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    There's been a bit of talk recently about weight divisions in MMA and how they could be better. More evenly spaced so weight cutting is less of an issue and fighters "between" weight classes have an easier time picking a division.
    10lbs seems to be standard for the weight divisions but as fighters get bigger 10lbs becomes less of an issue and then smaller heavyweights can end up fighting someone 40lbs heavier!
    Boxing has too many and MMA has too few, particularly in the mid-sized area.

    Currently it's

    Flyweight – 125lbs
    Bantamweight – 135lbs
    Featherweight – 145lbs
    Lightweight – 155lbs
    Welterweight – 170lbs
    Middleweight – 185lbs
    Light heavyweight – 205lbs
    Heavyweight – 265lbs

    Why not just go for a standard 8% difference?

    125 to 135 is 8% more.
    135 to 145 is 8%ish (a tad over but we can round down).

    Then (rounding down each time)...

    Or in real terms 10lb twice, then 11lb, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17.
    Or just go with a standard 10lbs for each jump?
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    I honestly think they didnt know they were gonna go that big :p

    Definately need something between 170 / 185 / 205, the more average sizes.
    They have changed once but that was more of a name change than anything (205 was called Middleweight back in Bas Rutten days methinks).

    Or follow ONE FCs approach and have fighters get measured with a weight limit pre fight weigh ins. They're given targets to reach weeks before their fight. So theyre forced to be closer to their natural bodyweight or at least diet down rather than dehydrate.
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