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    FMA brotherhood is better.

    [ame=""]Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - King Bradley vs everyone Part 1 - YouTube[/ame]

    But it wasn't really my thing either.
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    A dub is when they do the voiceover, and subs are subtitles right?

    I far prefer subs than dubs. Not only does the dub change the character, but the language and meaning is often lost as well. Subs are so much better.
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    My man. :D
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    Well, that didn't stop me from trying. :p
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    For those interested, Hajime no Ippo has a new season which picks up where it left off with 'A New Challenger'.

    It's called 'Rising'.

    For those who never heard of it, it's a boxing anime with over-exaggerated effects. It's known for being one of the funniest anime as well, so you'll be in for a good laugh.
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    One of my new favorite mangas: Onepunch Man written by One, Drawn by Yusuke Murata



    I love the simplistic character design against the insanely detailed backdrops. Some of them are so well drawn that I had to double check to see if Mr Murata was just drawing the characters over a photograph.
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    Watching on-going
    - Naruto Shippuden

    - Kill la Kill

    Intend to start
    - Hellsing
    - Trigun
    - Golden Time
    - FMA brotherhood (saw the original, heard this one was great as well)
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    I actually don't agree with this at all. I think it's the other way around.

    Hunter x Hunter looks much more childish than Naruto imo, but it's actually more adult themed. It's much crueler and gorier. Yes, looking at this anime from a glance, you wouldn't think that, but it's a very harsh and also twisted anime. One of the craziest psychopaths in anime can be found in Hunter x Hunter.

    I personally think Naruto looks a lot more realistic as well. The characters in that show look like actual people, but a lot of characters in Hunter x Hunter look total fantasy.


    There are no characters in Naruto that look quite as fantasy like this, iirc.

    Some characters in Hunter x Hunter look realistic though. Anyway, they're just art styles. It's not really something to get hung up on.

    I really feel like you'd be missing out on something great if that's what's stopping you.
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    Actually, I understand the difference now after looking at both art styles for a bit.

    Hunter x Hunter isn't very consistent with how it draws its characters.

    Naruto is pretty consistent in its art style.

    Well, except for one part in the fight between Naruto and Pain. :p
  10. Mangosteen

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    The anime im watching at the moment is "The Devil is a Part-Timer"
    basically satan gets exiled from another dimension and ends up in earth as a human and has to get a part time job at macdonalds
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    Keep in mind my judgments are based on what you have shown on the thread vs. actually having read the manga or seen the anime. I just noticed it's one of the top mangas on a huge manga site I use to read One Piece and Naruto (don't know if I can post it here?), so I might give it a try.

    Kisame totally looks realistic though. :p

    Kisame totally looks realistic.

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    D'oh! Right, I forgot about that.

    haha fair enough :D

    Anyways, give Hunter x Hunter a try. Be sure to watch the 2011 version though, it covers more of the manga and is more true to the manga as well.

    I watch it on; onepieceofbleach

    It's just short of HD quality, it's really nice. Saves me from downloading all of them, like I used to do with Naruto on
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    I hope Gon gets a better/cooler weapon than a dang fishing pole.
  14. pseudo

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    Anime Art Style.

    For me, the anime art style will make or brake it for me. I'll list some of the animes that I've watched and enjoyed, you will probably see a theme.

    jin roh the wolf brigade
    Ghost in a shell (movies and stand alone complex)
    Ergo proxy
    Princess mononoke
    Cowboy bebop
    Samurai champloo
    Afro samurai

    Studio Ghibli

    Bleach (really enjoyed it for the first bit, then I gradually stop watching)
    FMA (was, eh okay)
    Dead man wonderland
    Attack on titan

    One thing that will usually sell me on an anime, is when the style is right out to lunch. For example.
    Dead leaves

    I have seen others but these are the ones that stuck with me.
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  16. Ero-Sennin

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    Dude Zinny,

    I'm nearly 50 episodes in now and I'll hold my tongue on any proclamation (don't know the publish dates of the mangas and which came first) but Hunter x Hunter shares a lot of similarities with Naruto characters and sub-plot themes. Like . . . . good lord it's nearly the same story in some areas! We could probably do a new thread about similarities between Naruto and Hunter x Hunter 2011, lol.

