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Discussion in 'Judo' started by judojedi, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. judojedi

    judojedi Officer of the Crown

    when i win the lottery, which should be anytime now, i'm going to build a purpose built dojo for judo. i've been designing it this morning and have ran out of ideas. can anyone think of anything i could include? i currently have included the following:

    basement: swimming pool, sauna, steam room showers and changing rooms and boiler room.

    ground floor: contest area for tornaments including grandstands 3 tornament mats and judges tables, electronic score boards on the wall, training dojo, 3 store rooms, cleaners room, gym including weights and cardio machines + punch bags, changing rooms +showers, medical room, lobby area including trophy cabnets.

    first floor: viewing gallery overlooking contest area, kitchen/canteen area, weapons room, pool room, video game room, tv lounge and judo library.
    i have space for 3 more rooms on the first floor.
  2. jonsku

    jonsku New Member

    meditation room! :)
    for mokuso

  3. saikyou

    saikyou New Member

    a hall with the busts of great judokas.
  4. johndoch

    johndoch upurs

    Dont forget to put toilets in:D
  5. Jim

    Jim New Member

    And the showers
  6. thiaboxr2

    thiaboxr2 New Member

    A fruit smoothy bar.

    A Japenese rock garden with an indoor waterfall.(A small one of course.)
  7. Tosh

    Tosh Renegade of Funk


    No pub???? :(
  8. saikyou

    saikyou New Member

    a pub? he he he... just be sure that it will be closed during competition and training hours cuz it will surely distract everybody!
  9. booksie_girl

    booksie_girl Lucy the Terrible

    An office for the instructor(s)
  10. DeepFreeze

    DeepFreeze Lurker

    Apparently you have designed the place to be fitting for competitions, so do not forget about the private areas for officials and referees :)
  11. saikyou

    saikyou New Member

    don't forget the podiums
  12. -=|§ØÛ£|=-

    -=|§ØÛ£|=- New Member

    And the students.
  13. Kof_Andy

    Kof_Andy New Member

    A game room to play tekken will be nice.;) Maybe a back door too incase people come challenge your school like classic kung fu movies. hehe :p You'll be gone before they notice.
  14. -=|§ØÛ£|=-

    -=|§ØÛ£|=- New Member

    No way! You can't just RUN from a fight! What you need, is one of those permenant markers so you can make hommade chicken pox. That way you won't be backing down.
  15. saikyou

    saikyou New Member

    ha ha ha. :D
  16. judojedi

    judojedi Officer of the Crown

    toilets and showers are included in the changing rooms, which will of course be 5star standard.
    yea! love the idea of a judo hall withthe busts of famous judoka, wouldn't fit in the rooms i have left though so i'll have to build an extension.
    meditation room can be combined with the japanese rock garden for a subtle yet effective relaxation area.

    a door for getting away from a fight? i must mis-understand that idea, but i do reakon if i build yet another extension, it could house a battle dome. 'two men enter, one man leaves', kinda thing, for challenges that cannot be backed down from.

    PUB???? i'll build one next door....with a taxi rank built next to that.....and a kebab house built next to that. can't have a pub in a dojo.
  17. saikyou

    saikyou New Member

    battle dome. I disagree. There is a chance that most people there would come to fight not for medals of trophies but for violence. you said the two men enter and one man leaves. you mean the match can't be ended if one is still breathing? this is how I understand it. correct me if Im wrong.
  18. judojedi

    judojedi Officer of the Crown

    yea your wrong, i meant it as an analogy(spelling?) with the UFC as that was one of there original sentiments for the contest. maybe i should have said a ufc octogon for NHB stuff.
    <in best spoilt child impression> anyway its my dojo and i'll have a battle dome if i want one! fights to the death and all.

  19. saikyou

    saikyou New Member

    sorry for taking it literally. :) now I know.

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