"Why You Do Like That?" Weights, Martials and 'The Healthy'

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    To commemorate 10 years of being a member of this site. And managing mainly to keep the peace. I hereby open this Log in the name of Peanut Butter and Honey Oatcake Sandwichs...

    Please Note:
    I will attempt to keep a note (as well as my trusty notebook) of sessions I'm doing. So I can reinspire my self when the pull of a good film and a warm meal gets too much.

    I'm lifting weights and doing some resistance work. I'm also gradually getting back into martial arts/ combat sports etc.

    I copied across some posts from the 'What Routines Do You Do' Thread. Here's the first.

    I Don't train to failure. I'm doing mostly a 'Strength'-based training.

    3 times a month (each Saturday). 4th Saturday I do strong cable resistance at home. Gym seshs are 1.30hrs (too long but that's how it is at present).

    I don't want to spend my life in the gym...I practice strength through progressive resistance. The reps and sets are lowish...Have to stop myself getting carried away. Balance weights, martial arts, 'fitness' and health.

    I do Silat mid-week - very heavy (as much as competitive muay thai). We do Ground, near the ground, just above the ground and skim over the ground...

    I also do bodyweight stuff every second day. Flat-footed mountain climbers, harimau (tiger just above ground), tuklao (kick thru) etc. And some specific Silat stretching (buaya - crocodile, suwa - python etc). To 'take my wind'.

    I weigh 103 to 105 kgs (my natural weight. I used to be bigger). I'm 6 ft 1" (Blue eyes, brown hair of Welsh ethnicity. And I like action movies, anthropology and women with nice arses..Oops sorry wrong site...).

    Changed from bodybuilding split to 5 x 5 practice 3 years ago. And now evolved to this:

    Session 1: Legs Plus. Revolving around the Squat. No straps, wraps, belts etc. Squat stretches, shoulder dislocs etc then...

    6 sets of full ATG squats - going up through the gears. Starting at 70 kg up to 260kgs. Usually 9, 8, 6, 4, 3, 1 - Main stress is keeping focus and tension. Pause for puff and to re-tense. Keep intra-abdominal pressure (suck it in and tense). No belt to rely on see.

    At present my focus is on middle range for reps - the 150 to 230 kgs range (5, 4, 3). I got sick of galloping towards doing heavy singles (and not enjoying it). So decided on 220 kgs for 5 reps (nearly there).

    I keep reps low because tension is knackering. And want muscle density (myofibrillar (strands of densely contracting tissue) not sarcoplasmic size (fluid and capilliaries).

    I'll go back through 260 kgs (within 4 months will add extra squat and deadlift seshs to do this). After the 6 sets of squats I do 1 set of really heavy short-range squats (in the strongest range of motion). 12 reps.

    I then do Widowmakers (a dip belt under the armpits backlift/dead/good morning thing - which I love. 2 to 3 sets (120, 140, 160 kgs).

    Then lying ham curls (hips pushed into bench and upper body up). maybe 2, 3 sets 45 to 80 kgs.

    Overhead Press - Just re-introduced after rotator cuff hassle. Monitoring to see whether these stress my joints (impingement).

    Usually 3, 4 sets. Reps 8, 6, 4, 3 from 40 to 90 kgs.

    Seated Calf Raises 4 sets. 60kgs x 30 reps, 100 kgs x 25 reps, 120 kgs x 15 reps, 140 kgs x 10 with a static.

    Roman Chair hyperflex (with a post office 56lb weight) 11 plus 11 sec hold. Also some Abs on the roman too. Then bagwork (roundhouse, fast hands, elbows, knees). Floor-to-ceiling ball etc.

    The gym has a 110 lb bag - I get it 3/4 s to the 10ft ceiling with a roundhouse at present. Also do 'kuching' roundhouses from the floor to bag. No bag gloves or wraps for hands (how can you hope to belt someone and not break your fists if you put pillows on your hands to train?).

