Why Americans Love Guns

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    That is the official rationale provided for their prohibition, i don't agree with it, but to say that is the official line, and that there is hypocrisy with that being the official line, yet the possession of firearms remains rather unchecked, is undeniable.
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    Depends on the state you're in. Some make it difficult to own even small arms. Others have de facto bans because of the enormous state-imposed cost of certain weapons and/or ammunition.
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    Which is why the statement was not a definite one.
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    Neither is Budweiser. But that wont stop people from drinking beer (like shooting a gun, esp illegally)

    I know a lot of gun owners, despite having guns, did not have a chance to use it for defense (pending situation)

    The only comment I can make is that there should be more public surveillance cameras

    Yep. Esp democrats who make civilians believe they are taking from the rich to give to the poor

    Better than that, start walking around with revolvers in holster like the Ol West- (How did that turn out?)

    Strange how those that have more laws or "are difficult" still have a lot of shootings :(

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