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  1. icefield

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    12.01.13 rest day
    upper body stretch then
    band pull aparts 10 sets 10-12 reps
    band rows 2 x 15
    band face pull + rotation 2 x 12
  2. icefield

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    yeah i know its not great but its a start lol
  3. icefield

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    TCMA class
    warmed up with hung gar two man applications defending the jab cross, nice little ghost hand set up into some long hand techniques depending on the opponents reaction
    then worked through a fair bit of pole work
    then did several rounds of long arm sticking/sparring, worked in and out of clinch range using strikes, arm drags, shoulder bumps, knee displacements and sweeps, managed to work the ghost hand technique in when working with one of the other students several times, also hit a nice headlock throw and a body lock throw (no mats out so off balanced and then went back into clinch)
    finished with working the dragon hakka butterfly knife form, really like this form its long as hell lol but fun and practical and we use the knifes v pole in sparring alot
    warmed down with the 5 animals form
  4. icefield

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    got up early to take the dogs out in the snow then the folloiwng 30 minute workout
    10 minutes foam rolling, dynamic warm up and TKEs suppersetted with face pulls, 3 sets of each, followed by band rows 3 x 12. then 5 anilas set and bakmei 9 set push 3 times. finished with 10 minutes of butterfly knife work.
  5. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    i wish i hit triples and doubles at 140!
  6. icefield

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    14.01.13Weights and MMA

    Foam rolling warm up then bench: bar x 10, 40 x 10, 60 x 12 x 3 sets. Close grip 50 x 10 x 3 sets. Wide grip 50 x 10 x 3 sets. 3 inch deadlifts 60 x 6, then 100kg x 8 x 3 sets.
    MMA warmed up with rounds of 3 x 3 min skipping and bag work.
    Then partner work on the pads, defending the jab and then the cross and counter punching. Finished with 3 light rounds of sparring
  7. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    this weeks training
    AM 15 min warm up (jncluding foam roller, dynamic stretch and band back work) average HR 125bpm, followed by 5 minute bakmei set work to really raise Heart rate followed by HICT step ups onto high box for 10 minutes av erage HR 157bpm
    PM bench (light) worked up to 75kg x 10 x 3 sets, then close grip 60kg x 10 x 3 sets, then supersetted 60kg wide grip bench (10 reps) with 60kg RDLS (8 reps) for 4 sets
    all this was followed by 2 hrs of MMA work, 3 x 5 min pad rounds, 2 x 5 min thai pad rounds then glove on glove striking into take downs, worked mainly body lock throws and breakdowns.
    PM MMA gym weight then grappling then 2 hrs MMA
    warm up band work 12 x 12 sets, then wide chins 3 reps x 5 sets, band face pulls 15 x 3 sets, followed by narrow chinc 5 x 5. Then joined in the grappling squad training form 30 minutes of rolling, got schooled but it was fun.
    first hour of MMA was stand up, started with rounds of glove on glove work, looked at setting up the body hook and the head hook, finished with several rounds of bodyshot only sparring. Second hour was all clinch work started with pummeling thn focusing on hitting out of the 50/50 position using shoulder bumps into overhands, stamps knees and bodys shots. then finished with several rounds of clinch sparring and a 10 minute fighting circuit.

    AM 15 min warm up followed by 15 minute TCMA work, went through hung gar forms, bak mei forms, lung ying forms and finished with the butterfly knifes average HR 130bpm
    PM Chinese boxing class, warmed up with some standing lock work then did several rounds of boxing only sparring, followed by a lot of rounds of sticky hands/clinch work. warmed down by running through CLF forms, and the lung ying forms