    Session 2 'Back' - Revolving around the Deadlift

    Deadlifts (5 to 6 sets) 120 to 260 kgs. Reps 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1. I prefer the double overhand grip as this puts more emphasis on the hamstrings.

    Grip generally fails at set 4. So I get the straps and hooks out for the heavier sets. Tend towards conventional deads. But experiment with different leg and grip widths in the lower weights. Goal is 300 kgs for 3 (will add extra dlift seshs to my month to get there).

    Good Mornings - Just reintroduced to help my squat (your spinae erector muscles give out first in the squat). Light, 3 sets up to 120 kgs.

    Pullups 4 sets. Usually Me. And then me plus 20 kgs, 40kgs, 50kgs and me plus 60kgs. Reps just me 10. Then 8, 6, 4, 3. Usually with a static hold at the top of the last rep. And resisted negatives when I remember to do them.

    Rowing (Usually 'pendlay', t-bar, kroc (db rows) or seated row).

    Seated row 3 sets (130kgs x 8, 150 kgs x 6, 180 kgs x 4 with a static). Followed by Roman chair hypers (plus 56lbs) and then bagwork (roundhouses, kuching roundhouse, knees including jumping and spring knees - much to many gym members disbelief, fast hand 'sprints'). Floor-to-ceiling ball.

    Session 3 - Leg plus Chest. Revolving around the Leg Press

    Leg Press - The only lift that readily allows you to express the true strength in your legs. If you want to kick an idiot 15 ft and break them, this is THEE BUNNY...

    I do 5 or 6 sets of full-range Leg Press (45 degree heavy sled). Starting light at 280 kgs (for 10), then 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 - Going up through the gears to 720kgs (nearing maxout of the current machine at approx 800 kgs). My goal is 800 kgs for 3 full-range reps. And then I'll buy a Watson Press and do at home for a while...

    Main thing with heavy Leg Presses is watch your spine. Get the best (most efficient) position for your feet sorted first. This depends on your length of leg and spine. Before you even consider foot placement for emphasis. My optimum foot placement (on this press) is feet wide, toes about 3 inches below the top of the board. This gets a nice equal ****, hips, hams, quads ratio.

    Then I do a set of single-leg static contractions (Leg press in the strongest range of motion holding for 5 max intense seconds) with 350 kgs per leg. This is not like doing just half. As single-leg press is much harder than just doing half a normal one.

    I've also done short-range Leg Presses with 1000kgs and statics with above that. And yes it translates to the full-range. And yes every cell in your body goes wannnnngggg...and you vibrate.

    Calf press (on the leg press) or Standing Calf Raise. Usually 4 sets from 100kgs to 300kgs). And rising...Reps from 20 to 12 with a hold.

    Power Cleans and High Pulls - I took these out of my Back sesh because the volume was too much. Usually 4 sets ranging from 50 to 100 kgs. Great for speed and manlimanliness (Grrr).

    Chest - Dips up to 8 sets. Me x 10, then me plus 20 kgs x 8, + 40kgs x 7, + 60 kgs x 5. I stopped doing Bench Press a few years ago cos I don't want big man boobs. And I don't feel the Bench Press has that much use for martial artists - Besides I do A LOT of work on the ground so my mooblies get plenty.

    Low cable pull (to chin level) - Replicates a lot of martial arts motions. 4 sets 70kg to 140 kgs. Great for shoulder girdle, spine, your superhero muscles (infrastratus?) and working the chest in conjunction with the upper back. Reps 10, 8, 6, 5

    Ab Stack 'Crunch' - With as much weight as I can get from the stack plus the booster - 200 kgs plus for 2 sets at 15 plus 15 sec hold, 12 plus 12 sec hold

    Bag work as above. Roman Chair Hyper (important !)

    Session 4 at home (approx 40 minutes max) Heavy cable stuff (these keep tension throughout the range of motion up to 240 lbs of resistance)

    Rotator band work (do these about once a week).

