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    We went and watched a class at the Okinawan kenpo class tonight. We liked it a lot.

    The instructor is very good and explaining why they do certain moves and what they are good for etc... He also would stop a student and correct them if they were doing something wrong. They did katas and then broke them down move by move and he showed what he move actually is/does etc. Their art includes grappling, throws and joint locks which is cool. They did two types of sparring today, one type was predetermined moves (like only 3 or 4 moves were allowed) so they could get familiar with what he thought them. The other type was not restricted at all (besides obvious stuff like eye gouging etc) but he wanted them to implement what they were taught tonight into the sparring. I would say the sparring was kinda light to medium contact. He said higher belts have more contact but it's always controlled.

    Oh, and the best part is the class is free! We are going to attend class on Thursday.
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    If you must know, my father, otherwise known as Rob "Superfoot" Ludgate IS in fact in multiple hall of fames, as I've witnessed him get inducted into all of them, he has indeed won a gold medal(not metal by the way), and is also a two-time super heavy-weight kickboxing champion. Among that he has also ran quite a few karate schools, which you have obviously missed out on. Next time, actually check your facts and instead of assuming that those facts are false, actually do more research. I know this is many, many years too late, but I don't care.
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    Hearsay dictionary definition | hearsay defined


    1. The definition of hearsay is something heard, but not known to be a fact.

      An example of hearsay is when a friend told you about a couple breaking up, but you don't know if it is true.
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    So you think I'm lying. Dude, I'm his son, why would I be lying about this. I don't even care anymore it's his loss anyways.
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    So you will be able to provide evidence of his successes?

    Links to these halls of fame? Recorded wins from governing bodies? Names/locations/dates of the schools he ran?
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    You have to provide evidence, especially because your his son. People are more likely to cover for their family, then complete strangers.

    Also Hall of fames don't mean anything, especially in martial arts, it's just a way to make money off gullible people, you make up an award, and the charge them a few hundred bucks for a table to receive it, plus give a few away for free to deserving people so it looks a bit better then the total scam it actually is.
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    What is your objective? Competition or reality?

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