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  1. Vitty

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    I Went away for the weekend but still got in 1 training session.

    - warm-up stretch.
    - 4×6 side lateral raises, 17.5kg/hand.
    - 4×6 shoulder press, 17.5kg/hand.
    - 4×6 lat pulldown, machine said 77.5kg but no way it was that heavy.
    - 4×6 compound rows, 68kgs.
    - 4×6 cable crossovers, 38kgs.
    - 4×6 flat bench press, 50kgs.
    - 4x6 tricep extensions, 2×29.5kg, 2×36.5kg.

    - 10 min warm-up on treadmill.
    - 4×6 flat DB bench press, 3×40kg/hand, 1×50kg/hand.
    - incline bench, 2×20, 40kgs, 2×15, 50kg.
    - 4×10 chest press, 3 plates.
    - 4×10 cable crossovers, 60kgs.
    -4×10 cable pulls (kind of like bicep curls but keeping my arms straight and it works my lower chest), 30kgs.
    - 5×20m shuttle runs.
    - 5×20 situps.
  2. Vitty

    Vitty Valued Member



    Ran through a normal warm-up then had a sparring session and finished off with some self defense.. I accidentally kicked one of our black belts in the face cause she didn't protect her head.


    Upper body

    - 5 mins warm-up on the treadmill.
    - 4×6 lat pulldown, 6 plates.
    - 4×6 seated row with triangle bar, 7 plates.
    - 4×6 lat pulldown with underhand grip, 5 plates.
    - 4×6 seated row with straight bar and underhand grip, 6 plates.
    - 4×6 standing lat pushdown, 3 plates.
    - 1km jog.
    - 1×1 min rounds of sledgehammers, 6kg medicine ball slams and 20m jogs
    - 2×2.5min rounds on a punching bag, 15 secs on, 15 secs off.
    - 15 pushups, 15 situps.
    - warm down stretch.
  3. Vitty

    Vitty Valued Member

    Circuit day.

    - 2km warm-up jog.
    - 4 rounds of 12 reps each: 14lb sledgehammers, rope work, 16kg KB swings, tyre flips, 14kg medicine ball throws against the wall, box jumps onto a truck tyre, 400m jog then start again.
    - After the 4 rounds it was 7×40m sprints.
    - warm down stretch.

    Circuit work like that is never fun after coming off a 12hr night shift.
  4. Vitty

    Vitty Valued Member

    Mixed day.

    - 2km warm-up jog.
    - 4×10kg/hand side lateral raises.
    - 6×20m jog/sprints with 8 pushups at the end of each set.
    - 4×10 circuit of 60kg bench press, 60kg deadlifts, 10 jump pullups.
    - 5 rounds of resistance band pulls taking turns to drag each other with a 90kg guy.
    - 3 rounds of cardio circuit, 30 secs of rowing, grinder, pushups.
    - 6×30m runs.
    - warm down stretch.
  5. Vitty

    Vitty Valued Member

    Circuit day

    - warm-up of 8×8 20m jogs with 8 pushups between each set.
    - circuit of sledgehammers, rope work, 12kg KB swings, elastic band pulls with other end attached to the wall, box jumps, 40 secs on 40 secs off then 2 mins rest.
    - same circuit again with tyre flips added in but with 1 min rounds and no rest.
    - 6×20m sprints, 2×20m lunges and 2×15 BW squats.
    - bag work, punching the bags for 3 mins, 15 secs on, 10 off.
    - 4×20 situps then warm down stretch.

    My trainer reckons my fitness has improved which is good, he agreed by saying it's good because at the start my fitness was pretty... err "bad"
  6. Vitty

    Vitty Valued Member

    Leg/cardio day.

    - 10 min warm-up on the treadmill
    - 8×20m jog/sprints with 10 pushups between each.
    - 90 sec rounds of sitting on a bench with a 15kg medicine ball then stand up and 60cm box jumps, rower, 16 KB swings, stationary bike.
    - 7×20m sprints, 1×9 110cm box jumps (jumping to waist high is good fun..)
    - 5 mins of treadmill work ranging from 7km/hr with no incline to 13km/hr with incline at 10, when I was done I took about 6 steps forward, 3 sideways and nearly fell over lol.
    - 15 secs rounds of bag work for 2 mins with 10, 8, 6, 10, 8, 6 pushups between each round, then same again with BW squats instead of pushups.
    - scissor, bicycle, heel touches, scissor ab routine then plank.
    - warm down stretch.
  7. Vitty

    Vitty Valued Member

    Strength/cardio day.

    - 10 mins walk/jog on the treadmill
    - 2 mins flat out on the rower.
    - 3×15, 110cm box jumps supersetting with 3×15 sledgehammers.
    - 3×12 tyre flips.
    - 10 mins on treadmill with speed varying between 6-13kmh.
    - 5×6 flat bench press, 15 kg DB's with 10 short explosive presses the end of each set.
    - 4×10 12.5 kg DB flyes.
    - warm down stretch.
  8. Vitty

    Vitty Valued Member

    Mixed day.