    Plus 3 sets of side shoulder press, chest expander, bent over shoulder row, single-arm side shoulder row, punch press, 'trap-bar style cable deadlift (1 set of 6 with a 20 second hold at near lockout) etc.

    Plus some harimau, maybe some hindu press ups, handstand and handstand press and bridging and bridge presses. Stretching.

    Thanks for glistening....
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    This is the best opening to Training Log we've had yet.

    I look forward to reading more.
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    Silat Tuesday 23rd April 2013

    Big Conditioning Sesh. Worked out we did about 1000 squatting style motions.

    Including Besam (a side to side transition getting lower and lower), Tuklao (a kick thru on the ground), Kuching (cat) etc.

    My legs were really really feeling it a few days later and I'd not reached 'healed' by Saturday's weights sesh.

    The plus points? My Silat postures and transitions are getting smooth.

    And I adore the Helicopter style kicks from the Kuching/ Tuklao. My funnest style of Roundhouse and BANG! You can get some serious 'scuuush' from that position"!
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    "Gawd Bless You Tiny Tim"

    I'll try not to ban myself from my own Log :p
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    My Heavy Grips arrived this week. I got the 250 lb ones. No idea how strong my grip is. On Deads my grip goes waaaay before I reach anywhere near a good heave.

    And so I thought to work for a strong grip.

    Anyway 250lbs is too light. I'll use this as my warm up gripper. So I ordered a 350 lb grip. And had fun giving that a tickle. Closed it but not easy for sure.

    Might do the Captains of Crush challenge. And see whether I can work my up to closing one of their real heavy grips. Their top one has only been closed by about 30 folk I think. Think the resistance is about 700lbs?

    I think I overdid it this week in terms of cumulative.

    I did my Cable Sesh on Monday (not the Saturday before). Excellent. And fun. And I felt ready to 'battle a kingdom' afterwards.

    Will need to get another Power Pushup. As my Mark 2 (owned since 2005) is a bit battered. And I'll get the heaviest cables. And I'll do the full power push up with it too.

    I really love the fact you can get a near-max intensity workout with such cable devices in a really short time. The only thing better is Static Contractions/ Isometrics etc.

    Though I did my cable sesh on the Monday night I wasn't knackered for Silat the next night at all (thank god).

    Though that was (as mentioned) 'heavy'.
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    (First bit Copied from 'What Routines Do You Do?)

    Saturday 26th April 2013:

    Today's session was a complete BODGE.

    Firstly why oh why did I consume 3 small meals between 9.15 and 12 noon?

    Secondly why did I eat eggs on toast at 12 noon? Knowing full well that the amount I'd crammed in was not gonna digest properly by 2pm?


    I was still tired from Tuesday's heavy conditioning Silat (40 minutes of gruelling and then another near hour of gruelling). I worked out we did about 1000 squatting like motions in an 1.30hr.

    I know, that sounds ridiculous. But it's true. And my legs swelled up like zeppellins and were still knacking by today...

    Today Legs Plus


    Freakily I did my first two warm up sets at 80kg (8), then 130 kgs (7). My legs pumped up like barrage balloons. And my **** was so big it had it's own postcode!

    Set 3 was smooth at 5 reps for 180kgs. All felt well. Ah joy! Plan was to do 3 or 4 more sets up through the gears.

    Okay so I seemed to completely forget how to Squat properly in terms of keeping tension. So I had to go through the reps really slowly. Which was actually quite nice. And pause at the bottom. And pause the top.

    Set 4 though at 220 kgs was useless. Why? Well my lower back went Twang! as I came out of the hole on Rep 1.

    I had that 'oh crumbs' expression. I racked it. Thought about putting a belt on. And then left it (plus points for sensibleness).

    But! I was so utterly peeved that I kept the bottom safeties in. And brought the laden bar down in a negative and dumped it on them.

