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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by marmaduke, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. marmaduke

    marmaduke Valued Member

    I know nothing about this but I had a choice of 14oz. or 16oz. boxing gloves so I bought the 14oz. Now I'm being told I should have got the 16oz. (Nobody bothered to say a word about this a month ago when I was looking) Whats the difference? Can anyone really notice? It took me two weeks to get these. I'm not thrilled about paying postage to send them back, paying postage for a new pair and waiting two weeks again.

  2. Al_Bundy

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    Sparring is usually done with 16oz, but you can sparr with 14oz no problem. Unless you weight is about 120 kg, then you really need 16 oz minimum.
  3. Tommy-2guns...

    Tommy-2guns... southpaw glassjaw

    Yeah 14 oz are normally fine for sparring,but a few gyms are a bit fussy about them on anyone over middleweight. I hate using the 16 oz,but luckily im a middleweight so my 14's are ok :)

    Really they should have told you what oz to buy,but i guess whats done is done now!

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