What brand and weight of gi does everyone use? Gi advice?

Discussion in 'Karate' started by Noodle, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. Dinesh

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    I have used gi's from The cheap Cotton blends to Mitsuboshi.
    I find PINE TREE gi's are a nice gi to use.THe cut isn't the best in the bus but @ less than 100USD for a 14oz one i recommend it.
    I have also heard that KI is good.
    FYI IMO it's alot better to train with a heavyier gi during dojo kumite etc.It gets u accustomted to the weight,so when u go into kumite and wear a lgith one,you are having a ball.
    ALso a heavy gi is excellent for kata competition as it gives the extra snap and heck it looks alot better:)
    The Tiger claw are also really good Gi's.
    Affordable and not a waste of money .
    Try the pine tree though.
    Different "bolts" of fabric are used sometimes and taht leades to a difference in "hardness" of the material.eg; i bought 2 and one is softer(not lighter) than the other.
    A Gi shouldn't be stiff and should allow free movement.
  2. Paul Herbert

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    Hirota Special and a Tokaido Medium Weight
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  4. Nathanj

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    Brand of gi

    I've been using Juka gold gi's for about 4 years, they're 14 oz. in fact I bought two of them four years ago, and they're still in great condition, very sturdy, and comfortable. I use them for training, and sparring, and I've never even considered going with a lighter weight gi.
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  6. Dinesh

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    What about MEIJIN anyone used those yet?
    the reviews look good and the constructiont too..
    BUt Tokaido still rocks......
    I'm really not going to spend all that $$ in Gi right now as i'm still growing(16 yrs ,5 Foot 10),so i tend to stick with Gi's that are around 100 USD.
    When i reach about 19-20 i'll get a Tokaido or Shureido.

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