    I then did a frantic 5 sets of short-range Deads (from high shin) up to 300kgs. I was in a right mood. And had to stop and remind myself I'm meant to enjoy it.

    After that I managed to adopt an 'oh well' feeling. Did 4 sets of Good Mornings and Standing OHP, seated calf raises, one set of lying Ham curl and a hefty set of Roman Chair Hypers with 100 lb of weight.

    Then beat the tar out of the bag.

    The lesson?

    1) Enjoy what you're doing

    2) Go back to Squatting and Deading more often (just for the sheer technique if nothing else)

    3) You're only as strong as your weakest link...

    4) Maybe you should take up needlework instead?

    Some more notes on this:

    My hamstrings!

    I recently changed how I deadlift. I now do a more 'pop up' style through my heels. Looking up with a 20 percent bend in my legs. I try to 'load tension' as I drop into position.

    This works most of the time. And it puts the emphasis for the Dead back onto the legs first. As opposed to making it more of a backlift grind.

    I only get it right 50 percent of the time though. My grip also is still failing when I go past 160kgs in the Dead.

    The Standing Shoulder Press/ OHP is much better. Now that I DO NOT let my hands come down below chin level. This is saving my shoulder. As I don't want any problems with impingement and/or rotator cuffians.

    There's a 'sweet spot' of maximum tension at about chin level. A bit like the rebound reflex you get at the bottom of a squat.

    I went up to 100lb plus on the Roman Chair Hypers. And did a Static for about 10 secs. I'm determined that my Spinae Erectors are going to 'get with the program'. Even if I must start doing static roman chair holds with 200 or 300lbs.

    Only once did my lower back go Twang before. And that was the first time I did the Smolov Squat Routine in 2011 (Yes I am idiotic enough to have done it not once, but twice!).

    I also started doing static 45 degree holds (facing upwards) on the Roman. To replicate some of the Turtle style postures in Silat.

    Did more Kuching Roundhouses (from the floor) this time. As my hips refused to open well-enough in the standing Roundhouses.

    Want to go back to doing Thai Martial Arts as well as the Silat. But the 'rhythm' is all wrong. And my Silat probably not 'flow' as well. We'll see.
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    Well I managed to get rid of most of the lactic acid buildup in my legs particularly.

    With my own version of foam rolling - With a rolling pin. Works really well.

    I guess I should buy a proper one (note to self - you should buy one of those pro foam rollers).

    I usually bash my shins a bit after that (whilst cackling - thus freaking out friends) with said roller.

    I'm mostly using Woodlock as my goto liniment at present for any bone, brusing malarky. It's an excellent cold medium heat application.

    My back was giving me grief after Saturday's Squat Debacle. So I did a lot of stretches (squat stretch, 'hockey goalie stretch' etc).

    Finally a slathering of tigerbalm...and I then used the rolling pin on my spinae erector muscles. That has taken most of the strain out of it. And I can now function without going 'ohhhh ahhhh' with each motion.

    Although my hips still feel like they really need to 'open out'. Damn I'd love to have a home gym with a really heavy bag etc. I could have done with doing a load of kicking today - 'bad' back or not.

    Been thinking about how I'm gonna take apart my squat next session.

    Will do some bodyweight stuff tomorrow. And more Rolling Pin Muscle Squidging.
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    I recommend getting a tennis ball and a hockey ball to compliment the foam roller (or rolling pin). The balls make it much easier to target specific trouble spots.
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    Thank you. And yes that makes a lot of sense.

    I can see how that would particularly help with tight hip sockets etc.
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    These seem popular (well I've seen two people with one of the short hollow ones at my gym) [ame="http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_0_9?url=search-alias%3Dsports&field-keywords=grid%20foam%20roller&sprefix=grid+foam%2Caps%2C209"]http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_0_9?url=search-alias%3Dsports&field-keywords=grid%20foam%20roller&sprefix=grid+foam%2Caps%2C209[/ame]

    probably as much because they can fit in the average gym bag, my 66fit is okay but too big for my bag and as a result use it a lot less than I should
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    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!


