What is this strike called???

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    Yep with small gloves hands can leak through from odd angles you simply cant hit through with 12oz gloves, and the small amount of padding allows for much more one punch knockouts or one punch damaging shots, kup choi’s, Sow Choi’s etc are all thrown with real intent and can leave you vulnerable if you miss, with small or no gloves though the risk can be worth it

    Oh the point of CLF looking well like kick boxing when I first did dutch thai boxing with more overhands, longer range upper cuts and wider hooks than I had seen in the western boxing I had done my first comment to my sifu was it was like doing our CLF (our CLF is played a bit tighter and less stylised than some)

    And since Chuck Liddell has been brought up in the thread its probably worth noting the style his teacher taught him is influenced allot by CLF longer strikes and both his looping lead left and overhand are thrown how you are taught in CLF
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