Where do you get your sticks in Manila?

Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by narra, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. narra

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    Where do you buy your (rattan) sticks, knives and heavy sticks (bahi,kamagong, narra,etc)? Those who live in the metro manila area pls. reply and give info re: how much and the address of the shop.

    I get mine at Quiapo P25-30 a piece for rattan, P125-150 a piece for kamagong and other hard sticks. Long 4ft and 6 ft rattan poles for about P100+ each.
    It's near the army surplus shops where you can buy uniforms,caps, boots, etc.

  2. Silentblade

    Silentblade Silent Death

    I get my sticks from Daniel "Mumbakki" Foronda. PM shootodog if you want to contact Mumbakki. His sticks are better than the ones in Squadron Shoppe.
  3. david f

    david f New Member

    I purchase my sticks directly from Master Nilo Limpin. He has kamagong (various varieties), bahi, ratten, etc. Great quality sticks. I have also obtained wooden training swords of various descriptions (for both training and display), training daggers, dulo dulo.

    The problem is sometimes people sell sticks as "kamagong" and they are either not very good quality kamagong, or is another wood. Often you can see how the sticks have been painted. It really is a case of buyer beware.
  4. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    the mumbakki has great baston, of high quality. pm me if you're interested (i'll ask him if he still has. i know kdl founder, guro jun de leon, bought a whole bunch and brought it back to canada).

    another source for bastons would be in esteban abada in q.c. the aetas make ok training bastons (i.e. light) for about P20 a piece. some guys i know who buy from the mumbakki often buy their rattan bastons at furniture makers. (they claim that they only do this when the mumbakki's shop is out of stock)

    as for hard wood, kamagong, narra, and bahi are hard to come by. maybe due to the fact that wild kamagong, narra, and bahi are endangered. my friend has a hard wood farm in bicol who claim that the demand is so high he can barely keep up.
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  5. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    hehehe...ooops! i just replied without reading the rest of the posts. thanks for the plug brother sb!
  6. ranger

    ranger New Member

    125-150 pesos for a kamagong? really? how about the quality? is it really kamagong? i got mine from my lolos. they even have a baston and daga which has an edge. lahat minana ko lng. but if i ever get the time to visit a shop selling these bastons i'll buy.
  7. Plywood

    Plywood New Member

    Aren't kamagong, bahi and narra all considered endangered and selling them illegal? If they are, maybe we should just stick to rattan or find another substitute. Personally I've found kamagong a useless stick for training or fighting, and bahi is too heavy for training. Narra, never tried it. Looks brittle.
  8. xLJx

    xLJx New Member

    I also get my sticks from Quiapo. I've also seen some sticks at Toby's sports shop that look like ironwood (they're quite heavy). 300 Pinoy bucks a pair, comes with a synthetic leather bag. :)
  9. narra

    narra Valued Member

    There are a lot of fake kamagongs, I know. The way to verify is chip off a small portion of the stick with your nail or knife, or make a deep scratch on it, to see if the wood is bleached or painted black.

    'Di naman lahat ng mura peke o pangit, di rin lahat ng mahal ok at maganda. The best way is to inspect the stuff your buying. The Quiapo sticks are ok and can compare with the ones in squadron (mahal dito), especially the hard sticks.

    For blades I still go to Taal Batangas (P230 -P300 Bolos/ P500 Kris/ P150 Big Knives), when I can, to get my stuff. If you know a shop here in Manila the also sells blades (bolos, kris, knives) pls. reply or PM me.
  10. mdz81

    mdz81 Valued Member

    I would like to know your opinion about (quality and price) www.sinawalitrade.com sticks and other material.
  11. juramentado

    juramentado lean, mean eating machine

    Yes, I agree, to some extent. Kamagong is endangered. It's a tropical hardwood, unlike Bahi which is in fact a palm and some places cultivate it for the leaves. Some furniture makers I know even go as far as using wood from old demolished houses and discarded pieces for their hardwood products. The kamagong sticks I own have all warped badly and I've sworn off buying any from now own, because of this and the fact that I don't want to contribute to the destruction of the remaining forest cover in the country. I just convert the warped sticks to plam sticks. Nothing goes to waste. :)
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  12. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    narra is less likely to shatter than kamagong. it's not as heavy as kamagong, but it's heavy. durable really. expensive too.
  13. david f

    david f New Member

    I have purchased my sticks and other wooden training weapons from Master Nilo Limpin as I have mentioned previously. His web site is now up on the internet and you can visit him at www.panlaban.com
  14. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    Thanks for the info David :D
  15. david f

    david f New Member

    It is my pleasure Yoda. Master Nilo is a great guy; very skilled with his martial arts and the craftsmanship of hsi weapons. I am sure you will appreciate the quality of his products. If you are interested in purchasing a few products, please email him and ask for a quote.

    Please pass on my teacher PG Roland Dantes regards and best wishes to Guro Mark Denny.

    Take care mate.
  16. xLJx

    xLJx New Member

    excellent products. I have the Tiger Kamagong training daga shown there (number 1). and those carvings shown on the Filipino Tiger Kamagong flat sword are the same as those on the rattan (or Labsica? I can't tell...) sticks GM Presas gave me. I wonder if Master Nilo Limpin was also the one who made them...

    damn, I want that espada y daga set... :D
  17. david f

    david f New Member

    Master Nilo supplies a lot of the various FMA groups with weapons and for good reason. The quality of his products.I train under the auspices of PG Roland Dantes and I know for a fact, PG Roland and Professor Remy visited Master Nilo in the late 1990s. Professor Remy purchased quite a few of Master Nilo's products for himself as well.

    The espada y daga set is really a piece to be on display. As soon as I saw it I purchased one and had it shipped to my home overseas.
  18. narra

    narra Valued Member

    They are indeed nice, but a bit expensive. Btw I saw a plce in Manila that sells authentic Maranao Kris bolos, axes, etc
  19. david f

    david f New Member

    Unfortunately in life, you get what you pay for. It is the same with a car, house, etc. In the USA., there are places which sell kamagong sticks for US$60 a pair and upwards.

    I have purchased sticks in Quiapo and I have found personally, that they are not authentic kamagong. Yes, they feel heavy when you hold them , but when you hold one of them in you hand and a reall kamagong in the other.....the feeling is VERY DIFFERENT. As Narra mentioned in a previous posyt on this topic, chip a little off and check the color. Incidently, why are the sticks there painted? I was told it was to hide the fact they are not authentic kamagong.
  20. muson

    muson New Member

    hey nara,

    where in manila they sell authentic kriss bolos?

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