    I got one of these in my shopping list on Amazon:

    [ame="http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0040EKZDY/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_4?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE"]Trigger Point Performance The Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller: Amazon.co.uk: Sports & Outdoors[/ame]

    It's a solid 'foam' roller.

    I tend to neglect my 'fix it, mend it' stuff. But I reckon I've just got cumulative knots, tight spots etc. Even though I do the specific 'weights' stretches.

    Silat helps with my recovery.
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    So first thing this morn saw me rolling on a rolling pin going 'ohhh' 'ahhh' a lot.
    ...Got a hockey ball somewhere but can't find it.

    Trying to suss out whether I'm suffering a bit of Piriformis ('false' sciatica). Let's nip that in the bud right now. I had Piriformis problems in 2005. The full joblot. Bit like stepping on a hypodermic full of acid. And then said acid shoots up through your foot, calf, hams and into your butt. Most unpleasant.

    Spent most of that summer hobbling, stretching and going to the London College of Osteopathy for kneading and pummeling. So not again thanks.

    So I did a load of 'figure four' Piriformis stretches and a 'pigeon stretch' - which is a lot like the 'Buaya' (Crocodile) posture in Silat (as seen in Yoga). Also the 'suwa' (python stretch (back leg in an old-style hurdler's stretch, front leg flat with your foot against the knee/ thigh of back leg - bit like the Isle of Man flag).

    My obliques on my left side do not like that suwa stretch with the arms pointing straight up, at all. And there's an imbalance there that simply will not be tolerated.

    Also my Gluteus Medius got rolled around a bit. And I noticed yesterday that the turkey fillet like Gluteus Minimus (the smaller bum muscles at the top of your butt) seemed to be made out of solid granite. So Tensing and Relaxing, Tensing and Relaxing...

    Those stretches seemed to help. I'd like to do a bit of bridging, but not going to chance it yet. Let's not go too crazy. Let's make sure nothing goes twang again.

    Tip for you Bridgers. To negate any disc pressure on your spine...Tense your **** muscles as you hit a high bridge. This instructs your spine muscles to contract and support your spine.

    Am alright in a half bridge though.

    Anyhoo: Under consideration for the weights:

    Reintroduction of Front Squats (just for the hell of it really).

    Not done these for years. Also I reckon that my centre back needs some stabilising attention (and cleans just don't cut it). And I like the 'anterior' load aspect of it.

    Stiff-Legged Deads (as opposed to Romanians)

    I mean I like you Romanians. I really do. It's not you, it's me. It's nothing personal. But strewth resisting the Neg on a deadlift can be a bit dodgy if you get it wrong.

    Also I'll start doing less Lying Ham curls. I mean they're alright for an isolation. But I want more functional compound ways to work my hams. The stiff-leg dead may be my new plaything.

    Rear foot Raised Split Squat. Okay watching some of the more 'enlightened' bodybuilders do split squats...I always felt 'huh what's the point in that?'

    But there may be something to these raise rear foot split squats. Must try these and see how 'functional' they are. Without falling on my **** or face...

    Trying to persuade my stubborn self I should switch to the mixed grip Deadlift when my grip starts to fail. So I can go 'further' without needing to use straps or hooks. And then keep the hooks for really hefty static holds and the like.

    I mean I prefer the o'er hand dead. But getting sick of hitting that grip fail at 160 kgs. And needing to do the next 100kg with all manner of accessories hanging off my wrists.

    Also - Note to self - Remember you're apparently a martial artist first and foremost. And also remember you're practising your strength, not learning fancy new ways to twizzle a barbell.

    Hmmm. Perhaps more really hefty static contractions are in order?

    Looking forward to tonight's Silat.
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    So my back feels better - Still a tad sore. Mostly due to last night's (Tuesday 29th April 2013) Silat.