    back squats up to a double at 150 and a single at 160, all comp depth so happy with that 160 felt hardish but the spotters said it looked easy so hay ho
    front squats up to single at 110kg, felt easy but didnt want to over do it as hamstrings were killing from RDLs and takedown work earlier in the week
    Bench (lift of the month) worked up to a single at 105kg, lift was easy but back went again so cut it there, still 30kg off my bench best but its coming back
    no deadlifts so did face pulls, pulls ups rear shoulder raises and went home
  8. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    New 8 week programme
    So looking to improve strength and conditioning through a Simple 8 week block of increasing intensity (on the lifting) and increasing volume (on the conditioning)preparing me for a powerlifting meet in the summer.
    Tests done before start of block are as follows:
    SQ single at 160, (double at 155) bench single at 111kg,
    Not maxed on deadlift due to back injury (which is still affecting dead and bench) but did a single at 170 which felt hardish but ok.
    Conditioning results will be based on: resting HR, HR recovery and now I feel in sparring
    Resting HR: (took seated at 11am) 60bpm. HR 1 min recovery from standing 155 to 120bpm
    The Plan
    Lifting twice a week: one day Deadlifts and light bench, second day squats and heavy bench. Conditioning two or three times a week (depending on how much MMA and kung fu I do).
    Minimum 2 rest days
    Methods to be used
    SQ: heavy singles, back of sets, Explosive SQ and pause squats
    Bench: heavy singles, back off rep set, wide grip and close grip
    Deadlift: heavy singles, back off sets and either front squats or stiff leg.
    Conditioning methods:
    1 cardiac output/GPP for time,
    2 Heavy resistance intervals on bike.
    3 Tempo intervals
    4 high intensity continuous training intervals (weighted lunges or step ups)
    What I use and how often will depend on how banged up I feel from the lifting and MMA training

    week 1

    AM 20 min sets and grappling dummy. 10 min core 10 x 10 (hr monitor not worn so not included as a conditioning session)
    PM Lifting day 1: foam rolling and static + dynamic stretching
    Explosive squats, bar x 10, 60 x 3, 100kg x 2 x 5 sets 50 sec rest
    Deads, 60 x 3, 100 x 3, 120 x 2, 145kg x 1. 120 x 5 x 2 sets
    Bench bar x 15, 50 x 10, 70kg x 10 x 2. Close grip 60kg x 10 x 2
    wide paused 60kg x 8 reps, incline wide touch and go 50 x 10 x 2
    HRI on bike: 15 sets 6 sec work,then light ride until HR 135-140bpm then repeat, total time 12 min
    1 min recovery from 155 bpm, 120 bpm
    20 min GPP HR between 130-150bpm, bike, pulldowns, rows, curls and plate raises.

    MMA Training
    after lifting I joined in the last hour of MMA training basically just drilling: working on defences to the jab and the cross, and setting up the single double and body lock off their strikes.
  9. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    week three day 3.4.13
    had some fun today the power snatch is the lift of the month, not done it for 2 years but one of the lads had posted a 71kg which he felt would win the lift this month, so went and did 72.5kg just to annoy him. :D
    I then put 110kg on the bar, every single person in the gym stopped what they were doing to watch me deadlift it, they thought i was going to snatch it lol
    deadlifts 110 x 5, 130 x 5, 145 x 5, 165 x 1, back off sets 135 x 4 x 2 sets
    bench up to a double at 100, and a single at 110kg
    coan circut 80kg SLDL, 8 pulls ups, 50 kg rows, 10kg back raise all 8 sets x 3 reps
    day 2 5,4,13
    squats up to a double at 145 which felt easy, then back of set of 128kg x 5 x 2 sets, last rep was hard, finished with 2 sets of 5 reps pause squats with 105kg
    bench 60 x 10, 70 x 10 x 2, close grip 60 x 12 x 2, then for fun 100 x 2, then 110 x 1
    shoulder rehab stuff then wide chins 4 x 5 reps, close grip 4 x 5 reps
  10. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    So week 7 test week (moved it a week earlier due to holiday next week)
    conditioning wise rest HR is 56bpm, so 4 beat drop not bad seeing as conditioning has been hit and miss, 1 min recover is from 155 to 115 so also an improvement, next block i will really push conditioning.
    Squat wise did 162 x 2 yesterday, was a third there but called it off as was also looking for a good deadlift very happy since went into the block with a max of 160
    bench press wise got 120 x 1 (best bench in a year since my injury) and then 110 x 3 very happy with that since my max at the start was 110
    Deadlift wise pulled 180 x 2 which were easy, didnt take a 1 rep max as it was trapbar deadlift for the lift of the month, worked up to a easy 213kg x 1 equal best i have donein this lift so happy with that

