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    Lol, time to eBay a spare Oly barbell bar then?

    That's still a pretty decent set to do though, even if you don't quite feel like its' much.
  16. Wildlings

    Wildlings Baguette Jouster

    I've considered that, but it wouldn't be worth it as I'm going to move to some bigger town soon, so hopefully I'll have access to a proper gym.
    Not to mention there are still so many brooms to break! :D

    Warm up

    5x 2 minutes of walking knees at high intensity

    Lots of slower technique work

    2x 2 minutes pads

    Relaxed stretching
  17. Wildlings

    Wildlings Baguette Jouster

    I haven't been updating this for a while...:D
    Well, I'm training regularly 3 times a week. Just gone through a period of intense training - lots of conditioning drills and sparring. Now there's a week of ligtht training, so today we did a lot of technique work.
  18. Wildlings

    Wildlings Baguette Jouster

    The "oh no MA classes are over" season has officially begun, so I thought I'd dust off this log a bit.
    Today: 2.5 km running with rest half-way. :cry: I'm blaming the heat for the crap - as well as my starting the run sprinting. :mad:
  19. Wildlings

    Wildlings Baguette Jouster

    Update: I've been doing some totally random swimming, cycling and bodyweight training - no running because of a broken toe - but I've been too lazy to log. :p
    pushups 2×15, 3×20
    bench dips (feet up) 3×10, working on form

    5:00 running + 1:00 walking ×4
    Could have run more, but the bloody toe was starting to complain. :mad:

    Going to do some stretching later.
  20. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!


    How'd you break your toe? Also, how long ago?

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