UK version of Nigerian Scam

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by KenpoDavid, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    Is this a UK-based version of the Nigerian Scam, or an attempt by some British gangsters to setup a money-laundering network?

    I bet for at least one of you on this board, this is a local phone call or a short ride...

    KELVIN & MATT Art works
    23 Haymarket, London, and SW1Y 4DG
    Contact phone number +44 703-186-0837

    My name is KELVIN J. DAVIS and I am an artist.I saw your advert on the web for employment.I live in United Kingdom,with my two kids, four cats, one dog and the love of my life. It is definitely a full house. I have been doing artwork since I was a small child. That gives me about23 years of experience. I majored in art in high school and took a few college art courses. Most of my work is done in either pencil or airbrush mixed with color pencils. I have recently added designing and creating artwork on the computer.I have been selling my art for the last 3 years and have had my work featured on trading cards, prints and in magazines.I have sold in galleries and to private collectors from all around the world.I am always facing serious difficulties when it comes to selling my art works to Americans,they are always offering to pay with a US MONEY ORDER,which is difficult for me to cash here in United Kingdom. I am looking for a representative in the states who will be working for me as a partime worker and i will be willing to pay %10 for every transaction,which wouldnt affect ur present state of work,someone who would help me recieve payments from my customers in the states.i mean someone that is responsible and reliable,cause the cost of coming to the state and getting payments is very expensive,i am working on setting up a branch in the states,so for now i need a representative in the united states who will be handling the payment aspect. These payments are in money order and they would come to you in your name, so all you need do is cash the money order deduct your percentage and wire the rest back. But the problem i have is trust,But i have my way of getting anyone that gets away with our money,i mean the FBI branch in Washington gets involved.It wouldnt cost u any amount,u are to receive payments which will be sent to u by fedex or usps from my business partners,which would come in form of a money order then u are to cash it and send the cash to me via western union money transfer or moneygram money transfer,all transfer fees should be deducted from the money.If you are interested,please get back to me as soon as possible.
    The job does not entail much.all you would be doing is recieving these payments in form of Money Orders,which would be coming from some clients of mine in the United States via the mail.So when you get these US money orders all you have to do is have them cashed and deduct your share ( 10% ) and wire the rest down to me here in england via ( MoneyGram Money Transfer).i would also be needing some proof of I will be sending an Employment form for you to fill and send back to me via phone number in the Uk is +44 703-186-0837 .i can also attach some of my paintings to this email for you to see.the prices of my art work range from about £950 and above. well you would be recieving $4850 and you are meant to take out 10% from the funds you recieve and then forwards the remaing balance to our company via moneygram.You would be reciving $4850 three times every week so you are meant to take out 10% out each of every $4850 you recieve,so your weekly salary would now be $485 multiplied by 3 which would be $1455 per week.I would need a copy of your id scanned and sent to me via email for our records.Hope to hear from your soon. Please send all responses to
    23 Haymarket, London,
    and SW1Y 4DG Rc:120032
    phone : +44 703-186-0837
  2. yoj

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    David, I'm certain its a scam, I've posted onto one of the forums for that to double check and get the modalities, I haven't played with the scammers for a while, my last set of sexual advances were turned down (she was happy to rip me off but wouldnt cheat on her husband, pah!, if she indeed was a she....), and the guy before that never turned up for the land rover up to its roof line in a bog that he apparantly needed so badly for his exhibiton, honestly, they take nothing seriously.

    I'll let you know what i find out.
  3. yoj

    yoj Valued Member

    SCAM. They use money orders from other victims paid to you, thus limiting a paper trail.
  4. Ad McG

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    I still find it worrying that there are people out there who will believe stuff like this and not delete it on sight :rolleyes:
  5. Gary

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  6. KenpoDavid

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    Yeah I'm sure it is too, I was really just hoping to inspire some of you Londoners to take a walk by that address :D
  7. Bil Gee

    Bil Gee Thug

    I was going to say that I've never seen one from the U.S., then I looked in my e-mail and found that this had just arrived:

    I think I'll write back and start to wind them up.

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