what would kano think of modern judo

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    Yoshida's MMA record (PRIDE Fighting Championships) on second checking is 3-1-1, rather than 2-1-1. See -


    Royce Gracie is 12-2-2 ('93-'03 UFC and PRIDE).

    I am sure Yoshida's official judo record is probably far more impressive but at MMA he's only been fighting since '02 and he's still got a lot to prove.
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    Scaramouch, (and all) I am suprised also at the lack of (good hearted) abuse from my posts! They were designed to provoke thought and discussion but seem to have failed.

    Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for the MMA corwd and in particular for the Gracie Family. I have trained with Brazilians and know how strong they can be.

    To return to the topic of what Kano-Sensei might think of modern Judo...

    Can I suggest everyone on this site watches Sanshiro Sugata (one & two), directed by Akira Kirasawa. (pardon the spelling)

    These two films early in his career (1940s) tell the tale of the famous man of the Kodokan, Sanshiro Sugata, one of the 12 "Heavenly Lords".
    - If all of the above is a mystery to you, do some research, as it is an important piece of Judo history.

    The first film covers the match between JuJitsu & Judo at the tokyo police college, where Judo kicked butt and became the martial art of choice.

    There are 5 great fight scenes in the film, each done in a different artistic style and showing a lot about Judo. the fights look nothing like modern Judo. So perhaps Kano-Sensei is spinning in his grave?

    The focus is definately on Judo as a combat martial art, not a sport. It is a work of fiction of course, but it does give perhaps the popular view of Judo at that time in Japan.

    If anyone has not seen the film(s) buy them!



    P.s. The second film has my favourite scene where a drunk Judoka throws a sake bottle about the dojo.

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