What is a boxers weakness? (newbie question)

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by StreetKO, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. StreetKO

    StreetKO New Member

    Ok, I have a guy at my school who for some reason has his mind set on fighting me... but like you assumed he is a boxer... and I know he hits hard.. I assume that a boxers major weakness would be their ground game... but are there any other major weaknesses?... Im avoiding him at school... but if he shows up at my house or something I want to know... Thanks.
  2. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Join his boxing gym. That'll screw him up ;)
  3. Cathain

    Cathain Lily Lau Gar

    If he shows up at your house, call the police ;)

    If he's training purely in boxing then he won't be training a ground game.
    Basically, whatever isn't included in normal boxing training could be considered a "weakness", so you might want to throw in some kicks and stuff. Doesn't mean he won't be able to defend them, just means it won't be part of his normal training like punching and avoiding punches.
    But seriously, avoiding trouble if possible is your best tactic.
  4. koyo

    koyo Passed away, but always remembered. RIP.

    Work on your own weaknesses rather than worry about the other guy.

    regards koyo
  5. Athleng Nordic

    Athleng Nordic Sadly passed away. RIP. Supporter

    Odd point here but generally you learn to fight so you don't have too. Keep it for the tournments and let him be the fool.
  6. StreetKO

    StreetKO New Member

    I cant call the cops :(.. his parents are too connected for that to work... if he shows up, ill just have my dad run him off.. and if my dad isn't here.. Ill be forced to take care of it...
  7. nready

    nready Verifying DMI pool....

    Well if you are allowed to kill a person for threatening your life at your home than all is taken care of. So, what are the laws of the Springfield you live in. You know what are the laws of the state and county and city. Prepare but don't worry about just being in a fight, no big thing at all. Always no the laws and rules, that is the most important thing.

    Don't let fear get to you, first rule of training.
  8. StreetKO

    StreetKO New Member

    Oh im not scared at all... just one of the guys that I used to train with always said "never turn down the chance to gain an advantage" so thats what Im trying to do... here in springfield if there on our property I can use any non lethal means to "restrain" him
  9. rtkd-badger

    rtkd-badger Fundimentaly Manipulated

    Your Muay Thai training should cover most of it.
  10. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    Generally the best thing about boxers is... they're too busy at the gym training to really get into many scraps outside. If he's really a boxer... chances are he's not even remotely interested in someone like you. Seriously. If you've got to come on and ask on an internet forum how you're going to defeat this guy... you're already dead. I'm sure he can smell that a mile off.

    Go train martial arts. Find a decent one and get to it. Stop worrying about fights with guys who are boxers. It's bad for your health. ;)
  11. Dr FeelGood

    Dr FeelGood New Member

    i wouldnt worry either, i think hes just trying to scare you.
  12. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Is this the guy?

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  13. Cathain

    Cathain Lily Lau Gar

    Are you living in some sort of corrupt Third World country? :confused:
  14. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Altogther different problem here:rolleyes:

  15. Cathain

    Cathain Lily Lau Gar

    I suppose it's possible, but I've never personally heard or even read about the police refusing to remove a trespasser who's at someone's front door harassing them because they have "connections".

    If anything, the police here take a particularly dim view of such people, speaking from personal experience.

    I rule - unfair rhetorical use of the Simpsons ;)
  16. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Busted! Couldn't resist considering.............
  17. cowzerp

    cowzerp Valued Member

    Obvious thing is the ground game but if you dont have 1 either he can still pound you with his fists, are you sure he's a boxer? most boxers dont go around starting fights! if he knocks on your door looking for trouble introduce him to mr baseball bat! :woo:
  18. StreetKO

    StreetKO New Member

    Thanks... thats what I figured
  19. Banpen Fugyo

    Banpen Fugyo 10000 Changes No Surprise

    lol seriously... Thats the lamest excuse ever.
  20. StreetKO

    StreetKO New Member

    its not an exuse, its true... he got caught stealing a car..... nothing

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