    So template is working well for me and i wont make any real change to it, time to try to get strong before my next comp
  11. seiken steve

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    love reading through here, no BS training.

    slightly weird, but whenever I think of going back to anything too elaborate in my training I always say to myself "would icefeild approve?" haha.

    nice work on the squats man, 162x2 that puts you at like 168 for 1 yeah? big numbers there.
  12. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    Cheers id like to take credit for this approach but i just listen to the strong gyms at the gym and try not to mess up their advice too much :bang:,
    One of our guys hit both an equipped british masters total record ANDa deadlift world record last sunday, after winning his unequipped british masters title the day before, so they seem to know what they are talking about lol

    168 yep, the way the 162 went up id say in comp 170 would be there, I had planned on hitting 170 at the end of the 8 weeks, which equates to a triple at 160 on the schedule im doing but the bar was already loaded to 162.5 so i thought why not, since my next comp wont be until july i wont test the 170 this time my figures suggest im on track for it and ill just set a target i want to hit at that comp and back track my weights from there for the next 8 weeks, trying to get away from maxing out on signles too much and building a base with back off sets and pause sets
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    13.05.13 Chinese boxing class
    warmed up with long arms drills and dynamic warm up then since we had a new guy in the class we did a fair bit of partner wing chun drilling, I imagine for a few reasons: its straight forward and not complicated and as such allows the introduction of a number of key concepts such as centreline, elbow position, use of the shoulder and lats etc without overwhelming the new guy and also allows positive feedback on structure from your partner and gets you used to banging arms and hitting something, nice way to start the class and always reinforces some key principles for me. As the sifu was trying to show different ways to deal with an opponents guard (with wing chun straight down the center) we moved onto to using angling footwork against jabs ad crosses, slipping to the outside using more lung ying type footwork and using the elbows and shoulder to hit or if you wanted setting up a clinch control position. We then worked some longer range clf and hung gar stuff against jabs and crosses again to give a different approach to dealing with an opponent, banging through his guard from above or below and hitting with overhands, hooks or longer range straight punches using the stance and weight movement to generation power. we also worked a very nice way to deal with an oponent who shells up
    Finished with a few rounds of sticking/clinch work with light strikes.
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  14. icefield

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    week 1 13/5/13
    AM lower body accessory and conditioning
    10 mins foam rolling and core work, 5 x 15
    box jumps, 5 sets 2 reps 2 min rest between doing forms 20 mins average HR 126bpm
    8 mins 15kg high box step ups, average HR 157bpm
  15. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    13.05.2013 PM upper body accessory, grappling and MMA. Got to the MMA class about 45 mins early to work upper body and some grappling.

    Band pulls to warm up, 5 sets 12 reps, then 50 kg bench to warm up x 10 followed by another rounf of 12 reps 5 sets band pulls
    Light bench 75kg x 10 x 3 sets, supersetted with 70kg pull downs 10 reps 3 sets
    Close grip bench 70kg 2 sets 8 reps, supersetted with 60kg barbell rows 2 x 10
    Wide grip bench 60kg 2 x 10, supersetted with 60kg rows 2 x 10

    Then worked 20 mins of grappling, worked from the guard to warm up, breaking posture and going for belly to belly sweep, kimura or arm in guillotine, then worked the RAT guard for a few minutes, using it to set up the pinch arm bar, the kimura or the triangle, and if they pulled back using it to set up the sweep. Then did 5 mins of side control escapes, either framing to pull guard, using the nearside underhook to come to my knees, or the far side to come out under them and either pull guard or set up the anaconda. Then started under mount and did a 5 min light roll

    MMA Class (hour and 45 mins) mainly conditioning tonight, did 2 x 3min rounds boxing on the pads, no real technique just power shots over and over, short fast combinations little to no rest, trying to get your HR up and the lactic building. Then 2 x 3 mins rounds of elbows, exactly the same, followed by 2 x 3 min rounds of knees and finished off by 2 x 3 min rounds of kicks (either round or front push kicks) again doubles or triples as hard as you can, after this a few guys needed to visit the bathroom lol.
    Finished with about 30 mins of working the long range kness against the jab and cross, slipping the punch and kneeing the gap created
  16. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    14/5/13 recovery tempo intervals