    Still not a huge fan of the art style, and I think the major plot line of the main character Gon is kind of lame. The thing that grabs me is the personalities of the characters. That's basically what keeps me interested. The characters that are essential to the story are very well developed. Even some of the characters that get killed off quickly are developed more and have more depth to them than what's normally seen.

    So far the story develops unbelievably fast though which is one of the things that turns me off a bit. Some of these characters are too big of a prodigy, learn too quickly. I mean hell, Gon isn't even 13 yet and already he's taken a gigantic step towards getting on Hisoka's level. Kurapika already killed off one of the Troupe, and one of their strongest fighters and it hasn't even been a year from the Hunter exam. How convenient how fast the characters get strong. The only believable character from the main guys is Killua (due to being raised an assassin but who is also a little bit too strong) and Leorio (who is often the comic relief who's focus and importance is on being the doctor).

    Overall it's good enough to watch and is very entertaining, but it lacks the depth and character development of longer running series like Naruto, or even Dragon Ball Z. You have to go into it willingly allowing yourself to accept the unbelievable aspects of the main characters and let it slide if you want to keep watching. I would definitely but the anime in the top category of "it's a good watch" but it wouldn't make the 5 of manga/anime that I've enjoyed. It just moves too quickly. However, the quickness in pace is also a nice break from the normal drawn out, life story aspects of other an anime like Naruto. The quickness however puts Hunter x Hunter in a kind of "short story" category of anime, so it can't really even be compared with the longer running series that take years for character and plot development. It's still good though, it's just not the same class of anime/manga.

    I'll probably watch this all the way through.
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    I agree with most of what you said. But it's faster in the beginning though, later on it will start to slow down a bit and go more into depth. And that's when the show becomes great imo. It keeps getting better and better. The last arc (chimaera arc) is crazy good though, it's in a league of its own. It's almost poetic.

    I commend you for giving it a try, I hope you can keep your interest until the chimaera arc. ;)
  18. Ero-Sennin

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    I'll definitely watch the entire thing. I usually know if I'm going to be interested in an anime by 50 episodes, lol! As long as the anime doesn't shift dramatically in what it's about, I'll keep interest.

    You can almost say that Naruto shifted dramatically during the final bit it's going though. While I've found the change in pace frustrating and a bit out there, I can reconcile it due to many of the new turns in plot being alluded to throughout the series. It's far fetched, but it has been explained and has just been really secretive in how the new events would be played out. I can't say that the new events happening was the best route the author could have went, but it's acceptable. The way it's playing out feels like the author wants to finish the manga up quickly. It's like it shares how the readers are probably wanting the manga to have an ending already :)p) but it doesn't mesh extremely well when the author concedes to the reader!

    I'm actually getting annoyed with Hunter x Hunter 2011 right now. Not because it's getting bad, but because it's interesting enough to hinder me focusing on recovering and working on my health issues. :p

    I'm not the type to pace themselves through tv shows or anime. If I find something I like I tend to plow through it, especially if I don't have anything pressing to do (which has been pretty common over the last year!). With 100+ though I need to find some discipline, lol. It was a good recommendation.
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    Been watching the anime versions of Wolverine, Iron Man, and X-Men. Definitely didn't care much for the Iron-Man. Can't make up my mind on the other 2. I keep going back and forth.
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    Indeed. It does seem that way. Which is a shame, because I liked how he started the ending part, with Naruto having become a full-fletched jinchuuriki. Now with all this time "six path's power of yang" stuff. It's interesting, but it's a bit too overpowering.

    I'm the same haha. No patience or self-control when it comes to anime. :eek:

    I wonder how many sleepless nights I've had because I couldn't stop watching the next episode. :p

    These sleepless nights though, I welcome them with open arms. :D

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