UFC 118: Edgar vs. Penn 2 - Fight Card *Spoilers*

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    he is talking about toney who came into our sport not the other way around so what does it matter if he follows boxing or not why does following one but not the other make you a "fan boy" in that derogatory little way that you put it, toney is two knocks to the head away from becoming a human vegetable and even if you disagree with that there are many who don't as is evident on this forum, there's nothing wrong with disagreeing but the guy made a perfectly legitimate statement about the hole affair and you went off on him as if he has somehow dared to speak out of line.
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    Oh now it's 'OUR' sport is it? Exclusivity FTW eh?
    You're a fighter? An MMA competitor? You've had pro or amateur MMA matches? Do tell...

    Or does your well place 'OUR' refer to you simply being an MMA fan. Tapout shirt and all.:rolleyes:
    (or in your case your avatar with Mirko in his checkerboard undies!)

    Since Toney came to the sport from boxing and the comments were posted by someone who doesn't follow boxing at all how would he have the foggiest clue about Toney being punch drunk? Oh wait.... that's right he wouldn't. Because chances are he's never seen Toney fight. He doesn't know the slightest about Toney's opponents or his style in boxing... so his comment about punch drunk is:

    1) fanboyism at it's best
    2) an ear not accustomed to a regional accent
    3) based on ignorance of Toney's actual skill as a boxer
    4) a combination of all of the above

    Since the subtlety eludes you... because those who follow both (boxing and MMA) get to see all the dumb comments by both sides. On boxing forums for a long time it's been "MMA is t3h gay. Two men humping each other in a cage" and on many MMA forums it's been "OMG he's like totally punch-drunk"

    They're both saying the same thing. That is to say... complete and utter nonsense. The ones who only watch boxing by and large can't understand nor appreciate the technical complexities of grappling. Because by and large it doesn't exist in their sport. So they reach out for the next best thing when they don't understand something... they badmouth it. The MMA fanboys in their Tapout finest... look at boxers and automatically assume that anything a boxer does is because of being punch-drunk... though they don't really know enough about boxing to really even make any valid comments. Most of the MMA fanboy lot doesn't follow boxing so they wouldn't have any way of knowing what a boxer does or doesn't do in the ring. One slag off is much the same as the other. The boxing fan slagging the MMA fighter... the MMA fan slagging the boxer. Comprende?

    Luckily for those of us who follow both... there is becoming more and more crossover these days. More boxing fans are following MMA and grappling sports and more MMA fans are getting up to speed on boxing. There will be road bumps along the way... as evidenced by the 'punch drunk' comments in this thread. lol.

    Again how would you even know? You don't follow boxing so you know squat about his fighting style or his record. Idiotic assumptions at best. If we magic cammed right into Toney's living room he might just be a big black turnip right now!! My God thank you Rocket3 - vegetable everywhere thank you... no big black veggie should have to sit alone... we will organize a home care party for Toney. :rolleyes:


    Wake up son. Wake up.
    Umm... legitimacy fail. Sorry go back up and read the above one more time. Understand why it's not legitimate and then come back.:hat:
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    haha pathetic mate your really making an arss of yourself, so being simply a fan of a sport is wrong you have no claim to it in that case (and even at that I do train in mma and may one day compete) but even if I didn't id be some inherently worthless right now in comparison to any opinion you could form. once again totally making assumptions about me (and fans of MMA and boxing in generally really you should go back and rethink this sweeping opinion you have formed about a large group of people simply through spending time on internet forums, the world just isn't as black and white as that) I despise the tapout, affliction skulls with angels wings growing out them, overpriced rashguards/shorts covered in ridiculous amounts of sponsors and silly logos, shaven head, mohawk and sleeve tattoo's image so you don't have my number quiet as well as you thought you did. I also refer to it as "our sport" because despite the respect you may have for the fighters or weather you enjoy watching MMA I don't know but even if you do you don't seem to have a high opinion of the sport as a hole or its supporters. and also you should consider giving up the GIANT BOLD CAPITALS AS THEY DON'T GET YOUR POINT ACROSS ANY BETTER AND MAKE YOU LOOK INCREDIBLY IMMATURE AND OBNOXIOUS BAHAAHAAHAAHAA
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    because the dude cant speak coherent English its plain to see to everyone but you. to say that's being mistaken for his regional accent or his slightly "ghetto" image is kind of insulting to his home town and slightly racist.