    8 mins foam rolling and dynamic activation stuff
    Then 12 sets tempo intervals, 15 secs on at 75% 1 min active recovery: for the recovery work i did band tke and step knee work for 2 sets each, band rows for 4 sets and band pull aparts for 4 sets, for the intervals i did stair running
    total time 24 min average hr 115bpm,
  17. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    felt good after yesterdays tempo intervals but didnt do any AM conditioning due to having three ours training at night

    15.05.2013 Boxing and grappling
    1hr boxing, start with 3 x 3 min round partner shadow boxing, far enough apart not to hit just to use them as a moving opponent to respond to
    Then 3 x 2 min rounds defending the jab cross and when you felt ready slipping the cross and throwing body shots, main emphasis was crowding the opponent as they through the jab and cross and looking to stay inside then your partner did his 3 x 2 min rounds
    Then 3 x 2 min rounds of close in boxing, one side covering as the other throws a short combination of hooks upper cuts and overhands, one side getting used to being hit and covering, the other at throwing close range shots, both getting used to staying in the pocket
    Then 4 x 3 min rounds (2 rounds each) putting it all together, one side throwing jabs and crosses the other defending, slipping inside them staying in the pocket and boh throwing combinations until the coach tells you to break and restart
    Finished with 7 x 1 min rounds of playing chess: both side can jab to the body only, the winner was the one who hit more without getting hit, mainly used for conditioning and footwork training really but was fun

    2 hrs grappling
    First hour was basics started with shrimping drills, bridging work, turning on the spot and other ground navigation stuff, then some guard work to warm up: arm bar drills, omoplata drills, and then onto the main part of the class: working sweeps from the butterfly guard.
    Did two different sweeps, then using the darc from side control after the sweep, finished with a 5 min round of light sparring from butterfly, one side looking to pass the other sweep and submit

    Second hour was the advanced class warmed up with a 5 min flow roll, then worked the omoplata from closed guard using the overhook, reverse kimura set ups, finishing with the omoplata, setting up a darc by releasing their arm, or if they try to step over to defend hugging the leg and setting up a toe hold. Then it was rolling time did 2 x 5 min round before I had to go
  18. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    PM MMA class 2 hrs

    Was a bit tired from last nights training so did 12 sets of 12 seconds tempo intervals with 1 min active rest on the elliptical machine to aid recovery, total 15 minutes work
    Then since the coach was late grabbed a partner and did a 10 minute round of clinch work to warm up, pummeling then neck swimming before adding in single neck ties, bicep controls and light knees and stomps
    Then the class started, 3 x 2 min rounds on the pads using punches and knees, again short combinations maximum power every shot, followed by 2 x 4min rounds on the thai pads and belly protector just using knees and kicks every shot a power shot.
    Then gloved up and worked low kicks against jabs and crosses for a few rounds, followed by counters puncghes with knees and moving into the clinch. This lasted about 40 minutes.
  19. icefield

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    17.05.2013 AM
    30 min walk with the dog then 20 mins cardio, average HR 128bpm. I used basic footwork patterns, to get the HR up then went through 5 animal 5 elements as I find it a nice dynamic strength and stretch work out: lots of wide movements, low stances dynamic tension stuff. Followed by a few CLF sets and finished with bak mei GBT form, first did it slowly then as fast as possible, nice working wake up
  20. icefield

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    still training just not updating log :(
    powerlifting 04.07.13
    deadlifts up to 185 x 1 (which felt easy) then 2 x 3 at 175
    Bench up to a single at 120, then 110 x 2
    overhead jerk is the lift of the month, haven't cleaned and jerked for 2 years so went easy, 60 x 3, 80 x 1, 90 x 1 101 x 1, happy with that
    pull ups wide grip, 3 x 3, facepulls 12 x 3, rows 12 x 3

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