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Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by net, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. net

    net New Member

    I've had some JKD training several years back and wanted to get back into it on a regular basis.

    Problem is I can't find anything near me. I'm west of Chicago if anyone can help.

    I know of one Large school downtown, but that's it. I was hoping to find something a bit smaller and closer if possible.

  2. waya

    waya Valued Member

    I lived in IL for a long time, and still travel there. How far west of Chicago are you?
  3. net

    net New Member

    I'm in the western suburbs...about 45min outside the city. (Naperville area).
  4. waya

    waya Valued Member

    Ok, I'll look around and see if I know anyone. My family is about 2 hours West of you. Moline area. I travel through there now and then to visit so it might be I can find something.
  5. net

    net New Member

    Ahh...quad cities would be a bit far :)

    I was surprised that IL doesn't have hardly anything...

    Thanks for the help.
  6. waya

    waya Valued Member

    If you can get to Elgin, the best looking thing I have found so far is Straight Blast Gym


    or in Oak Park there's another school that I would suggest at least looking into because of where the instructor came from.


    IL doesn't really have a large market for training outside of the QC area or maybe Peoria, at least not combative systems anyway.
  7. net

    net New Member

    Thanks Waya! I must have missed the one in Oak Park. Looks a bit more layed back. I'll have to check into it.


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