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    Hi Ya'll,
    Just curious but y do some Schools under the WKSA don't allow other belts below brown belt to train with weapons? like the staff?
    Mz. Lu
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    the understanding i have of the situation is that brownbelt is the standard level to begin weapons training however many schools in the area im from start much sooner. i started staff as a white belt.

    it varies school to school.
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    Well, first let me state that since I, am not in the WKSA any more all i, can tell you is what i, remember from the past. First of all a Teacher is governed NOT to teach advanced techniques to students that is out side of there current rank. In other words, if you are yellow belt, the teacher is breaking the WKSA's rules by teaching you stuff from the red belt curriculum. Second, if I, am right I, remember that if the student joins a "Black Belt Club" they can learn basic jool bong, bong and gum etiquette and movements but not hyungs. Nothing else is allowed.

    For insurance reasons, you must be 18 years or older to use any weapon that is sharp ( cutting sword, knife trowing, Archery).

    If the schools are doing this and they belong to the WKSA, they are in direct violation of the License Agreement. But once again, Things can change when the upper WKSA beings decide to.

    I have always taught: unable to control yourself, unable to control a weapon. Example: give a Newbe a REAL pair of jool bongs and let them go after it. You will have an ambulance there in no time. Give the same to a black belt that understands control and yes they may hit themselves in the back of there head but, you will not have to call an ambulance.

    Hope that helps.:evil:
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