    - 8×20m jog/sprint warm-up with 8 pushups between each set.
    - 4 min round on the bags, 15 secs on, 10 off (half way through this one of the new guys went to the toilet and hugged the bowl).
    - 4 rounds of preacher curls, seated row, lat pulldown, tricep pulldown, chest press, Roman chair, bench press, squats, 12 reps each.
    - 2×2 min rounds of speed ladder work.
    - 6 rounds of elastic band runs.
    - abs routine.
    - warm down stretch.
  9. Vitty

    Vitty Valued Member

    Mostly cardio day and it was a pretty light session.

    - 1km warm up jog.
    - 4x2 min rounds of punching on the bags.
    - circuit of sledgehammers, rope work, 300m run, tyre flips, 12kg KB swings, 16kg KB squats, round length was done by however long it took the person running to finish their 300m.
    - 3 mins of shadow boxing.
    - 4 mins of ab work
    - warmdown stretch.
  10. Vitty

    Vitty Valued Member


    Normal warm-up running plus some isometric exercises to build leg strength, then did paddle work with left/right foot roundhouse kicks followed by feint roundhouse into spinning roundhouse and finish off with a spinning hook kick. Now that I can head kick at tournaments I want to work more on my spinning hook kick, my instructor is about 5'6 and I can clear his head pretty easily but it needs work, if I can get it this effective I'll be chuffed.

    [ame=""]Brutal Spinning Hook Kick Ends In K.O - YouTube[/ame]

    Then afterwards we did some self defense work with a strike, then a takedown into an arm bar, the instructor took me down in a demonstration and when he went to hook his foot into my jaw he accidentally heel kicked me in the cheek.


    - 6×20m jog/sprints with 10 pushups between each set as a warm-up.
    - 7 mins of the treadmill with runs ranging from 6 km/hr at 15 incline to no incline and a 15km/hr sprint.
    - 1 round circuit of 5kg shoulder press, 1kg DB punches, grinder, rower.
    - 3×2 min rounds of punching/kicking on the bags.
    - 6×30m runs.
    - abs workout then warm down stretch.
  11. Vitty

    Vitty Valued Member

    Forgot to log Fri's session

    - 15 mins warm-up on the treadmill ranging from 8-16km/h flat to 8km/h with an incline of 15.
    - 4×8 pushups then 15 secs on the bag, then 4×6 pushups with 15 secs on the bag.
    - circuit for 3 rounds of 20, standing bicep curls, seated row, lat pulldown, 40kg bench, shoulder press.
    - abs workout then warm down stretch.

    - 10 mins warm-up on the treadmill.
    - 8x20m jog/sprints with 10 pushups between each set.
    - 3 round circuit of standing bicep curls, seated rows, lat pulldown, tricep pulldowns, 40kg bench, 40kg squats, 20/15/10 reps.
    - 6x20m jogs with rotation of 10 pushups, 10 burpees and 15 BW squats between each run.
    - 5 mins punching the bag.
    - abs workout then warm down stretch
  12. Vitty

    Vitty Valued Member

    - 7 min treadmill warm-up.
    - 1×45 sec rounds of tyre flips, 16kg KB swings, sledgehammers, then 7 laps of 20m sprints.
    - 1 round of pushups for 60, 45, 30, 15 secs, back to flips, swings & sledgehammers for 30 secs each and 90 secs of sprints.
    - 1 round of pushups for 60, 40, 20 secs.
    - 1×2 min rounds of cardio, 7km/h treadmill at 15 incline, 13km/h jog with no incline (it's good to have long legs :D), grinder, stationary bike.
    - 12 laps of sprints, 20 medicine ball throws with sprawls between each throw.
    - 4×20 situps then warm down stretch.
  13. Vitty

    Vitty Valued Member

    - 10 mins treadmill warm-up.
    - 3 round circuit of bicep curls, seated row, lat pulldown, tricep pulldown, roman chair, bench press, squats.
    - 6 laps of 60 m sprints with a rotation of 15 pushups, 10 burpees & 20 situps in between each sprint.
    - 6×15 sec rounds of punching the bags.
    - 40m lunges, 45 secs of 110 cm box jumps (one of the girls training with us had a go but couldn't do it without a run up, the trainer reckons no girl has been able to land the 3'6" jump from a standing leap), 40m lunges, 45 sec round of box jumps, 10 laps of sprints then a warm down stretch.
  14. Vitty

    Vitty Valued Member

    Today we did a workout that one of the staff put up as a gym challenge, it's not what I really wanted after a 12 hr night shift but oh well.

