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    I want to get in on this log game you fellas have going on. I have been keeping a log of my own, just for the past week or so, and figured I would offer it up for public consumption. I'll post a couple days at a time until I am caught up so it is not one big block of text. Let me know what you guys think.

    Bit about me: 29 years old, 6'1", American, recently returned to university to finish my degree.

    Let the copy and paste commence:

    Muay Thai Training Log

    I have recently returned to practicing Muay Thai after several months off while attending university. After a few weeks I think I am getting back to where I was before I stopped practicing regularly. Not there yet though, definitely not in conditioning.

    A new tactic I am using is recording work on the heavy bag. It has been extremely helpful and I have already begun correcting several bad habits. I will keep a training log in conjunction with the videos for the sake of posterity and for my own benefit.

    In addition to training at my Muay Thai gym, I also work out at a commercial gym, L.A. Fitness.

    For my own and my training partners’ anonymity I’ll be using some abbreviations in place of names.

    Cast of characters so far:



    Weight: 213

    At one o’clock, I wandered over to the Muay Thai gym. The regular class was already over, but coaches were there hanging out and I was able to hit the bags in the back.
    Since I have been working my hands only while at L.A. Fitness, I decided to focus exclusively on kicks today, particularly the round kick.
    After recording myself one round I realized I was not coming up off my heels enough as I kicked, something my coaches have pointed out to me in the past. So, that was my focus for the rest of the day, also keeping in mind turning over the kick and resetting quickly afterwards.

    Played around with some spinning back kicks just for ***** and giggles. Been hitting them in sparing recently. When I say hitting, I mean making some slight degree of contact. To be honest though, they aren't very strong. More of a way to keep distance for now.

    Off balance after I kick, especially the left kick. Need to come back to stance or something like it quicker.
    Come off heel more.
    Turn hip over more on kicks, keep swinging arm high through kick.

    Tried to lift weights at LA Fitness (back), but it was pretty crowded. Didn’t get much done.
    Ran 3 miles. 24:40
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    Weight: 211

    My feet are pretty chewed up from doing an hour or so of kicks on the hard rubber floor yesterday, so I took it easy on the extra training. Came in to the gym early and hit the double end bag for a few rounds. Went well, but I need to keep my arms more relaxed. The double end bag has definitely helped me over the last year and a half. Originally started using it when doing privates with Coach. It greatly improved my hand speed, dexterity with my hands, and my ability to find my target during sparring.

    Did a couple minutes on the rope before class. I have never gotten the hang of the rope. I use it a couple times a week, but usually not for an extended period. Everyone else in the gym looks like they know what they’re doing, their feet barely coming off the ground, that rhythmic shuffle, so nonchalant. I, meanwhile, am still hopping around wildly like a girl doing double dutch.

    Class began. Just three of us, so we worked in a triangle. Focused on kicks.
    First, catching body kicks.
    Then blocking with a high check.
    Then catching,, throwing the leg away, and countering with a body kick of our own.
    Blocking leg kicks.
    Interrupting leg kicks with a push kick to the inside of support leg.

    Put it all together for leg sparring. Told to focus on round kicks and the high check.

    Then switched to hands.
    Started with lead upper cut. Need to bring my elbow in more on the upper.
    Shift back in, throw left hook at end. When shifting back in, leave left hand a bit forward, as opposed to bring it way back with the head. Relax shoulder.
    Shift back in again, add liver shot. Bring the elbow in as with uppercut.
    Combination is similar to something Gokhan Saki might throw. Multiple left hands.
    Coach-2 lauded my execution, suggested I try it in sparring on Saturday. Though, I am scared of seeing J execute it in a live situation. Might get my block knocked off.

    Lifted some weights at LA Fitness. Legs.


    Weight: 212

    Pretty fatigued today due to doing legs yesterday. Hit the bag for maybe 30 minutes at LA Fitness, but didn’t put much into it. Another five minutes on an exercise bike while I waited for my wife to finish her workout.
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    Weight: 213

    Fatigue is gone , but replaced by full blown soreness. Particularly the hamstrings. That’s what happens when you don’t lift weights for a couple weeks I guess. Or the year before that.

