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Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by tonglonglengjai, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. tonglonglengjai

    tonglonglengjai Valued Member

    Hi All,

    I have been asked to advise on potential instructors to teach a short course. Who are some of the best people to teach a special course to deal with issues and attacks in the work environment, concerning drug addicts, weapon attacks etc.

    M Teague?
    Hock's group?
    Dave Turton?

    I am not interested in the my instructor is bigger than yours argument. I can teach general self defence but i need to source the best.

  2. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Would the short course be backed up by regular training afterwards?
  3. tonglonglengjai

    tonglonglengjai Valued Member

    As with all these things it depends. I guess as long as funding was available then why not.

  4. John Titchen

    John Titchen Still Learning Supporter

    I would be interested.

    But whether I am the right provider for the job would depend upon your precise needs.
  5. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Just if it isn't why bother? Spend the money going for a night out instead.
  6. Dikzzz

    Dikzzz Valued Member

    We'd be interested too.

    We've recently done exactly that. In-house training for staff in their work environment. The most recent were people that work in a nightime pharmacy, who are constantly plagued by drug users, youth crime etc.

    Here's a segment of the the managers report:

    'It was a very good course.The staff got a lot out of it and as an employer it was an excellent team building tool. We role played many, many scenarios. The lads would wear their suits or just a pair of sun glasses and play out different situations. Sometimes they would end up physically - but this was probably less than 15% of the time. It conditioned the staff to deal with the fact that, like in real life, things could go either way. Situations were unpredictable. For example,they came in and played the 'drunk' - now normally once people assume 'its a drunk' then a bias is brought into the response on how to handle the 'drunk', however what if the person was a diabetic? had flu? was in the middle of a heart attack? - all sorts of things that might happen in a pharmacy. Thus the staff really had to find out what they were dealing with before reacting in a responsible and professional manner. Sometimes the 'drunk' was actually a drunk and did become violent. etc etc So we role played probably a couple of hundred scenarios.

    he other thing we did was to get Graham to reinforce our own staff training where we have identified weaknesses............................'
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  7. puma

    puma Valued Member

    I hear Mike Tyson is in the UK soon. Try him! Would be interesting!:eek:
  8. Mike Flanagan

    Mike Flanagan Valued Member

    Hi Paul

    I'd recommend getting someone who puts as much, if not more, emphasis on the body language of aggression than on the techniques of self-defence. Good training in that area will prevent many confrontations becoming physical in the first place.

    How do you know whether a particular instructor or group covers this (and how well they do so)? Well a good start would be to ask them what the intended course content would be.

  9. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    I haven't trained in one of Dikzzz's sessions, but I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking to him at another seminar and he seemed like a very decent chap who knew his stuff.

    I'm qualified as a Level 1 Instructor under Dave Turton's SDF and have a lot of respect for Dave and his methods, his approach is very "no-nonsense." My training with him didn't cover legal or pdychological areas so much, so I couldn't comment on that.

    Having had John (jwt) do a number of seminars for me I can say that he is thorough, considered and pragmatic in his approach, detailed in his explanations and also extremely knowledgeable on legal aspects of Self Defence training. I would recommend him to anyone.

    I would advise contacting the individuals involved and talking to them about your specific requirements and seeing what their suggestions and thoughts are to find out which will suit your needs best.

  10. puma

    puma Valued Member

    How do you get qualifications in self-defence? I mean, what would a level one instructor involve?
  11. kuntaoer

    kuntaoer Valued Member

    I highly recommend Dennis Martin and his group.. He has a lot of street knowledge in the use of the martial arts..
  12. karl52

    karl52 openminded

    Id say its very hard to learn any physical response in one day and its more about installing the mindset,but having said that id recommend either Dik(who i haven't trained with but study his work) or one of the best day courses i trained was with Martin Cooper and the ESDS one of the best learn in a day systems i have seen and being a ex copper he knows the law well

    the both do padded scenarios which to me is a must for understanding a real fight,adrenal response etc

  13. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Dave teaches a number of modules on self defence. Completing the requisite number of modules gets you the Level 1 title as far as the SDF are concerned. It's just a kind of grading structure within the SDF I suppose.

  14. puma

    puma Valued Member

    Oh, okay. It just seems a strange thing. I thought maybe they would chuck you down a dark alley at 3am with £2000 on you, and then tell 5 local crackheads where you are and what you got and give them knives! If you survive you get a certificate!

    Just a thought. How would these self-defence experts get on fighting each other? I have never heard of the people mentioned on here, but say Dennis Martin and Dave Turton have a ruck, and they don't know who the other is. How would their methods work out then?
  15. Dikzzz

    Dikzzz Valued Member


    I've got to say that question is really quite redundant. What you're offering is a symetrical match fight scenario. Something I would suggest that neither of them teach.

    If you are talking self-defence instructors, you should be more interested in what they can get you to do. Look at the end result for the student in their everyday life, against the pertinent threats that affect them. Anything else is just background noise.

    It's like the old arguments like 'who is tougher, Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris'. Amusing and diverting, but devoid of any real intellect or merit.

    Both Dave and Den are good teachers afaik.
  16. puma

    puma Valued Member

    No, the point is, someone has to win. I see your point, but from what you say, it seems like they only train to deal with one sort of person. Forget whoever I said, because as I mentioned I have no idea who they are or what they do anyway. In a fight you could be against anyone, not just some untrained lout. All these 'experts' teach how to deal with anyone I expect?
  17. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    That's only module 1, you don't get a certificate for that.

  18. puma

    puma Valued Member

  19. robertmap

    robertmap Valued Member

    Hi Paul,

    It MIGHT be the sort of thing that I do (will depend on the specifics of the client and their requirements).

    Check out my business sites at: http://www.protectics.co.uk and http://www.breakaway-training.co.uk

    You can also see the videos of my weekly personal safety web seminars at http://protectics-ppss.blogspot.com

    In my experience it's a question of making sure that the instructor understands the capabilities and requirements of the client.

    No good teaching military tactics to 'Granny Smith' and fairly pointless teaching Breakaway Techniques to a police officer...

    <btw> JWT is good, and I know of several other people that are reliable - you could also contact The Institute of Conflict Management at http://www.conflictmanagement.org/icm/ (I am no longer a member but would still recommend them as a resource).

    All the best.

  20. Sandy

    Sandy Valued Member

    Hi tonglonglengjai,

    Given your requirements, I'd recommend Tony Somers (tony@tonysomers.com): www.tonysomers.com

    Based on my personal experience of courses run by Tony, he's an excellent trainer. More particularly, I know he's run training for NHS staff along the lines you outline.

    Tony is one of Geoff Thompson's senior instructors at the BCA. Moreover, he knows a lot about conflict resolution and wider skills that are useful for self-protection in the broader sense (i.e. not the usual martial arts stuff that's trotted out).

    Hope this is helpful :)
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