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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by New Guy, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. New Guy

    New Guy I am NEW.

    Hey guys,

    I am interested in doing boxing, but I am also worried at the same time... I am only 60 KG so I am wondering what weight divisions are there? Am I too light for boxing?

  2. gogz

    gogz Crom!

    Men Woman

    Strawweight up to 105 lbs up to 102 lbs (46.36 kilos)
    Mini Flyweight - up to 105 lbs (47.627 kilos)
    Junior Flyweight 105 to 108 lbs 105 to 108 lbs (48.988 kilos)
    Flyweight 108 to 112 lbs 108 to 112 lbs (50.802 kilos)
    Super Flyweight /
    Junior Bantam Weight 112 to 115 lbs 112 to 115 lbs (52.163 kilos)
    Bantamweight 115 to 118 lbs 115 to 118 lbs (53.524 kilos)
    Super Bantamweight /
    Junior Featherweight 118 to 122 lbs 118 to 122 lbs (55.338 kilos)
    Featherweight 122 to 126 lbs 122 to 126 lbs (57.153 kilos)
    Super Featherweight /
    Junior Lightweight 126 to 130 lbs 126 to 130 lbs (58.967 kilos)
    Lightweight 130 to 135 lbs 130 to 135 lbs (61.235 kilos)
    Super Lightweight /
    Junior Welterweight 135 to 140 lbs 135 to 140 lbs (63.503 kilos)
    Welterweight 140 to 147 lbs 140 to 147 lbs (66.678 kilos)
    Super Welterweight 147 to 154 lbs - (69.853 kilos)
    Junior Middleweight - 147 to 154 lbs (69.853 kilos)
    Middleweight 154 to 160 lbs 154 to 160 lbs (72.575 kilos)
    Super Middleweight 160 to 168 lbs 160 to 168 lbs (76.204 kilos)
    Light Heavyweight 168 to 175 lbs 168 to 175 lbs (79.379 kilos)
    Cruiserweight 175 to 200 lbs - (90.719 kilos)
    Heavyweight over 200 lbs Over 175 lbs -


  3. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    Gogz... lol... nice one.

    New Guy - first learn to box before you worry about the weight divisions.:D
  4. New Guy

    New Guy I am NEW.

    Ohh why, thanks! So I assume there is alot of light people who does boxing and I shouldn't worry as much?
  5. gogz

    gogz Crom!

    yeah, but remember you'll be in a weight division with guys the same weight as you, so if you know how to box you'll be fine :D

  6. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    New guy... tons - look at the amatuers... the lightweights are some of the most exciting boxing to be had anywhere... check it out.
  7. Incredible Bulk

    Incredible Bulk Eat-Lift-Eat-Sleep-Grow

    i'm a super middle weight at "walking weight" but i can easily slim down to middle weight for a fight.
    tempted to go back up to heavy weight but there are too many Andre the Giant's and since the abolishment of the super heavy weight division, i could be fighting butterbeans and big daddy's (300lb'ers) :bang:

    fat men have no place in boxing :D :p
  8. New Guy

    New Guy I am NEW.

    Hehe, I usually out power to people who are the same size as me! :D Not so sure about boxing though...

    Slip, what are amatuers?

    I'll guess I'll just get into a club and see what it is like! :D Is it like choosing a TMA though? You know, the McDojo madness???
  9. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    Amatuers are what you fight in before going pro... if and when you go pro.

    The Golden Gloves is the big amatuer tourney in the states. Many of the top boxers spent time honing their skills in the amatuers and then when they shoot for the money they make the move to pro. Many use that amatuers to make it to the Olympics.. and then go pro.
  10. Incredible Bulk

    Incredible Bulk Eat-Lift-Eat-Sleep-Grow

    dont forget that you will spend 6-8 months of pure fitness/bag work before getting in the ring to practice spar ;)
    I've been going 3 months and only put on gloves for bag work.

    Your 9.5 stone right? thats very very light but you will add some muscle mass to your frame after a few months of boxing.

    Amateurs is the step before pro
  11. New Guy

    New Guy I am NEW.

    Thanks guys... I don't use stones though so I don't know...

    May I please ask, what is telegraph?
  12. hux

    hux ya, whatever.

    Being light isn't an issue, you'll only fight people within your own weight class.

    Telegraph = If you give away the technique, as in, if I stand on my tippy toes every time before I throw a rear leg kick...I am telegraphing that kick.

    make sense?
  13. New Guy

    New Guy I am NEW.

    Umm... are you sure that's still boxing? :p

    Yea I think I understand now, thanks.
  14. Incredible Bulk

    Incredible Bulk Eat-Lift-Eat-Sleep-Grow

    dropping your right shoulder before using it for an uppercut or body shot, jerking the chin down mini seconds before flicking out a jab...

    telegraphing means to show your intentions
  15. Greg

    Greg Valued Member

    Thanks for the list gogz!
  16. gogz

    gogz Crom!


  17. New Guy

    New Guy I am NEW.

    I went to the boxing club today...

    "Closed down during Christmas and be back sometime in January!"
  18. New Guy

    New Guy I am NEW.

    Ok I went to the club today, they say boxing class will start in about 2 weeks; and it will offer 1 free first lesson. They gave me some paper with their contact phone number on it.

    Well I guess I'll call them within next week... oblviously I would ask them what date would the first class start... what else could I ask?

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