    Showed up about 30 minutes early for the noon class. The bag room was already semi-crowded. A private and some guys holding the pads for each other.
    Just kicked the bag a bit, moved around, got a little sweat going. Tried to play around with my balance a bit coming back from the kick. It seems like I need to step out on my kicks more. That should help.

    For class itself, we worked bags. Two minute rounds, one round at each station

    Double end bag, alternating speed and power every 30 seconds
    Punching with resistance bands, alternating speed and power
    1-2-1-2 burpee body kick, alternating legs every 30 seconds

    Double end bag, alternating speed and power every 30 seconds
    Punching with resistance bands, alternating speed and power
    Knees, alternating speed and power

    Two minute rounds again (I think), working with a partner

    10 kicks, speed and power, right leg then partner goes. Then 10 kicks left leg.
    Then partner goes. And repeat.

    Throwing combinations on tire bag as the bag swings between partners.

    Two or three minute rounds, working on a bag solo

    Throwing combinations, just whatever. Alternate speed and power every 30 seconds

    Walking plank crawls. Don’t know what else to call them. Put your feet on furniture movers (those little tiles you put underneath furniture that will slide across carpet) then walk with your hands dragging your feet to the other side of gym. Two lengths of gym (it’s a very long gym).

    Sit up variation for two sets of one minute.


    Weight: 210

    Saturday is sparring day. I work Friday nights until around 4:00am, usually asleep by 4:30 or 5:00. Then, it’s up at 9:45 or 10:00 to get to the gym by 10:30.

    Today, the gym was pretty full and there were a lot of faces I didn’t recognize. A few people visiting from another gym, I assume from somewhere in South America since they only spoke Spanish and my coach is from Argentina, regularly fights in Panama. I assume they found us through one of those connections.
    They were young guys probably 16-18. Fairly small too. Their technique was good, but I get the impression they don’t do a lot of free sparring. They would throw a good combination then freeze up.

    Also, there were a couple guys wearing our gym’s gear I didn’t recognize. They must train at night, and be somewhat new. I train almost exclusively at the noon class, so it sometimes takes a while to meet new members.

    Only got to do one warm up round with J. He is one of my favorite training partners. We are similar height, weight, skill level, and our training philosophy seems to be fairly similar as well, in that we are both pretty easy going, with intermittent bouts of extreme competiveness. He hammers my supporting leg any time I make a kick, I punch him in the face at any given opportunity. It’s a good back and forth.

    Got schooled a bit by young guy T-2. First time I sparred him actually. He has recently returned from an extended trip to Thailand, so he has that very Thai style. We were only doing kicks due to some sort of facial injury on his part, I think. It was not a good matchup for my more kickboxing oriented style, but that just motivates me to train harder. Looking forward to a rematch when I can use my entire game. Think things will be a bit more even then, but who knows.

    Went with Boxer, as I call him, mainly cause I don’t know his actual name (horrible with names). He doesn’t have boxer-level hands, but that seems to be what he focuses on more. Thus, to me, he is Boxer. In the past he has been a bit icy, though not unfriendly, but things are getting a bit more congenial recently. I feel like an watch the masked profanity please - mod request around him though, because I cut him with an elbow last week when I shouldn’t have been making that much contact. Such is training, I tell myself. He doesn’t seem to have held it against me.

    He uses an arm down boxing guard, which can gives me a bit of trouble when we are only doing hands but when we do FTR, as today, its head kick time baby. He keeps his shoulder up to protect his face, and shrugs off the light contact I make on the top of his head. Either I am overestimating the potential of these head kicks, or he is underestimating. Personally, I think it’s the latter.

