Which internal martial art produces the most powerful explosive force and why?

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    I think to make this leap one must abandon one's critical faculties.

    I'd love to see the paper that shows how they measured sound frequency lower than 16Hz emanating from acupuncture points in particular.

    "When high in Qi we are healthy.
    When low in Qi we are sickly, need more sleep, and are more easily tired.
    Everybody alive has some Qi, since when it is gone you are dead."

    What's interesting about the first two lines is that it seems to grossly simplify the myriad systems of the body, of which pathology in any one may cause disease.

    What's interesting about the last line is what happens to a person's Qi when they die for a short period and then are revived.
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    Guinness World Record holder, too.

    Here's his SON, Mike. Son of the Atom pulling a car. With his teeth.

    [ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxLEkq0ikFU"]Mighty Atom Jr.: 93-Year-Old Strongman Pulls Car With Teeth - America's Got Talent 2014 (Highlight) - YouTube[/ame]

    This is kung fu.
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    That would be when they are "mostly dead" and mostly dead is slightly alive. :hat:
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    Ask a simple question.....
    ......and get a bunch of nothing-"a life force we all have."
    Well,that's educational.:rolleyes:
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    Derren Brown explains it all:

    [ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPHWAEK6EHM"]Derren Brown - Science Of Scams | Chi energy - YouTube[/ame]

    Anything by this guy is worth watching!
  6. David Harrison

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    That's the more obvious part of the scam, the more theatrical bit, but belief in magical energy is based on a lot of factors, and of course any belief system and/or industry will adapt to the market place, hence the proliferation of pseudo-science around CAM now. CAM also muddy the waters by conflating known beneficial activities such as exercise, mindfulness, bedside manner and quality of life with supernatural fantasies.
  7. The Iron Fist

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    You won't find much serious academic work on "Qi" because of its very nature, an ideogram of ancient Chinese thought, is unquantifiable. Love is a similar unquantifiable concept. Yes you can try to describe it with chemical and biological and psychological processes (much as with Qi), but it will fall short when trying to 'graph' love, and using only the known scientific explanations, kind of comes across as dull and analytical, compared to the raw, personal experience of 'love'. Something we know feels real, but is a mystery to fully explain with words. All when and good if we're discussing philosophy, but science has stronger burdens of proof that I doubt Qi will ever be able to overcome, IF as someone people continue to insist that it is a mystical force that can be manipulated via arcane technique (as opposed to a very basic, conceptual metaphor for energy, something that can be improved with physical and mental exercises, which is the original meaning behind Qi).

    What you can find, though, are quantifiable results as a benefit of practicing various "Qi" oriented exercises, and that should make sense, because we should be able to replace Qi in that instance with more familiar terms...'vigor', 'stamina', ' fortitude' are all similarly unquantifiable measurements. These aren't well defined terms, they exist on a spectrum much like 'health' itself. You can be in good health, but be physically very weak. You can be very, very strong, but suffer from poor health and risks (example: athletes who smoke or eat improperly).

    So, it's very accurate to say 'Qi' is a relatively subjective thing. It's ok to refer to your 'Qi' as a general statement, like 'my Qi feels strong today'. The moment anyone tries to use Qi to explain a phenomenon without science, like with that scam in the video, it's clearly an illusion.

    Therefore, every morning you awake bright and refreshed, it's perfectly acceptable to say 'My Qi is strong this morning!' or after exercise to say 'I can feel my primordial Qi!', because upon translation, both these statements would make sense in pure English. But to say 'my Qi has created combustion', or 'my Qi is manipulating his mind', is clearly wrong.

    There are middle ground cases. 'My Qi moved him from point A to B'. This can be true, if Qi is defined as the holistic nature of your overall physical momentum, because we know from physics momentum can be transferred to other bodies. It can also be a false statement, if you believe Qi is a hidden energy that you alone can manipulate (like that Jalapeno pepper video...as if anyone else on earth couldn't do the same parlor trick...come on sometimes I get the feeling 'Tai Chi Masters' think people are stupid :) )

    This is also why the original question in the thread is not very serious inquiry. Of course no martial art produces 'explosive power', really, nor is there any way to rank them. Even boxing training is subject to a simple truth, not everyone who trains boxing will ever build the kind of explosive power seen in professionals, because it's not learning boxing that teaches that, but raw physical training that underlies the technicals like punching. Take boxing lessons for 10 years, you might hit a little harder than when you started. Train an internal art for 10 years, the same is probably true. What really trains 'explosive power' is the application of it, which isn't limited to any martial art, and is more elemental than all of them. Explosive power is grown only by three things really that I can think of....1) gaining strength, 2) practicing explosiveness, 3) leaning to deal with resistance.

    Otherwise, you'd need to start explaining how construction workers, weight lifters, lumberjacks, et cetera are able to do what they do without Tai Chi or boxing lessons. Strength, explosiveness applications of it, and dealing with resistance may seem like martial arts concepts, until you think that they're also needed for demolishing buildings, lifting barbells, and cutting down trees.
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    When you fell a living tree you absorb its ch'i and add its quiescent energy to your own. Everybody knows this. At least us folks raised in the hills.

    This is known as The Tao of Sylvan Vampirism.

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