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Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by tulsa, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. tulsa

    tulsa Valued Member

    O, need some help. I am looking to make one of those posters you see on FB that has a name and then a couple of pictures with captions like: What my mom thinks I do. and What my Friends think I do. You all know the ones. Well I want to make one for Kuk Sool! I have some ideas but want to see what you all come up with.
    So help a Brother Out! Send me you thoughts and Pictures!:evil:
  2. Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink Moved on MAP 2017 Gold Award

    Like this?

  3. Kid Moe

    Kid Moe Peace that don't belong

    LOL!!! Brilliant... Boxers and Kickboxers part is priceless... Thank you for this...
  4. tulsa

    tulsa Valued Member

    Ok, i know what not to do! thanks
  5. 47MartialMan

    47MartialMan Valued Member

    And what "SOME" judges and jury think they should do to martial artists;

  6. Haakon

    Haakon Valued Member

    Something like this?

  7. tulsa

    tulsa Valued Member


    Here is what I have come up with so far a draft. Any constructive thoughts?:evil:
  8. Obewan

    Obewan "Hillbilly Jedi"

    Yup Take the "S's" off Think(s) and what's up with "thinks we I do"? And "Taditional"? BTW aren't you an educator? I can't say much I failed English in high school.
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  9. tulsa

    tulsa Valued Member

    hey i made this is about 2 minutes, I was rushing..
  10. tulsa

    tulsa Valued Member


    Ok Ok how about now
  11. Obewan

    Obewan "Hillbilly Jedi"

    Lesson number 3, grasshopper-Take your time. :p
  12. tulsa

    tulsa Valued Member

    I am NOT A GRASSHOPPER, more of a silver fish....

    Hey this is still a "DRAFT" it still needs something.
  13. Obewan

    Obewan "Hillbilly Jedi"

    How about a "Won"? :evil:
  14. VegasMichelle

    VegasMichelle Valued Member

    1) I thought posters like these were supposed to show a variety of PoVs. Its seems like all 4 of the KS photos can be interchangeably used with any other caption. There is no real "punchline" anywhere.

    2) Using capitalization everywhere, along with exclamation points everywhere diminishes the impact of the words. Use normal lettering and punctuation...until you get to the punchline, where you can use the capitalization/exclamation for fuller effect.

    3) Unless you took these photos yourself and unless you have expressed permission from the folks in the photos or the association, I'd say it's not fair game for a poster. It's probably better to use "free-use" photos or originals if you intend to reproduce anything for the future.
  15. tulsa

    tulsa Valued Member

    Thanks VM, As I said it is a draft and I am looking for ideas. I will keep your thoughts in mind. The Punch line is there is none. The Truth is sometimes better. If you look at "What Other Martial Artists Think" Kuk Sool has always been looked at of being a little heavy on the bowing / Respect issues. "The Public" thinks all Martial Art Schools just teach kids. "What my friends think" is a good reputation of the serious side of self defense. "YouTube" shows the demo side of Kuk Sool. So really I kind of like it.

    I am looking now for more ideas than corrections.

    And once again since I am not making any money from this, public domain pictures (which when you put them on the internet they become) can be used.

    But thank you for your comments. :evil:
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  16. tulsa

    tulsa Valued Member

    Kuk Sool is the style! This does not "just" represent the Association. :evil:
  17. BenCooper

    BenCooper New Member

    Not true, I'm afraid - images on the Internet are not public domain. They may be free to use if the copyright owner has released them under a Creative Commons license, but otherwise they are still copyrighted just like music, videos and text.
  18. Haakon

    Haakon Valued Member

    100% incorrect. Just because a photo is online does not automatically make it public domain, and whether you make money or not from it has nothing to do with the legality of using it unless the copyright owner has specifically said it can be used for non commercial use.
  19. tulsa

    tulsa Valued Member

    Only if the item is COPYRIGHTED! If the owner of the image copyrights something it is true. But if it is not then game on. Poor mans copyrights have been shot down in numerous court cases. So it is a common practice that if it is copyrighted it will have either have a note stating such and/or a watermark. Just taking a photo and putting it on the net does not make it copyrighted.

    Look at post #2 and #6 how many copyrighted images are on there? Is the overall image copyrighted?

    Photographers take great lengths to make sure there images are protected. The ones I use are not copyrighted and I have never know them to be.

    The images I have used, I see as Public domain and not copyrighted.
  20. Haakon

    Haakon Valued Member

    Sorry, but you are still completely wrong. An image is copyrighted as soon as its created, period. You do not have to register a copyright for one to exist.

    Continue to steal images if you want, but just because you want something to be public domain does not make it true.


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