Which Karate Style Would Do Best In MMA

Discussion in 'Karate' started by Plat, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. Smitfire

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    Well..they might concur now. Don't think they concurred circa 1993. :)
    They had to be convinced to concur by cunningly conceived conniving combative contests.
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  2. El Medico

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    I wasn't speaking of tactics,such as leaping in and out,or evasions or defensive system.Just wondering how many of these guys are actually throwing say a rear hand in accordance w/their system.Which would mean driving off a flat rear foot which should (ideally,of course) remain planted and reserving more weight on same rather than pivoting on ball and transfer of a greater percentage of weight onto the front foot than in the karate manner.

    Same w/ how hooks are thrown. Feet flat?

    If someone is practicing hitting the bag using boxing structure and dynamics which then transfers to one's method of hitting peoples then it's a stretch to claim Shoto,Kenpo,etc. as far as the actual hand striking method. I haven't seen these guys in training so this wasn't a criticism,just some questioning.
  3. BohemianRapsody

    BohemianRapsody Valued Member

    I see what you’re saying. I’m thinking more about ippon kumite style fighting as opposed to traditional kata.

    They never keep their feet flat in kumite. Especially with that reverse punch, it’s always up on the ball of the back foot.

    You’re right about the lack of hooks though. Although traditionally Goju Ryu has them I don’t recall seeing them employed in kumite...

    At best I would say some of the straight punches are sometimes thrown a bit looping to bypass a guard but you are right, nothing like boxing.

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