    you think its not a legitimate argument simply because you disagree with him ? I mean lets be honest
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    Hmm...not really. Methinks you may have a persecution complex. There are any number of posters here at MAP who are more experienced than me. Better at constructing arguments than me and have spent longer training than I have. You might want to get your issues dealt with though before you start to point the finger. :hat:

    Again you seem to feel rather insecure. Perhaps if you made an effort to contribute instead of feeble attempts at calling people on the carpet and then getting flustered halfway through and storming out... you might not feel so inadequate. But who knows.

    lol - what? Is MMA an academic subject? It's not rocket science. I've been following it since day one. It's what lead me to train in BJJ and MMA and it was one of the motivating factors that lead me to compete in BJJ. The smae for boxing and muay thai in regards to myself. So in terms of contrasting and comparing with boxing yes I'm in a pretty good spot to be able to point out weak arguments and ardent fanboyism on both sides of that fence.

    You don't even have a debate. You're argument so far are emotional knee jerk reactions based on your own perceived inadequacies. If you don't want to have conjecture and debate then simply don't post. Not that hard to figure out. But if you or anyone else posts nonsense then rest assured I will be there to call them on it. Consider it a gift. :p

    Sadly part of that responsibility seems to be rebutting nonsensical arguments from MMA fanboys. If you're lot is the future of MMA... God help them... they won't be able to debate their way out a paper bag and will crumple like so much biscuit because of their thin skin.

    That's right where it's at. So Rocket3 if you have something useful to post on your journey back to MAP from the sin bin then do so but you're first day back and your running around taking half baked pot shots at me is becoming tedious to say the least.:rolleyes:
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    don't flatter yourself darling you weren't singled it you got in the way, I was on a thread that interested me and happened to see you treating someone who was pretty new to the forum like a bully would some kid on the school yard for daring to open his mouth , if you or anyone else in a position of responsibility does that rest assured I will call them on it. for the third or fourth time this evening over multiple forms I am shelved into this derogatory little term you have invented for yourself the fanboy in a clear attempt to belittle the points I have made and avoid engaging in proper debate.

    oh and I belive you asked somone to find this for you

  7. slipthejab

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    fan boy fail yet again

    oh why would that be... because someone has countered your nonsensical posting in regards to the subject at hand?

    Uh what? Try to form a coherent sentence before you compete in MMA. Otherwise you fanboy brethren might think of you as Toney's lot. :p

    Ok so let me get this straight. You crying about what you perceive to be assumptions and then jump in and attempt to remedy that by making your own bunch of assumptions?

    You're giving your number away. :p

    Uh... fail.
    You really haven't been on the forums long enough to know what is what. If you pulled your finger out and went back and read many of my posts you'd see that I hold MMA fighters by and large in very high regard. MMA fanboys like yourself... less so. In fact if you were able to grasp the subtleties of what's really at hand here then you'd see that you're not doing MMA any favors with your ill conceived and meandering rants.

    No it doesn't get my point across any better but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. :)
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    slip my man you really are a horrible human being :)
  9. Brian R. VanCis

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    Well to get back on topic I for one am looking forward to Gray Maynard getting a title shot!!! Finally another Michigan State Spartan will capture the belt!
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    Again... you don't have a debate.
    That much has clearly been shown. As the original issue was James Toney being punch drunk and it was asserted by non-boxing fans who knew little about Toney.. his opponents or his career... let alone about dementia pugilistica... then all of that brings it to where it's at now... rubbish, uniformed MMA fanboy statements.

