Why Train With Weapons At All?

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    Mostly I do Kali because it is a fun art to practice, but I appreciate that it doubles as a very effective self-defense system. If I was only focused on SD I wouldn't spend as much time practicing machete dueling as I do, it is certainly an element that is not applicable to living in urban north America. But machete dueling is only a part of the art, it also deals with every combination of weapon system, with an emphasis on unarmed versus weapon. I have run into a bad situation where the other guy was waving a machete around about a block from my house, (I talked that situation the hell down) and I was very glad to have the years of training behind me.

    Oh and no I don't carry a knife concealed, I carry it openly, clipped in my front pocket, the gun is concealed. :D
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    So your training also teaches you how to deal with an armed assailant unarmed? That makes sense. There is place near that teaches something called tactical edge i'd like to give a try.

    What do you think? is this a good place to learn the knife?


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    I don't know anything about this particular instructor, but his listed main instructor is James Keating, Keating is absolutely the real deal, one of the pioneers in modern blade work.
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    Thank you, I'm really interested in this.

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    Outside work?
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    Yep. Keating has a good reputation for knife. I'm not an aficionado personally. But I practice knife as part of the overall kali curriculum.

    Yes. FMA practices empty hand versus various weapons. We begin by learning weapons and work our way down to empty hand; the opposite process to most styles that feature weaponry. We're also taught to minimize the distinctions between empty hand and weapon combat. So we're trying to recreate the effect of a weapon when we fight empty hand. Obviously, you're limited in the degree to which you can do that. No matter how hard you try, you're not going to sever an artery with your hand the way you would with a knife (and isn't that happy news). But you can charlie horse the opponent's limb. If you hit the opponent's limb with a knife, it would be ruined. If you hit it with your knuckles, it'll be numbed temporarily. But the idea is to gain a momentary opening.
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    We do kali...we're always armed!

    But nope! No need to, and i'd be in trouble if I did. Quite honestly, I wouldn't want to carry a weapon if I could and I hope im never in a situation to need to use one.

    I study kali for the same reasons as ap. One reason why I love the tomahawk is that it is so versatile and I love just playing with it and seeing what comes up or how it differs from the stick or knife. Yeah, problem solving.

    Beautifully put. I usually write something rubbish about my reasons for training. I think i'll steal your post, use it and claim it as my own! ;)
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    No APA style manual-compliant footnotes with accompanying citations then? ;)
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    Down here in London i came across a couple of guys who studied with Mark Davies. They didn't know very much about edged weapons at all, and clearly hadn't retained any kind of skills when i asked them to show me what they'd learned. They said he was a nice guy though.

    The things that ring alarm bells for me are the following:-

    1. Website pages were last updated in 2010 and 2011. Info is well out of date.

    2. He's REALLY pushing his ties with SF (the exact department remaining unnamed, of course!). I'll tell you right now guys - getting some rounds down on a range and teaching soldiers a bit of Karate bashing (for free, according to his website) does not make you anything special. And it is certainly not proof that you are any good. Plus the imagery used in his marketing - skulls; berets; wings; dagger; lightning bolts - kinda strikes me as a tad Walty.

    3. This:

    The thing that sets Mark apart from many of the other instructors out there is his combat experience. Mark has 'field tested' his methods in literally thousands of violent encounters where he has faced unarmed & armed attacks. Mark started working as a 'door supervisor' before he was actually old enough to get into a nightclub. He has worked in some of the most violent areas of the UK. He is an expert on the mindset & behaviour of societies criminal underbelly. For several years he worked in the capacity of a 'problem solver' for nightclub owners, & experienced the darker side of society & violence.

    Mark has instructed Special Forces & Government Agencies from around the world, & is a Close Combat Instructor with an element of UK Special Forces- who have used Tactical Edge as their method of Close Combat for the past several years. He is certified in Close Protection & Specialised Security, & has advanced Tactical Firearms training.

    Having a qual in CP doesn't make you an expert in CP, or indeed an active CP operative. Equally, i don't remember ever coming across a "Specialised Security" qualification. Finally, being on the receiving end of THOUSANDS of armed/unarmed attacks in a matter of years would indicate either some extremely bad luck (or good luck to have survived them), or some extremely bad choices. It most certainly would not imply professional competency...

    That said, there is only one way to find out, and that is to pay the man a visit! Let us know how it goes :)
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    Yep...although outside of work I carry "tools" not "weapons".

    Big fan of "Weapons of opportunity" type implements too
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    For me it's about 50/50 except at work.

    BTW Hannibal, the Glock 26 is great. I have put several hundred rounds through it already and even took my daughter to the range. :woo:
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    I knew you'd like it :)
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    Yeah, and that is just your appendages limbs

    As for you with weapons, it will be a unfair advantage to the other guy


    The entire Glock line is like this

    The fundamental design is the same, only the caliber changes
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    No. I do carry a small folding knife, but strictly as a tool, not a weapon. I used to carry it as half-tool, half-weapon, realized I'd rather not carry a weapon, and stopped carrying it. Then I kept running into situations where I needed to cut something, but didn't have a knife handy. At that point, I went back to carrying it, but with a different mindset.

    It's not concealed- the clip & top are in plain sight.
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    No one suggested dueling. And yeah, the fact that knives are ambush weapons is kind of the point.

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