whats the best way to build up them side muscle like bruce's

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by dangmnx, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. dangmnx

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    is the pull up bar the best way to build them wings bruce got on the sides when he flexes? any suggestions>?
  2. Visage

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    Why copy Bruce Almighty, when you could just do your own thing??? Not having brucey muscles doesn't make you a crap martial artist. Just like having a big Chuck Norrisy beard won't make you excellent :D
  3. Fighter4Higher

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    Heh, to actually answer your question first of all the muscles your probably referring to are called the "Lats" for short. Most people probably call them.. (in addition to the muscles in the middleback) "shoulderblades" and all these muscles together make up a good upperback

    to hit them your most basic exercise would be pull ups now if you have access to a gym with weights and machines you can do dumbell rows and a good machine exercise that hits them are pulldowns

    Heres a link to a list of lat exercises just click anyone of them and it'll show you pics/videos on how to do them properly and with good form..

  4. NaughtyKnight

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    There was a thread just about this, like 2 days ago.

    They are called lats, and you build up them up with pullups and dumbell rows.
  5. NaughtyKnight

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    Take that back!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Visage

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  7. g-bells

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    HATER :woo:
  8. Hiroji

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    I agree...in order to be exellent you have to have a chuck norrisy rug of love! :D
  9. CosmicFish

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    Don't forget that if you really want to look like Bruce, once you've built your lats up you'll also need to diet down to a very low level of body fat. Assuming you're male, this will be around about the time that you find yourself getting blown over by strong breezes.
  10. AfroMac_Samurai

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    I can see that some reponders are not fully devoted to helping their fellow comrades. I on the other hand even though I agree you should strive to be an indivdual I will help you because this is my way of life as an individual.

    I was mentioned in a response to your question that these "Wings" are called lats. Yes they are. There also other important muscles involved in shapings those "Wings". They are the maxillary muscles ,both internal and external, and the the serratus muscles. I am sure you find that bit of info insignificant, but just in case. lol :)

    The exercises that may improve this region are to your discretion.
    Chin ups are good for this region, but I will make clear unlike the others that the wider you spread your hands while doing a chin-up the more you work this region. Another effective exercise for this region is too flec them the way bruce does. It is difficult to explain with mere words so you should vernture on your own how to do this the best way. While you are flexing these muscles meditate and concentrate on expanding your lungs noce and slow as you inhale. All the while you maintain your flex.

    This is a "trick" bruce used but may have not thought he was doing.
    But maintaing a flex with no weights is very good for muscle development too.
    Because as long as the muscles think they are undergoing a great test of endurance they will still show amazing development.

    I hope that I helped ;)
  11. Incredible Bulk

    Incredible Bulk Eat-Lift-Eat-Sleep-Grow

    you have to build the body up as a whole, the body is not going to allow the lats to build up out of proportion to its opposing muscle group... the chest.

    the chest will not build up until the triceps and shoulders have built up as they are the chest supporting muscles....

    i can go on... and on....

    Get a whole body workout routine nailed and then the diet (seeing Mr Lee was about the same weight as a small 3yr old niece lol)

    Broad shoulders and a small waist will make the lats look bigger.

    dynamic tension will not get you far if anywhere, you are pretty far off the mark if you think you will see 'amazing development'. Although muscle tensing is good for building up the mind-muscle conenction so you can focus on flexing the lats during exericse, there is no benefit from dynamic tension over a good workout.

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