What are the Hombu Location and admission Rules for your Art?

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    Hey All,

    I'm wondering about how other arts deal with admission to the Hombu or HQ for your respective arts, if you could have a moment to share this in something like the following format:

    Name of Art
    Name of Org
    Name of Head Instructor/Soke
    Eligibility to train
    Notes (if any)

    EG -

    Hatsumi Masaaki
    Noda, Japan
    Be a card carrying member of the Bujinkan (loosely enforced)
    All people are welcome if they are members of the Bujinkan, they do not require special permission to attend class.

    I'm especially interested by a variety of different countries aswell as arts, EG Korea for TKD (I imagine) and things like JKD.

    I asked for the org as I assume that for some arts different lines will have different countries for their HQ.

    Please share away!

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