Trying to lose the remaining fats and increase muscle mass

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by MingTheMerciles, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. MingTheMerciles

    MingTheMerciles Valued Member

    I am currently 83 kg with 65 kg of muscle and body fats of 18 % . and Reccomended calories intake is 190 + ( 190 x 10 ) = 2090 calories .

    I need to reduce the fats all the way down to 10 % and up my muscle mass to 70 Kg in order to gain a 6 pack ( to complete myself ) , so this is my diet and sport routine

    Daily Diet intake -

    Skim Milk , Peanut Butter and Tuna and wholemeal Sandwich ( 8 pm )

    Light Philadelphia Butter ( dun know how to spell , but the butter is make of skim milk and cheese and is white in color ) and Tuna Wholemeal Sandwich ( 10:30 pm )

    Lean Chicken ( I take out the skin and remove every single visible fats , i can find ) , french bean ( cook with olive oil ) and a little bit of Brown Rice ( 1 pm )

    Protein Shkae ( 3 pm )

    Protein Shake ( 5 pm )

    Panfry ( I dun use oil , just dry fry but I add herbs and black pepper to add to the taste ) Steak ( remove all visible fats ) or Salmon or Tuna , Brocoli , a little bit of Brown Rice ( 7 pm )

    When I felt hungry beyong 7:30 pm , I just put a fresh lemon in my mouth or brush my teeth . And I often just cook my own food and make lunchbox .

    Monday -
    Resistance Training ( this time I try to increase the weight load and do less rep )
    Lat Pull ( narrow Grip ) , 3 sets
    Upright Rowing 3 sets
    Bench Press 4 sets
    Calves 4 sets ( I increase the load after every sets )
    Squats 4 sets ( I increase the load after every sets )
    Tricep Press ( 4 sets )
    Hammer Curl and Bicep Curls ( 3 sets , 2 sets )
    Overhead Press ( 4 sets )
    Tuesday -
    24 km run

    Wednesday -
    BJJ class at 8 pm
    Weight train at noon .

    Stiff Legs Deadlift ( 4 sets )
    Squat ( 4 sets )
    Biceps , Hammer Curl ( 3 sets , 2 sets )
    Overhead Press ( 4 sets )
    Wide Grip Lat pull ( 4 sets )
    Incline Press ( 4 sets )
    Triceps Press ( 4 sets )

    Thursday -
    24 km Run

    Friday -
    BJJ class

    Saturday -
    Kali / JKD classes

    Weight Train :
    Narrow / Wide Grip Lat pull ( 2 sets , 2 sets )
    Biceps Curl , Hammer Curl ( 2 sets , 2 sets )
    Calves ( 4 sets )
    Stiff Legs Deadlift ( 4 sets )
    Shoulder Shrugs ( 4 sets )
    Decline Press ( 4 sets )
    Rowing ( 3 sets )

    Sunday :
    Archery and 24 km run
  2. Jeffrey Smith

    Jeffrey Smith New Member

    To be honest, I'd rather have a washboard stomach than a 6-pack. I think a 6-pack more represents hypertropy status rather than strength. But if that's your goal, then go for it.

    Looking at your diet, you do not eat much fat at all. You can't loose fat by not eating it, you have to create a deficit. If you eat too little fat, your body won't burn it off, because it'll think it is starving.
  3. bwhite55

    bwhite55 Valued Member

    i dunno what all that is in lbs. i think 1 kg is 2.2 lbs, in which case, you are like 170 lbs?(i just did it in my head.) in which case, you might wanna bump up the cal a lil bit more like jeff said. and take fishoils!
  4. MingTheMerciles

    MingTheMerciles Valued Member

    Ok , here it is .

    Height - 1.8 m or 5'11"
    Bone Mass - 3.5 kg
    Muscle Mass - 65 kg
    Body Fats - 18 %
    Total Weight - 83 kg or 182 lbs
    Reccomended Calories - 182 + ( 182 x 10 ) = 2002 calories . But it could have been more as I exercise everyday .
    Waist - 32 inch
    neck - 16 inch ( i think )
    Visceral Fats - 8
    Body type - Standard Muscular , I am trying to be very muscular . So I have to reduce all the remaining fats and increase the muscle mass .

    Since you said that But I usually cook my vegetable with Olive oil . I still have a can of olive oil tuna . Will that work ? I do eat Salmon and Tuna which contain the Omega 3 Fatty Acid ...... Other then that I would not touch other fats that I do not know much about . I dun eat Carb at night but will eat them in the morning and afternoon .

    But could you somehow help me to change by diet routine ?

    But then , when I first started lifting weight and bodybuilding , I weight at about 80 kg or 180 lbsand within 6 months , I increase about 20 kg or 40 lbs which mean that I am 100 kg or 220 lbs in term of muscle weight . And after that I reduce tremendously in fatty weight as I gain more muscle which is 100 kg or 220 lbs , all the way down to where I am now , 83 kg or 182 lbs .

    So I am trying to reduce my body fats and increase my muscle mass for a six pack . I dun have any problem with my upper body muscle and Legs .just the mid section .

    So what is the kind of fats , you reccomend ? How many serving or tea spoon or table spoon of fish oil , I should take ?

    I dun use any oil to cook my meats though .
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  5. