What is MMA?

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    point taken - complaint withdrawn.
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    Truth is( I say that with a grain of salt). MMA is the ultimate test for ones personal skill level. Self-defense teaches to avoid conflict first, then act with force. But what happens in the meantime between is key. I recently saw a MMA fight that from my perspective was more mentally frustrating than anything. To be in the position this one fighter was in, for as long as he was there, and to not have the option of running away.

    While I am sure that some will disagree with my first statement. I would say that you can do mma for your own development. because, if what you do can work on a trainned fighter, then I believe you will have more than the necessary tools to deal with everday scrubs.
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    MMA is nothing new its just taking some of the best old techniques, adding some new easier delivery systems to it and then testing it to the point knowing it is now a valid technique.

    Few people invent anything new that is of use these days - I know a lot of techniques but they are just stolen from someone else.!
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    Difference of opinions but the points are still the same. MMA is a true discipline with plenty of actions. Just like Taekwondo. (Mod Note: Link removed. Please contact listowner Mitch for advertising rates.)
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    Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu was basically MMA, compiled and codified at Nanjing institute from disparate styles and lineages. Those who have studied the prototype styles of Taijiquan (Shaolin Taizu / Vajra Fist) may also say Taijiquan was essentially MMA; both traceable back to 500AD...Not to say a Yang Taiji person should hop in the ring, unless he/she spars a LOT.
    But in 2021, MMA is akin to modern street fighting. I think we can all see that most fights go to the ground, and jujitsu / ground fighting is the basis of mixed martial arts, because it wins all the fights. (aside from Cung Le's) I find MMA to be sort of like watching a snakefight. Lots of writhing.

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