    Speaking of which...The session was excellent as always.

    Yet more hefty conditioning. Mostly working through postures like harimau (tiger) into tuklao (kick through just above ground) into kuching (cat). And lots of presses and 'springbacks' from these low positions. Oh and lots of low low squatting style postures and transitions - Besam

    Plyometrics really. To build power and 'spring' from 'compromised' positions.

    In the technicals we worked on entering against a three-punch barrage. And this developed into a basic 'cuff 'em in the nads, cuff 'em round the 'ead ('garuda' - the eagle arm), control their 'ead, step back and knee their 'ead off.

    And then into a simple and mightily efficient 'kneedrop' takedown from the 'knee through'...Really nice when shown that a simple change of foot position produces highly efficient Silat (which, if it's about any one thing 'efficiency' would be top of the heap).

    Particularly of note was A's showing some of the new fellas the difference (intent, positioning, execution) between a combative clinch and a 'sport' clinch.

    The older style of clinch (or intent of it) is used in the older muay (muay korat for example) and some silat systems.

    He was showing why we don't do a Plum/Prum/ Chap Ko style 'swimthrough' neck clinch. Because of visual limitations. And not wanting to 'tie-up' with one adversary for too long.

    Particularly as Silat is a 'blade' art. So it's concerned with multiple opponents and avoiding getting stabbed (best place to get Stabbed - In The Clinch).

    So much crossover between Silat and the older Thai and Burmese etc Arts.

    On that note: We'll be heading more into Harimau (Sumatran Tiger style). And so we'll be doing a lot of heavy jumping and springing. So I'll need to start working on my springing and jumping more.

    I'm 230lbs - 105kgs. I want to make sure I'm nimble in the jumping. As I don't want to splat one of my slimmer classmates.

    I have a cunning plan for that one. So I can get the jump on my class mates...:hat:
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    Wednesday 1st May 2013

    Rotator Cuff Band Work

    The 90 degree L Bend thing (from horizontal 'hook' like position to upright 'L' and back...). Then the 45 degree arm up then turning fist into a thumbs up.
    And then the 45 degree up down without the turning of the fist. Amazing how quickly the Rotator Cuffians become exhausted.

    Then did gripper:

    250 lbs x 7, 6, 4 and a static closed hold
    350 lbs x 3, 2 and 1 (with a real 'pants pooping' grimace)

    Closing that 350 lb is really tough and works your calf, hamstrings and glutes hard (think about it...Hyper-irradiation).

    Some squat stretches and 'get your hips aparts'...

    Thursday 2nd May 2013 (AM)

    Squat Stretches and Hips Aparts - My back is much better after these.

    Tension Twists - A Standing Dynamic Tension (Isometric to Isotonic or is that Gin N Tonic?).

    I first did these years ago (the 80s) in Kung Fu systems such as 5 Ancestors etc. It's used as precursor to the Sanchin form/kuen/kata (Saam Chien, Sam Chen etc) - As found in most of the Hokkien Kung Fu systems (White Crane etc).

    This works your entire core, glutes and hams hard. I recently re-read P Tsatsouline's "Power to The People" (A Good Read) and had forgotten that he shows them in there too.

    The motion (w/o tension) is also used a lot as a pivot 'defence/ destruction' in the Thai Systems (muay, ling lom etc) to deflect and damage incoming knees and power front kicks.

    Flat-Footed Mountain Climbers 3 sets 30, 25, 20

    I really like these because they take your wind and really work all your body hard. They force you to open your hips wide to get your feet flat. Mega for the hamstrings too.

    Harimau (from Horse) - Essentially a Front Breakfall into something like a Spiderman push up. One leg cocked as if you're about to pee on a lamppost.

    From there kick up with your peeing leg into a back kick whilst pushing away from the floor. A lot harder than would first seem.

    12, 8, 6.

    Some kicking practice - Roundhouses whilst trying not to destroy the furniture. And some 'kuching' roundhouses from the floor (great fun).

