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    So today i was kinda fooling around when i came downstairs and saw that i left some weight on the bar. (keep in mind i am skinny and weak) So it was 130 and i just dropped down and did it once, then i just thought i would up it a little, went with 140, then 150, but 150 was really hard. So i thought its cause i didn't warm up. So i did some lower weight to warm up and then i couldn't even get 150 up. That ****ed me off because a couple weeks ago i did 165. I also usually work out with 120-130 sets of 5, so i thought 150 wouldn't be very hard for 1 rep. The thing is for the last 2-3 weeks i have done basically only squats and dead lifts for my work out and occasionally do some bench at the end. I have seen really really good improvements in my legs and back for the short period of time, but why is my bench lacking? I thought squats and deads would increase it?
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    Try benching first in your workouts for a while - your progress will directly relate to when in your sessions you train a particular movement. If you always save bench for last, then your gains in bench will also come in last to movements you do before it. Turn your workouts completely around for a few weeks and watch your bench go up like your squats and deadlifts have.
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    Squats an Deads train primarily core/trunk and legs. Bench-press is primarily chest with the core and shoulders stabilizing.

    Basically you want to bench to get better at pench. Maybe try a power training workout?

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