    Got the most out of training with my coach. Did well. He mostly clinched with me. Even though I typically focus more on kickboxing, I’m fairly comfortable in the clinch, maybe due to my past BJJ experience. Most of the techniques are very different, but there is some overlap in fighting for position and the close quarters are familiar.

    Unfortunately, I kind of zoned out during training and didn’t work on the stuff I wanted to earlier in the week. Next time I need to focus more.
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    Weight: 210

    Went to LA Fitness with the intention of hitting the bag, but to my disappointment, there was some class going on in the bag room and they didn’t want any interlopers in there working out. Looks like they are teaching some new personal trainers. Just what the world needs.

    Did chest workout, and did a few round of rope in one of the racket ball courts.

    Also, the wife and I purchased some hiking gear for our impending vacation to North Carolina/Tennessee, took it for a test run (walk actually) late in the evening. Got myself a North Face approximation of a slouch hat. I feel like a yuppie Teddy Roosevelt.


    Weight: 210

    Went to the Muay Thai gym a bit early.

    Did two rounds on the double end bag, then some kicks before class. Still having trouble coming up off my heel when kicking.

    Four of us to start with. Paired up to do pad work.
    Two rounds then switch pad holder.

    First round, kicks only.
    Second round, hands and elbows.

    Around now (20 or 30 minutes in) is when Boxer arrived. Didn’t sit well with coach.

    First round knees and elbows.
    Second round, clinch sparring.

    Then headed into the back room to work on the bags a bit.
    Everyone on their own bags.

    Right hand, right kick, keeping bag at distance with left hand. 50 times.

    Left hook, left kick, keeping bag at distance with right hand. 50 times.

    25 pull-ups
    25 push-ups, making sure to tap chest to ground, then go all the way up to lock out.

    100 leg raises
    100 full sit-ups

    Class was over at this point and some of us were just hanging out. Somebody was saying some things that ****ed me off, but I don’t want this log to be about that. Luckily, I train with an awesome group of guys for the most part. Serious about training, but extremely friendly. Can’t get along with everyone though.

    Kicked the bag for a few rounds and was talking to T-1. He is going to Holland to train for three months, later in the year. Gym is yet to be determined. Our coach who has connections there is going to set it up for him.

    He mentioned he was trying to get more privates, to save up money for his trip. I had been thinking about asking him for privates anyway, to get extra padwork in. I took the opportunity to make my proposal, which he gratefully accepted. Probably start later this week.

    I told T-1 that I want to work mainly on my kicks, but now that I think about it, might get the most out of it with more of an even mix. T-1 is very good, has a very Dutch style. Nice hand combinations followed by kicks, good head movement which is something else I need to work on. I’ll let him lead the way, see how it goes.

    Twenty minutes after leaving the gym, I bought an icy cold bottle of water from a Starbucks. I took a big swig, had a massive esophageal spasm and just about keeled over onto the cashier. First time that happened to me was in London. Had been walking on a hot summer day and decided to have a nice refreshing Coca Cola. I literally thought I was dying. So, that’s always fun.
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    Weight: 208

    Texted T-1 last night. Set up a time for padwork. Friday, the day before I leave for Tennessee. Looking forward to some legit pads

    Came in early for class. Did two rounds on double end bag, and then moved on to the heavy bag to do some kicks for three rounds. Had a bit of an epiphany when doing the kicks. I started pulling my shoulder back more, and everything started clicking. Felt really good. Right kick feels great, still not quite in sync on the left leg.

    Class began.
    Blocking/deflecting push kicks with legs
    Then counter body kick

    Catching kick
    Then throw counter punch
    Then add any kick

    Partner throws 1-2,
    Throw counter right hand, right low kick
    Counter right hand, left upper, right low kick

    Partner throws 1-2-3
    Counter with up left elbow as the hook is coming in
    Upper left elbow, down right elbow, push partner with right arm, right low kick

    Now partner throws 1-2 or 1-2-3,
    Either counter with right hand or left up elbow accordingly
    Clinching, knee for knee, not really worried about turning, just trying to get hang of short range knee, getting knee up turning the hip and driving knee in. After a bit, add in an elbow

    Any strike, one for one with partner

    Hundred full sit-ups

    Did a couple more rounds on the bags to try and hold on to that kicking feeling. Felt good.