    I am so tempted to go the gym before Saturday. Physically stopping myself as I'm champing at the bit to deconstruct my squats etc.
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    Little bit of padwork today - on my own.

    How can you do padwork with just yourself and a pair of focus mitts...Another time maybe.

    Shocked! Just sussed out that the Captains O Crush top grippers are:

    No 3 - 280lbs resistance

    No 3.5 - 322.5lbs resistance

    No 4 - 365lbs resistance

    I always thought they'd be more?

    Okay so they may be a bit heftier than the grippers I'm using.

    But I'm already closing the 250lb for multiple reps and the 350lb grippers (the last one albeit feels like being strained thru a mincer).

    Apparently not that many folk closed the No 4. Is there a prize? Cos I reckon I can do it. Shall I set that goal though. and if so, by when?

    'Goals' for tomorrow's Weights Sesh:

    Take my Squat Apart.

    Particularly I want to test whether I should go to a wider 'powersquat' stance instead of the more olympic 'shoulders width' stance I currently use.

    Testing a wider squat at home just for the stretch...I notice you get a real hip rebound effect if you get the optimum foot apart distance (about 1 and a half times shoulder width for me).

    And maybe I'll do a really hefty Static Hold/ Deadlift? If so how much can I hold in the almost locked out position?

    Also I want to do at least 25 minutes bagwork. As I'm sick of rushing and panting through the last 15 minutes before the gym closes. Get some good roundhouses and jumping knees in.

    Bon Chance Mes Mateys
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    Gingerly His Back, Was Back

    Saturday 4th May 2013:

    Awoke and felt like a bag o bones. As if I strung together with fish gut. Not normal by any means. My back was knacking. And I though 'uh-oh'. But when I'd stood up for 20 minutes or so I felt much better.

    Anyway, I approached the gym with a sense of trepidation.

    Luckily a guy I'd trained with a few times was already at the squat rack. So I asked him to check my squat form. And tell me if I was doing anything wrong or 'bad'. He's training to be a S + C Coach so I trust his judgement.

    Apparently all is well good back shape, right position etc. But I really wanted to take it easy. So I only did 5 sets starting really light at 50kgs and going up to 150kgs. Normally 150kgs would be first proper 'work set'.

    I took it slowly. Did much higher reps (10, 9, 8, 7, 6). And felt each motion. My back was okay. I'd put it at 75%.

    The plan was to do Deads from the low rack pull / romanian position. But a bunch of dirty squatters came in...And gym etiquette has it (by default) that people who want to squat get the rack.

    So we couldn't do Deads. The gym wasn't that busy. But each Barbell had an owner.

    Okay so Neutral Bar Pullups (again taking it easy) 4 sets:

    Me x 10
    Me + 5 kgs x 8
    Me + 10 kgs x 7
    Me + 20 kgs x 4 and a static hold for 10 secs

    Normally I'd use more weight, but watch your back and allay your ego...

    So T-Bar Row (5)

    90 kgs x 10
    100 kgs x 8
    110 kgs x 7
    120 kgs x 6
    130 kgs (used hooks to take emphasis off grip and biceps) x 3 plus 10 second static hold

    Seated Row:

    95 kgs x 9
    105 kgs x 8
    115 kgs x 7
    125 kgs x 6
    150 kgs (with hooks to take grip, biceps out of the equation) x 1 with a static 10 second hold

    Bagwork (felt fresh and well warmed up)

    Blammed a load of Roundhouses Tong Po style "Boom Boom Shake the Room".
    Then fast hands - 'raw' hands so you must make a solid fist and wrist to get max penetration.

    Then 'Kuching' (Cat) style roundhouses from the floor.

    Enjoyable and refreshing. I shall monitor my back for twinges. And I'll be taking it easier with the poundage until I'm sure I'm fully refurbished.
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  17. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    Tuesday 7th May 2013:

    Went to check out a newish gym that's opened much nearer to me in sunny north-west London.

