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  1. Bon

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    Anyone seen it? Anyone got it in sparring?

    Eddie Bravo's pretty famous for it apparently, tapped a lot of people out with it at the abu dhabi and everyone was asking him how to do it I hear.

    I can post more details later on how to do it if people haven't seen it. Apparently it's an old wrestling move which has been adapted to BJJ.
  2. SoKKlab

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    Tell me more, like what old wrestling move?

    What does the move consist of? apart from twisting, obviously...
  3. Bon

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    Can't find my notes at the moment... Hope my memory isn't too bad.

    The twister's done when you have one hook in on the guy and you can't get the second hook in which isn't a that uncommon situation. I'll assume left hook in for both of these.

    In the wrestling context, instead of turtling up like BJJers do, they'll post their hands out wide - for good balance I think? If we have one hook in, we want our foot on the outside of their leg. With our foot out, we come around so we're perpendicular to the guy. Reach over and hook our arm under the guy's arm and grab his wrist. Holding his wrist, do a shoulder roll (right I believe) and lock the guy's leg down as you roll over. Keep hold of his wrist, form a grip on his arm as if you were holding a baseball bat, pull the arm behind your head pinning it down onto the ground with your head, then reach around the guy's head, clasp fingers and you've got a neck crank.

    From the BJJ context, one hook in again, foot outside his leg, come around, reach over and grab his gi pants with your left hand up close to his groin and the end of his foot with your right hand (or you can grab his gi pants around his knee). Do a left shoulder roll, locking his leg down as you roll over and hug his leg to your chest. Apparently you can submit someone like this if you crank it hard enough, haven't tried myself. Grab his wrist with one hand, then let go of his leg, form a baseball-like grip again, pinning his arm down to the ground with your head, then you've got the neck crank.
  4. SoKKlab

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    Right, Er, thanks Bon,
    But I'm still confused on this one. Anybody got any links with pictures for me?

    It saves me rolling around the carpet trying to follow Bons instructions (eloquent though they are).

    I think I get the basic jist of it, I think some cheeky bugger has tried it on me actually, in a submission Gi-less scenario, but am not 100 percent on this one....
  5. YODA

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    This is a familiar sub that i was shown by my instrcutor years ago - but we work from half guard. When you about it - half guard is just a deep single hook.
  6. dirtbag

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    There is a video clip of it on the site of the Twister and its done by Alex... it is basically setup from side control when you are on the top position.. You will find it under Side Control>>Submissions or just type Twister in the search engine and it will pop it up..
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