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Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Anth, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Xue Sheng

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    I was reading a book, that ame highly recommended, and I was asked to read it and report back on what I thought, but I just can't get through it. Basically it is another take on the buddhist view of enlightenment with all the regular copious repeats of the same exact thing, just different wording. And that would be fine, if I had not read so many other books by buddhists and based on buddhism before....I imagine, without that, it would be fine.....Not sure what I am going to do about that...but in the meantime...Im currently rereading this.

    The Tao of Happiness
    Stories from Chuang Tzu for your Spiritual Journey
    Derek Lin

    and when I say rereading I mean rereading the first part and then finishing it. I tend to read multiple books at a time and in the process some get left behind...this was one of them.
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    Yep, I read and enjoyed them both very much - especially Sphere. That's my favorite Crichton book.
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    I've just read Unconquerable - The Invictus Spirit in one sitting. I bought it as a holiday book back in 2017 but never got around to reading it until today and it's a great read. Not as heavy as A Heavy Reckoning and focusing more on the people rather than the medicine, it naturally covers the Invictus Games and those who would go on to compete at them. Some of the names I recognised (one by the "I miss my friend" tattoo on his remaining leg) but other stories were new to me. The book focused a lot on the mental health issues faced by servicemen, including those not wounded in battle and that's something missing from other books and articles I've read. As I say, a great read.
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    Classical Baguazhang, Vol. II, Cheng Shi Bagua Zhang by Ma Youqing and Liu Jingru

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    I just got the Bible by poirot 86 hours ffs
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    sacrifice, the new jedi order.............again
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    Xue Sheng All weight is underside

    Essentials of the Fist
    Ancient Martial Art Training Principles
    English Translation and Interpretation of a 400 Year Old Chinese Martial Arts Manual

    Just started it, nothing groundbreaking, but interesting.

    We think no one thought of ground fighting before the Gracies and we (myself included) know that in old China, on the ground, in a battle meant death. But there are things in here about how to avoid ending up on the ground when someone goes for your legs, and end up in a choke hold on the aggressor, There is something I know from taijiquan, but you REALLY need to get the timing right, this is avoidance, and mount and a choke hold.

    It is interesting to see the applications from 400 years ago (Ming/Qing Dynasty)

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