    Which were further shown to be just as stupid and silly as the type of statement from the other side of the fence which is that 'MMA is two gay guys rolling around in a cage'...

    beyond that... you are just flapping your gums. There is no debate.
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    I'm going to give this thread a chance to get back on track.
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    YAWN life's to short, you refuse to explain why I'm a fanboy or what that even means (anyone into MMA who does not agree with you as far as I can tell) and constantly use the term to side step any challenge's I make against any opinion of yours (and a number of others) so why should I bother ?
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    You're best off not bothering. Thread back on track please. If you want to carry on this discussion/debate or lack thereof then do so in another thread. I'm more than happy to poke holes in your argument in another thread... but let's get this one back on track.

    Nuf said.
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    Love you too babe xxx
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    Careful Slip. These MMA fanboys think Joe Rogan is the greatest prophet since Vanilla Ice.
  16. roninmaster

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    1st.) here is the link to Toney's recent claims about the fight. it appears he has lost more brain cells since the fight seeing as he apperently forgot some of the highlights of his three minute whooping. he also apperenlty still lacks respect saying that shooting in for a takedown is cowardly, and he will indeed fight again. He still wants to be in the sport, yet doesnt want to train properly for the sport.:confused:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqSwhiQn970"]YouTube- UFC 118 post James Toney vs Randy Couture (Exclusive)[/ame]

    2.) now for the issues addressed to me.

    here is the link you wanted slip:[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb9lHuXm8f0"]YouTube- Floyd Mayweather disses MMA[/ame]

    no im not a huge boxing fan. i will watch them when i can, but since there are many organizations on at many different times i don't have the pleasure of watching them as much as id like. however i do train boxing with one of the jujitsu students at are gym who is a boxing coach. but then again im not keen on your interpretation of fan.

    apparently the last few people who have had an opinion in favor of MMA other then boxing as what they particularly found more entertaining have been deemed the lowest of the low. from sociology standpoint you seem to indeed have a ( whether you believe it or not) inferiority complex with those who don't care for the sweet science as much. your indeed entitled to your opinion. but we can just as much call you boxing fanboy as you call others a MMA fanboy. i enjoy watching the sport. i like its idea of making the perfect fighter who can fight in all ranges.

    i like its cinema like history of pitting two fighters from different systems of martial arts together to see who will be victorious. Then watching it evolve into what the training require today. i think its an example of what a competent martial artist truly should be, similar to Bruce lee's philosophy of jeet kune do. i also enjoy the artwork of the clothing since i do some graphics design, digital artwork and illustrations i really appreciate some of the lush designs not seen in other cloathing styles. does this make me a fanboy? or is it the idea of me not agreeing with you?

    this is called my Socrates style of arguing.:)

    i completely understand that boxing and MMA are different sports, but a baker wouldn't go to sushi artist and say bakery is better then sushi. or a soccer player going up to a ice hockey player and claiming it takes no skill to be the sport of hockey, or that hockey players and there fans are somehow inferior to socker. these claims are exactly what Mayweather says in the video interview i just posted. we( and yes i do meen we as MMA and submission grappling students and competitiors) have put tons of time and training into perfecting are craft just as boxers do, and for Mayweather to say what he did was more then foolish and ignorrant just like tony. the arugment people are making is that if mma takes no skill then you as a world class boxer should be able to come in there and runhouse. he however has not step up to the plate.

    as for my personal opinions about the man and his fights im more then aware he is indeed good, but his lack of respect is what drives me away. i personally feel he lost to Oscar de la hoya, and believe there needs to be rematch. id also wanted to see a rematch with diago corrales but sadly he has passed on. However im not up to date with all of his fights and stats as you said cus im no boxing fanboy, just of fan of good boxing:)
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    punch-drunk (pnchdrngk)
    1. Showing signs of brain damage caused by repeated blows to the head. Used especially of a boxer.
    2. Behaving in a bewildered, confused, or dazed manner.


    "uuuuggghhuuuhhh When he went for a takedown uggugughhh a shoulda bobbed n weaved nstead of ugghgughh you know weaven ugghgg no what am sayin"
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    BJ Penn vs Frankie Edgar - a perfect example of the statement "hardwork beats talent"
  19. Van Zandt

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    How did it go?

    "Hard work beats talent when talent refuses to work hard."
  20. Southpaw535

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    What are the chances of Penn turning it around though?

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