What game are you currently playing?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Kuma, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Fish Of Doom

    Fish Of Doom Will : Mind : Motion Supporter

    Played Tharsis for a bit. Neat little game, dice-rolling based survival game based on a mission to Mars, but not that much replay value.
  2. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Finished "Horizon: Zero Dawn" on Ultra Hard some minutes ago.
    As mentioned before only the main quests; and to be honest: It was easier than I expected.
    I started with more than enough resources and money to get the adept weapons and have so many resources still left, I could finish the game again at least twice :D
    So, yeah, preparation is king :D

    Not entirely sure what to play next.
    I have "Heavy Rain" and "Beyond Two Souls" here, borrowed from another JJ-student.
    But I'm not sure I'm in the mood for these :confused:

    I also got a message via PSN from a person I don't know if I would play and platinum "The Bunker" for him.
    That's just weird...
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  3. philosoraptor

    philosoraptor carnivore in a top hat Supporter

  4. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    I guess you have to know the game? :oops:
  5. Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink Valued Member MAP 2017 Gold Award

    Been playing Rainbow 6 Siege. Crazy good fun!
  6. philosoraptor

    philosoraptor carnivore in a top hat Supporter

    Eek, yeah. To explain: Dwarfs will occasionally be taken by a fey mood in which they attempt to craft a masterpiece. They will ask for increasingly strange things, and if they receive them all, will make a masterpiece... oh I don't know, shield, weapon, piece of armor, or hell, a sock.


    Anyway, that's if they receive all the items they want. If they start requesting an item that you don't have and can't get, well, they become upset. Very upset. So upset that their brain breaks and they start slaughtering their friends and relatives.

    Safest thing to do is just wall them off in their workshop until they die of starvation.
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  7. Morik

    Morik Well-Known Member Supporter MAP 2017 Gold Award

    This is true for so many things in dwarf fortress...

    Also for anyone who wants to read boatmurdered but is too lazy to find it: Dwarf Fortress - Boatmurdered
    Start at the introduction, it explains a bit about the game so you at least have a little bit of an idea of what is going on.
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  8. philosoraptor

    philosoraptor carnivore in a top hat Supporter

    Morik, do you have stairs in your house?
  9. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Sounds not that bad.

    And I don't believe, I actually read the whole text of the description in the picture :D

    Will do it later or tomorrow.
    Tab is already opened.
  10. philosoraptor

    philosoraptor carnivore in a top hat Supporter

    Well, it can be bad. If they go nuts, they murder dwarves, whose relatives can get depressed and also go berserk, and on, and on, so that you have a tantrum spiral. Even if just the original dwarf dies it can be a problem.

    The text like that is awesomely characterful. As you start engraving the walls of your fortress, everything gets procedurally generated artwork like that. I think they recently added the ability to create literature, so that your dwarves will write stories about what happens in your fort.
  11. Morik

    Morik Well-Known Member Supporter MAP 2017 Gold Award

    o_O Err.. yes?
  12. philosoraptor

    philosoraptor carnivore in a top hat Supporter

    Haha, sorry, it's a reference to an old website.
  13. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    Having a fumble on Ghost Recon: Wildlands again. The game plays 10x better after recent updates, including simpler helicopter controls and a new Tier One system. And I never knew Ubisoft did a Predator DLC, which they have released for free, so you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across a hysterical girl covered in blood talking about how "the jungle... it came alive and took them." Fighting the Predator in the Bolivian rainforest is one of my favourite gaming highlights for a long time!
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  14. Morik

    Morik Well-Known Member Supporter MAP 2017 Gold Award

    I see... apparently "I am protected" is the proper response.
    I didn't really frequent SA forums that often. (Assuming its from there, based on the urban dictionary entry.)
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  15. philosoraptor

    philosoraptor carnivore in a top hat Supporter

    Welp, that's a 'buy' for me.

    Haha, yeah, I wasn't on there too much, but there were some great threads. Boatmurdered was one of them.
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  16. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    That's a game I'm thinking about as well.
    Got to play it a few minutes at a friends, but with no proper introduction to the controls, it was rather challenging.
    Don't let me start on the helicopters! Even though I managed better compared to a third person, that was there, who knew the game :cool::D

    Still not sure what to play next.
    Thinking about an RPG or God of War :oops:
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  17. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu Supporter

    Started playing Fortnite on pS4, recently came out free for PS plus.
    Battle royal style survival games 100 players. Strangely addictive even though I've barely make it to the end of a round.
  18. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    I finished "Lego: Harry Potter - Years 1-4" last week.

    Not sure what to play next.
    I'm a bit torn between "God of War: Ascension", "Alien: Isolation" or something else.
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  19. Morik

    Morik Well-Known Member Supporter MAP 2017 Gold Award

    I've gotten back into EU4, picking up a new expansion.
    I had last played after the Rights of Man expansion (and own all of them up to that point... I'm an EU4 addict with over 700 hours played).
    Out of the 3 that have been released since then, I picked up only Cradle of Civilization, and then started a new Ottoman game on hard ironman.

    I also need to get to the new Stellaris update.
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  20. Southpaw535

    Southpaw535 Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    The odd bit of Kingdom Come Deliverance. Trying to find the motivation to properly get into Stellaris. Limited myself to one evening of games a week to try and focus on uni work after I've found myself getting a bit bored of games atm so hopefully the limit will add a bit more excitement to game time. Also half getting back into the sims because sims is awesome and I remembered I have 3 still and don't have to be stuck playing 4.

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