When people lose to their demons - Carrie Fisher

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    The autopsy report is out and it looks like Carrie Fisher had not beaten her addictions in her final days. :(

    Carrie Fisher's autopsy reveals cocktail of drugs, including cocaine, opiates and ecstasy

    She had opiates, ecstasy, heroin and other things in her system - not one but quite a few. And it just makes me so very sad. I thought she really had beaten her addictions. On the other hand, it makes her death make a little more sense to me. I mean part of my was like "she beat her addictions for a long time and still died relatively young." I don't mean she deserved it, I just mean that when one abuses their body, there is a higher probability that it will take a deadly toll on your body. So her death is tragic, but in a different way than I first thought.

    Again, the news just makes me feel very sad. She was such an advocate for mental health and addictions, but she lost in the end. It is more of a cautionary tale than a tale of triumph.
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    Darn it :(
    I'm with you there: It is kind of tragic that she still was fighting with her addictions, but as you said, it also makes more sense, why she would have died at an age, most people will not only reach but go beyond.

    It would have been so great, if she would have won the fight :(
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    It's still a story of triumph in that she managed to do what she did, whilst fighting against the issues she had. She didn't hide her issues, but tried to warn others against them, all whilst still fighting her own addiction.
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    Extremely sad what happened to her.

    But we can be heartened by the rise in mental health and addiction awareness in recent years.

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