    Got home, and feeling a little beat up. Either during clinching or the last round I caught a lot of elbows to my right knee or the little notch right above the knee. Little bit sore now, but not too bad. My ankles are getting a bit sore. Small scrapes. My right pinky toe takes some punishment when I kick a lot, so its bothering me a bit.

    Will be able to get through till Saturday, and then I will be out of town on vacation, thus taking a little mandatory break. My body will recover and I’ll come back strong.


    Weight: 210

    Finals were yesterday, and I needed the day before that to study, so I took a little break from training to focus on that. Gave my feet, knee, and ankle a break.

    Pads with T-1. This was great. Due to my hiatus from training, I haven’t had anybody hold the pads for me in at least six months. And on top of that, T-1 is a great pad holder, so a lot of bad habits got pointed out right away.

    Mainly, I am coming too far forward on my right hand. Also, on my kick, I’m telegraphing a bit. I turn my left knee in a bit before I step out and make a right kick. Need to just step out and kick.

    The session itself was pretty short, only five or six rounds, but I have a lot to work on.

    Tonight, its work until 4am. Then driving to Chattanooga in the morning.
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    Weight: 209

    I returned last night from my vacation with the wife. Had a great time. Cliffs notes: Chattanooga is cool, has a great outdoors scene. Smoky mountain national park is fun, but busy, and the surrounding towns are very touristy.
    Two days ago we did a nice long, 8-hour hike. As a result, my calves are in open rebellion against the rest of my body, sending wave after wave of soreness up to attack my brain’s pain center. I exaggerate, of course, but it made training that much more difficult today.
    Got there a bit early, did three rounds or so on the rope. Then it was on to bags. I have forgotten a lot of what we did. Here are some samples, in no particular order.

    45 seconds or so each, alone:
    Left push kick, right body kick
    Right push, left body
    Then alternating those 2 sets
    Alternating push kicks, just to keep bag away (my back push kick sucks)
    Clinch bag, left and right knee

    Throwing combinations with partner 10 times each, two or three times each iteration:
    1-2-1-2, power right hand
    1-2-1-2, power right hand, right kick to body

    Right hook, left hook, right hook, left low kick
    Add the left body kick at end.

    There was so much more to the class, but I didn’t take note of it at the time, and now its gone.

    That last combination felt very awkward to me at first, but I stayed after class and worked on it a bit. I can make it better for me if I play with the foot work of my low kick. Either take a step out as I throw final right hook, or bring the support leg up in a quick shuffle to make the low kick, body kick.

    Worked on some general stuff on the bags, then left.



    Weight: 207

    This was truly a day of days.

    Last night, stayed out at work a bit later than usual, drinking a bit, gossiping like ladies at sewing circle. A little the worse for wear when I woke up, but nothing too outrageous. Headed over to the gym for sparring day.

    So, first thing I see when I walk in the door is Coach holding pads for a BJJ multiple time world champion, and at black belt no less. He is the head BJJ instructor for another academy in town. This was interesting for multiple reasons.
    1. He chose to come in to our gym to do a bit of (informal) training
    2. He sucked at striking.

    Let me delve in to point No. 2 a bit, lest you think me impertinent. This guy is
    death incarnate on the mat. He has reached a level I could never hope to achieve. And in another art he is greener than a granny smith apple. It is very humbling. There is so much out there to learn. I also think he must have a very strong character to have reached such a high level and then go to another gym as a total beginner.

    Moving on. There were some more new faces at the gym today. One was a little guy in our gyms gear, a beginner. The other was a very fit guy, clearly visiting from somewhere else. Saw him on the bag warming up a bit and he looked pretty sharp. I will talk about him a bit, so it may be worthwhile to give him a pseudonym. How about… Mr. Flag.

