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    We (the members of this site and I) have put together a list of links, both internal (MAP links) and external (outside MAP). The external links have previously been posted by MAP members, or are their own web-sites that have information about weapons or weapons arts, or videos of the weapons in action, and the internal links are here so that newer members can resurrect threads without making their own asking the same questions, thus saving the inevitable "Its been done before!" If anyone has any links they feel should be added, feel free to post below with them and they may one day appear in a revised post :)

    (While there is an overlap between this forum and many of the Styles forums, please keep links appropriate, such as FMA links in that forum)

    MAP Weapons Forum Links
    Top Ten Weapons Threads
    How to make a Katana?
    Two Sword style?
    What do you think is the most practical 'street' weapon?
    Stupid illegal weapons rules
    Favourite Weapons 1
    Favourite Weapons 2
    Favourite Weapons 3
    Best LEGAL self defence weapon to carry?
    Should guns be outlawed?
    Everything is a weapon
    Do you carry Weapons?
    Nunchaku Treats
    Is my sword "real"?
    Picking the Correct Weapon Size

    External (off MAP) – Information etc Links
    MAPer Spinstorm’s Nunchaku site
    Iaido basics and history
    Sai Basics
    MAPer Reiki’s Staff Kata site
    British Kendo Association (BKA)
    Japanese Armour Manual
    Journal of Western Martial Arts
    Sword Forum International
    A Guide to Two-Handed Weapons Forms
    AEMMA's Online Library.
    Knights of the Wild Rose – With Flos Duellatorum
    Fencing with the Longsword
    Richard Stein's Nihonto Index
    All United States Kendo Federation
    Kenjutsu International Association of Instructors
    Anthony Boyd’s Haidong Gumdo site
    Canadian Haidong Gumdo Association
    Canadian Haidong Gumdo Association 2
    European Haidong Gumdo Federation
    Evolution of the Japanese Sword
    Karate and Martial Arts with Weaponry
    Nihonto Antiques
    Nunchaku History
    Japanese Sword Manufature
    Paradoxes of Defence – George Silver – Basic Instructions
    Paradoxes of Defence – George Silver

    Weapons Sales
    Nine Circles
    Western swords
    Western swords 2
    Angus Trim Swords
    Wooden Weapons
    Wooden Swords
    Arms and Armour
    Darksword Armoury
    Darkwood Armoury
    Museum Replicas
    Christian Fletcher
    Kris Cutlery
    JP Sword
    Playwell MA
    Icon MA
    Martial Arts Weapons
    Cimac MA
    Pendlebury TKD
    Gwangung Orientals (CMA)
    Battle Orders

    Thanks to all who have already contributed :)

    Please post any links or threads that you find interesting here, or if you know of a good Weapons shop post that too! All within Terms of Service though ;)

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    Please place the site of The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts (ARMA) in the
    External (off MAP) – Information etc Links section of your list. The URL to the ARMA site is "www.thearma.org".

    Thank you,
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    Your post here puts the site on the list :)

    Just need to post the URL, people will see it, and I might review the list in 6-8 months (as I did with this) and put it in the main post :)
  5. Anth

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    From another thread in this forum, a link to the ARMA's contact weapon construction area :)

  6. Anth

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    Changed a link - "All Saints Blades" has been replaced with "Angus Trim Swords" on the reccomendation of Cudgel :)
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    www.albion-swords.com makes what are perhaps some of the most accurate replicas of European swords. They employ master swordsmith Peter Johnsson to design their weapons. I have an Agincourt, and an Earl on order. Truly fine weapons.

    Best regards,

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    External (off MAP) – Information etc Links

    Anthony Boyd's Haidong Gumdo page has been replaced with a forum dedicated to the art:

    Additional Links related to Korean sword arts, including the three largest federations for haedong gumdo and some links for Daehan Kumdo (Korean kendo) may be found here:

    Weapon Sales

    Cheness, Inc. katana/swords for tamechigiri (excellent entry level cutters, IMHO)

    Martial Art Swords (mid level to higher end Japanese and Korean style swords for cutting)
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