Wah, burnt out.

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Bon, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. Bon

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    Right now I have no motivation to train other than getting to the next belt level (read next level, not next belt.. I could probably get the belt in 6 months if I really wanted to instead of 1-1.5 years) to make my time, dedication and hard work feel like it was a worthwhile achievement.

    I'm so bored with training after spending the last ~10 months training 5x a week, I have no motivation to train... I've spent the last 10 days without training, which would have usually been only 1 out of the 10 days not training. I reached the goal I set for myself when I started training. Setting a new goal doesn't seem that appealing. Focusing more on some boxing/kickboxing does look more appealing however since my stand up sucks big time compared to my grappling.

    Anyone else experienced this and what'd you do to get back into training? I don't really want to stop training in BJJ less than what I am, so that way the guys that I'm in front of can't catch up on me and I can catch up on the guys who are in front of me... that's really the only thing stopping me from focusing on boxing/kickboxing.

    Help anyone?
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  2. Greg-VT

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    I suggesting writing a new goal, whether you want to or not. Then go the next class, whether you want to not. The best way to get motivated is to do something about it. So go and do it.
  3. pgm316

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    This happens to most people Bon, its easy to train 5 days a week when you first start something. Its all new and interesting and your motivation is high!

    You've got to train at a sustainable level, cut the BJJ training back to a couple of times a week or maybe just once, then you can fit some kickboxing training in as well.

    I think this is better than quitting BJJ and training kickboxing 5 times a week because you'll end up not getting very good at either.....
  4. Sonshu

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    Hey its tough

    Trouble is with BJJ it can be repetative and is pretty hard on the body I guess.

    Not that KB or MT is not but it might be worth having a change around as all grappling and no striking makes me get bored and vice versa!

    Do you compete - if not that might be an option?
  5. SoKKlab

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    Totally natural feeling Bon,
    Nothing to worry about. Just take some time out and do something else, like go on holiday, get laid, have a laugh, put more effort into your friendships and relationships.

    Keep your maintenance fitness level up but don't worry so much about getting behind in your competition with others-it'll come back to you when you need it.

    Then try going to another (Different) Grappling class after you have come back from holiday etc and if the Boxing/ KB is more of an interest to you at this point, then go and give that a good crack.

    Maybe it's as much the seeing and training with the same people all the time, as opposed to being bored with BJJ. Get some New stimulation new people new environment.

    Hook up with some fellow Ozzie Martial Artists from this board and train with them. Make new friends. Expand your parameters.

    Try some new experiences, new environment and new Martial Arts and then have a relaxed think about why you are now doing what you are doing and what your goals are.

    Finally, you're young, enjoy being young.
  6. Bon

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    Thanks for the replies, guys! :)
  7. thiaboxr2

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    I had a similar problem training in thia boxing 3 days a week along with 3 more days for BJJ. I felt exhausted by the middle of the week and still had 4 more classes to do by saturday.

    I started alternating what it was I was training in so I would not get burnt out. For example, Thia boxing 3 days a week, BJJ 2 days a week. Next week would be 2 thia boxing classes followed by 3 BJJ classes. Or I would just do the BJJ for the week and the Thiaboxing next week.

    Just like you I was going to classes every day. It left little free time for me to hit the gym and get a workout in.

    Don't worry about whether or not the junior students catch up in experience. Its not about who's better or more skilled. It's how you use the knowledge that you have aquired. By the time they catch up, they are learning it. You will already know it.

    A little time off does a body good.:)
  8. shadow joe

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    right here with you Bon -

    i'm a little burnt myself, working full time, teaching classes, taking classes, going to college...

    you gotta keep at it number 1. Is this a part of you or isn't it?

    at least keep up a couple days a week absolutely so you don't just quit and fall off the great place you've achieved...this actually might suit you better... i know for me when I go about three/four times a week it's sometimes better so I can train at home and really sink in what i've been shown

    goal setting always helps. maybe reevaluate the goals you are setting. Are they martial goals? are they fitness goals? mental, spiritual? all these things can make a big difference on how you reach them, or how you want to reach them...

    why is your interest fading? is your school giving you the education you want?

    as for your concerns over your classmates: you shouldn't sweat it. most students don't stick around for the long haul - and besides that, this is a personal road, you are NOT competing with anyone. Why worry? who cares where they are, if you train solid for ten years it's not going to make a difference. You find what you are good at and try to improve on the things you aren't so hot at.

    look at your sig Bon, you know what the 'right' path is, and you are very close to it, you've just got to do it.

    best of luck and prosperity to you in your walk

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