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  1. Anjelica

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    I didnt know Marion had in her. Submitting Sarah McMann. I didn't expect that. Jessica Andraje is a big straw weight and was just too strong for Torres. Congrats to Marion for coming back to win after taking a beating in that first round. Gave Sarah quite a surprise.
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  3. Anjelica

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    When Marion landed that right hand and buckled Sarah's knees I thought she was going to get the finish with strikes but Sarah fought back hard. Then when Sarah got the takedown I thought she was going to dominate on top like she did in round one. Then Marion got that front triangle locked in. When I saw Sarah's face turn beat red I knew the end was near and I was like Damn. Second time in a row Sarah got finished in the second after winning the first but last time Sarah lost on her back where she has never been able to fight off her back. This time she was on top when submitted. I wasn't expecting that.
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    Sarah is one of those fighters like Ronda. World class grappling skill but she never utilised it to the best of her abilities.
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    Rhonda utilized her grappling skills pretty well untill she became delusional about her striking skills.

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