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    Is anyone watching Warrior on Sky One? I noticed that it claims to be “based on the writings of Bruce Lee”.
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    Think theres a discussion on "what are you watching" thread.

    It hits a few tones of Bruce's writings from various works (the name Mai-ling, immigrant to SF etc)
    However I severely doubt the amount of gore and sex was a BL idea, that came from the writer of Banshee.

    Essentially the US strategy of..."lets throw in the sex and violence to the max, to get the viewers in first"

    Saying that. I kinda enjoyed it, when I wasn't seeing graphic display of bobs and bums.

    The best fight scene for me is the Kumite style event in ep8 and my favourite episode is (i think) Ep 5 when its set in a lone saloon. A real homage to Western genre.
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    So I looked into this a bit because the show is really neat and while kung fu was never really my thing, the writings of Mr. Lee have always been inspirational to me and I absolutely love Westerns, as did Bruce. As you'll see below, he even realized that a show about fighting with hands and feet made a lot more sense in the American West of the 19th century than it did in the 20th.

    Basically, Shannon Lee assisted with development of Warrior, and this is somewhat connected to Lee's whole history with the "Kung Fu" television series for which he was passed over for the lead role many years ago.

    Check it out, from Kung Fu (TV series) - Wikipedia, a 1971 interview between Lee and Pierre Berton definitely describes the current plot, and you can see the similarity between the plotlines of the 70's show Lee claimed Warner Brothers "stole", and the current show. They are not the same show but both definitely seem to share themes: a displaced man from China now fighting in the Old West, gang warfare, etc.

    It's really tough to read this and realize the racism that kept Warrior undeveloped for 40 years, and probably also why David Carradine got the role in Kung Fu to begin with. American audiences were supposedly not ready for an Asian lead.

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