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Discussion in 'Western Martial Arts' started by Louie, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. Rob Lovett

    Rob Lovett Valued Member

    Hi Guys,

    My name is Rob Lovett and I have been interpreting and translation Fior di Battaglia for a few years now.
    I find the system laid out in Fior di Battaglia one of the most complete that I have come across.
    If anyone is interested in this, then please do not hesitate to ask.
    Also, we hold workshops every two months, the next on the first Sunday of April. If anyone is interested then please do not hesitate to ask, it is going to be on knife.
    Also, we will be at SENI04 so please look us up on the BFHS stand. We will also be demonstrating.

  2. Louie

    Louie STUNT DAD Supporter


    Hi Robb

    Without breaking the rules on blatent advertising.... :Angel:

    Where are the workshops held? Im particularily interested in medieval knife combat/disarms to help me interpret some of the possible applications of the Highland Dirk Dance.


    Cheers HKF, hope to see you at Scotmap2 :D
  3. Rob Lovett

    Rob Lovett Valued Member

    Hi Louie,

    The workshop will be held in Barking, Essex. Keep an eye on our website, http://www.the-exiles.org for further info, or mail me direct.

  4. valetudo74

    valetudo74 Master of Ching Ching POW

    Can you expound on the Canarian Juego del Palo? I've seen a few illustrations of the art, but never an in-depth or somewhat general description of the history of this art. Also, is it similar to the Portuguese Jogo do Pau?

    Thanks much,

  5. Louie

    Louie STUNT DAD Supporter

    Canarian Juego del Palo Stickfighting

    Hi ValeTudo

    From the little I have seen the Canarian style reminds me of Quaterstaff fighting, whereas the Portuguese looks like it's based on double and single-handed sword techniques...
    I hope to get some input from a couple of practicioners from both styles to write a piece for MAP, so keep checking in.... :D

    For a more in-depth description;

    http://www.palocanario.com/Historia JPC INGLES.htm


  6. natxanadu

    natxanadu Banned Banned

    lutra livre

    Any one heard of this, the european version it means free fighting, my step father a Breton was telling me about it

    i think its spanish or basque
  7. Louie

    Louie STUNT DAD Supporter

    Luta Livre

    Mapper SoKKlab wrote on a previous thread:
    Luta Livre=means Free Wrestling, or Free for all wrestling.
    Luta (Wrestle)-Livre (Free) in Portuguese. Similiar expression found in all the Latin Languages.

    I know it's very popular in Brazil and there's some rivalry with BJJ......

    Anyone out there with a background in this art able to post a thread?

    Louie :D

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