    As luck would have it Mr. Flag and I went the first round together. He was indeed sharp. Had stiff punches, good hands. But we were just playing around at first. When we clinched, we exchanged knees a bit and then I tossed him a little. After that he came a bit harder, throwing a lot of hand combinations and leg kicks. Caught me with a straight and a hook. At the time I wasn’t sure what I was seeing, but he threw something and I countered with a left high kick that landed perfect. I don’t land a ton of them, so I was pretty pleased. He was trying to kick my legs out from under me when the round ended.

    Did a couple rounds with other people. After a couple rounds, saw Mr. Flag going with Coach. That was fun to watch, because they were going at it. Went for two rounds back to back. I sensed a little tension from Coach, because he doesn’t normally throw quite that hard. Nothing excessive, but definitely making a statement.

    They went two rounds, Coach dropped him in second round with leg kicks to the back leg. Coach must have gotten a taste for the back leg kick, because next round he dropped A with the same thing.

    Notable sparring sessions with A and Coach. Kickboxed with A, he landed a lot of clean kicks above the waist, I worked some decent combinations. Clinched with Coach, did fairly well in there.

    15th and final round was with Mr. Flag again. I came out of the gate a bit more aggressive this time, keeping my hands a lot tighter, keeping him at a distance. Worked out well for me. Was getting in some clean shots. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my coach motioning to go high, so I went for the high kick again and landed clean again, a bit harder than I meant to. I apologized for that and we continued.

    Mr. Flag decided to throw in some wrestling and took me down with a low double, and I immediately scrambled for position and got it. That BJJ is still rattling around in my brain I guess.

    Sparring ended and we started doing abs. Everyone was talking, and Mr. Flag and Coach were getting along well, no sign of tension now. A few minutes later I ask Flag where he trains and he tells me he is an instructor at an MMA gym in town. Knowing I can hold my own against at least some of the instructors in the area gave me a little boost of confidence.
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    Weight: 205

    Skipped rope for a couple rounds and hit the bag for about an hour at LA Fitness.


    Weight: 205

    Wife went back to work (teacher) today. I have another week until my classes start back up. Will be using this week to train hard and study hard.
    Went in to the gym early. Couple rounds on the double end bag, another round on the clinch bag.

    Class was hitting pads with partner. Nothing fancy. Jab, right kick. Right hand, left kick. Low kicks on the kicking shield. And other things I can’t remember.

    There was a very interesting development though. Coach offered me a fight in Chile next year. He said the details were negotiable. I could do an amateur fight with shin pads and head gear or a semi-pro fight, without the extra gear. Only fought amateur so far.

    I really want to do it, if just for the bragging rights to say I have fought internationally and the experience in general. And, it is always nice to go to a new country. There are some factors to consider however.

    1) Most importantly, school. I’ve had my education on the backburner for too long. I’m doing well now, and want to keep up the momentum. The fight is in April, which is toward the end of my final semester of undergrad. Need to make sure I will have time to study and train.

    2) My weight. I have lost a lot in the last couple months. 25 lbs so far But in the past I fought at 180, and I would want to fight at maybe 175, or 170 this time. Even lower if I can manage it and stay strong. If I can maintain my current pace, I could be on weight by late October, but it never works that way does it? Definitely doable by April.

    3) My inexperience. I don’t have a ton of fights, and I haven’t had any in the last two years. Would definitely want to take a local fight or two before Chile, to get more comfortable in the ring, but that may involve fighting at a higher weight, as I cut down over the next several months. If I am on weight by November, that leaves four months or so to squeeze in some fights at my ideal size, test out the weight class a bit.

    Overall, I am leaning toward doing it. But I have to be absolutely sure before I commit. My opponent could be from anywhere in South America, apparently, so it would be unfair to jerk somebody along who could be traveling hundred of miles to make the fight.

    First step is going back to school to see how much time I can dedicate to training with a full load of course work.

    LA Fitness. 3 miles, 23:50.

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