    The gym I go to now is a 2 mile plus walk away. This makes it difficult to fit in gym work during the week. As by the time works finished. Transporting is done and I get there/ It's shutting time.

    And so this new one is about a mile from my house. And is open later weekdays and weekends (a boon).

    Had some nice gear inside. Three 35 by 35 foot spaces. Coupla good squat racks. Hefty Leg Press. Lifting platform etc.

    Don't see why they'd want to get a piddling 90 kg rowing stack though?

    The third space - 35 ft by 35. Had big tyres for flipping. 3 nice hefty punchbags on a special pbag frame. And a load of grappling mats.

    Prices are decent too. I could also go to a couple of martial arts classes there too.

    Didn't seem like too many egos which is always a plus. Some bodybuilding gyms are full of idiots. When I first trained back home in Wales years ago I had a few fights in gyms (worst place - all that sharp metal!). Just the welsh temper?

    I really like the gym I'm going to now. Question is whether to continue training once a week or to ramp it up a bit? We'll see.

    'Silat' stretching - Buaya (crocodile), Suwa (python), Squat stretches, 'superman' and Teacup (this is the test to see whether you are suffering rotator cuff issues).

    Looking forward to Silat this pm.
  18. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    Well Silat (Tues PM, 7th May 2013) was a tad messy.

    I felt lumpen. Waddling around like a 230 lb ball of gristle!

    Strangely I also seemed to lose 30% of my IQ and about 25% of my fitness when I walked in the door. And lack of focus? I couldn't spell it...

    Anyway we did a lot of conditioning (again). I really feel the '76 hours later' post-weights kick-in. Just as I'm walking up that hill...

    Pad kicking drill from the ground including Kuching roundhouse and in and out of Tuklao (kick thru) etc. My back decided to tell me what an idiot I was at that point.

    Main technicals were working against single leg take-downs. The object being to drop into an 'Open Kuching' (I must find some clips to show about these).

    Anyway dummy here couldn't get it. Until A showed us and I twigged it. He wasn't falling backwards and then spinning into the roundhouse. He was sliding forwards - going with the pulldown. And then bringing the roundhouse through the top.

    Eureka! Score one for the slow team...

    Really I know there'll always be moments like these. But strewth I feel for the the poor fella who had to put up with me as a training partner!
  19. Princess Haru

    Princess Haru Valued Member

    I would also check the gym at the times you think you may train, as it can often look quite different, a gym with enough equipment can suddenly look like Picadilly Circus. Apart from the large numbers who consider Monday as Benchday, I've occasionally struggled to keep to the compound lift first rule on a workout

    It was only last week that something Nick said about my Tai Otoshi finally unlocked why I have been damaging my elbow and also failing to throw with this throw in particular, the arm pulling is making a sharp second pull when I turn and extend the leg for Uke to fall over. I don't know when that started happening, just a shame it's taken so long to be spotted, and now I need to unlearn the mistake and do the throw properly. You're not the only one who maybe feels a bit slow. Clearly I learned the throw, or a version of it, or it morphed from the right throw to something that was neither efficient nor working, just wrong :(
  20. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    Thanks Haru. Good point. I'll pop by there tonight and see whether it looks like feeding time at the zoo or not. At present I only train on Saturdays. And that's manageable. Usually I don't need to compete for the Squat rack and the place is quite quiet.

    Weekdays at another gym may well be different though.

    Yeah. I think (I hope) last night was an isolated example. One of those 'gosh you'll get days like that'...

    Is your Judo class quite big then (most are aren't they?)?

    Getting clarification from the instructor is helping my 'bad' silat habits. And I realised last night that I'm carrying a lot of 'martial arts baggage'. So when trying to learn a new skillset it's all getting in the way.

    I'll keep stretching and sorting my back out - I'll make sure I'm not a numpty in the gym again, that's for sure. :Angel:

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