    - 50 squats, 50 pushups, 400m run.
    - 40 squats, 40 pushups, 800m run.
    - 30 squats, 30 pushups, 1.2km run.
    - 20 squats, 20 pushups, 800m run .
    - 10 squats, 10 pushups, 400m run.

    I finished it in 51mins 10secs, I think I could've done better if I'd slept last night but overall I think I did ok, my damn quads were burning like hell at the end though.
  15. Vitty

    Vitty Valued Member

    Since the S&C class has more people coming to it now we've moved away from weights workouts for the most part and tend to work on fitness more, which I'm cool with cause my fitness blows and it needed to get better which it has, anyway I decided to start the stronglifts program today at home to work on my strength. The program I found breaks up into 2 weeks and most exercises are 5×5 so I'll log these workouts instead of what I do at the gym.

    Week A is:
    ● squats (started with 25kgs)
    ● bench press (started with 25kg)
    ● barbell row (started with 25kgs)
    ● 5×10 pushups
    ● 5×20 reverse crunches

    Week B:
    ● squats
    ● seated shoulder press
    ● deadlifts
    ● chin ups
    ● the plan says plank but I'm considering switching that out for calf raises.
  16. Frodocious

    Frodocious She who MUST be obeyed! Moderator Supporter

    Why are you considering dropping the planks for calf raises? Planks are an excellent exercise for the core.
  17. Sylverstorm

    Sylverstorm Valued Member

    I Agree with Frodocious on the planks.

    Also, shouldn't that be workout A and B instead of Week A and B? Alternating between the two every workout.
  18. Vitty

    Vitty Valued Member

    Ah okay I'll stick with the planks then, hmm okay I thought it was a week for each, thanks for that :)

    Edit: today's workout.

    ● 5×5 squats, 27.5kgs
    ● 5×5 seated shoulder press, 25kgs
    ● 5×5 deadlifts, 40kgs
    ● 5×5 assisted chin ups
    ● planks, 70 sec flat, 30 secs on each side.

    Just a curiosity question about chin ups, I'm not yet strong enough to do them so is it better to do them with assistance from a chair, or pull myself up as high as I can and hang there?
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  19. Vitty

    Vitty Valued Member

    Figured I should update this, after moving state I got bit lazy with my workouts, my metabolism seems to have slowed and I'm up to 93kg although I've apparently now got 21.5% BF, I've applied for state police and I found a workout on a site that's apparently ideal for cops.

    My original goal was to get to 93-94kg but seeing as I'm already there and there's not much of a difference I'm considering getting up to about 100kgs.

    The workout I found is: Week 1-2 is density.

    Workout 1:
    - 8 reps of front squats, rest 10 secs.. Back squats with heels raised, same weight as front squats AMRAP, rest 10 secs.. Body weight squats with heels up, AMRAP, rest 3 mins then repeat twice.
    - wide grip pullups to failure, rest 10 secs.. Medium grip pullups to failure, rest 10 secs.. Medium grip chin ups to failure, rest 10 secs.. Narrow grip chinups to failure, rest 3 mins then repeat twice.
    - wide grip barbell rows, 4×15, 1 min rest between sets.
    - Zottman curls 6-8 reps, rest 10 secs.. Lying dumbbell curls, 12 reps, rest 2 mins then repeat twice.
    - Dips, bodyweight only, 3 sets, AMRAP, 1 min rest.

    Workout 2:
    - HIIT, 90 sec walk, 30 sec sprints for 20 mins.. I do this on a treadmill, I walk on 6.5km/h and run on 16km/h as that's as fast as it goes.

    Workout 3:
    - Hang cleans, 6×6, 90 secs rest, I started at 40kgs.
    - Snatch grip deadlifts, 6×6, 90 secs rest, started at 60kgs.
    - Reverse grip barbell curls, 4×6, 90 secs rest, I use an empty Olympic barbell as my wrists/forearms are weak.
    - Skull crushers, 4×6, 90 secs rest, I just use a 20kg weight plate as I don't have adequate room to use a bar.
    - Swings, 3×12, 1 min rest, I don't have kettlebells so I just use a 15kg weight plate.

    Workout 4:
    HIIT - Farmer's walk for 30 secs, 90 secs walk with no weight for 20 mins, I'll do this with 27.5kg dumbbells as that's the heaviest I've got.
  20. Vitty

    Vitty Valued Member

    I got lazy last year so this time I'm trying to stick with my new workout enough to actually see some good results.. The new workout I got is a 4 day a week workout which is good cause I work a 4 on - 4 off roster.

    Chest & Biceps

    - 4x5 Bench press, 35kgs
    - 3x9 Incline bench press, 30kgs
    - 3x9 DB bench press, 13kgs
    - 2x40 DB flyes, 5kg/hand
    - 2x5 Pinwheel curls, 8kgs
    - 3x8 Barbell curls - 25kgs
    - 2x40 DB curls - 10 kgs

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