Who is responsible for turning karate into a laughing joke in America?

Discussion in 'Karate' started by Vinny Lugo, Oct 16, 2016.

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    Actually I did post my opinion...

    Then I gave a link with opinions I agree with. Sorry for the mixup, I wasn't aware links weren't allowed. I just thought his (the blog) thoughts covered a lot of what was being discussed.
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    As a rule of thumb links ARE allowed if they are commented on in the flow of conversation of summarized....I fall afoul of that sometimes myself by posting vid links without comment
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    Thanks Hannibal. I thought I did just that. I posted my opinion then linked to something that mirrored my opinion, and more, as it applied to similar subject matter. I felt that in doing that, it added to the conversation by giving my opinion (as I did) plus a lot more of what I basically agree with without taking up a whole page of writing.:D Oh well....live and learn;)

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    If you add "further to my earlier post this article....." You would probably be ok :)
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    Ok, let's try this again.

    (simplified version)
    When karate was developed, or I should say before the term karate was even a thought the Okinawans were practicing "self defense." They blended their methods with those of the visiting Chinese and a loose version of kata was developed. The main idea at that time was self preservation. Stop your attacker...even kill him. This violence was of course balanced with some self improvement and spiritual learning. There was little structure and kata changed all the time. Techniques were added or subtracted. But the theme was self defense. As time passed karate moved to Japan and things changed. Funakoshi had already began taming karate by that point and once Japan got hold of it they structured it even more looking toward a national sport such as Judo. "Karate" (or Te) in its original for can't work as a sport. They also tailored karate into a form of exercise. Gone was the fight. They still claimed "self defense" but if you've been around long enough you will know that what they were showing was flawed.

    I mention Funakoshi because he was pretty much the start of all this. However Funakoshi's karate isn't Shotokan. Shotokan is Nakayama's baby. And it is a world away from what Funakoshi was doing in Okinawa. Again, Nakayama created a form of sport and exercise based on Okinawan fighting methods. He took the fight out of it so to speak. Other styles began to form and move from Okinawa to Japan but most followed suit as to becoming rigid and sport like with that military for to them. Strict protocol, Zen etc.

    I'm sure you know the saying that "kata is karate." Well that is true (or was). However that would mean that if you fight(spar/practice) it would be the application of kata techniques. Makes perfect sense. However, modern karate sparring has nothing to do with kata. Kumite has been separated from kata (point sparring)and that makes karate no longer even make sense. Even full contact karate is basically harder point sparring or kickboxing. It isn't "true karate" (self defense/kata).

    To make things worse today's schools are loaded with kids and it is basically baby-sitting. A teacher has to find ways to keep them interested. That isn't the karate of old...even Funakoshi's days. Those times saw single student instruction or only a duple of students. Personal time was spent and they had to be schooled first. They didn't just go to their sensei's home (no dojo at that time) and begin learning techniques. It was a long personal process. They didn't go there and jump around, get new uniforms, have fun with pads and kick shields. They were schools in the classics, educated and nurtured. Today you have to make your rent and compete with the school down the street so rather than students you now have "customers. Business kills art every time.

    Today's karate is a far cry from this and what I have written here is only a small portion of a story that would cover many pages. But as I was alluding to in my first post (and trying to avoid even writing this much...lol) was that I agree with this persons opinions and writings on this blog I follow. Or I should say followed because I think he stopped posting. I believed his blog said what I think better than I could ever type here about the modern "commercial" karate world and the subject matter of this thread. https://outercirclekarate.blogspot.com

    Sorry for rambling. I didn't want to write a lot because I'm sure now there will be many who disagree but they will be disagreeing with only a partial thought and explanation. And I'm not going to get crazy writing here to try and clarify....lol.

    Now I need a nap!

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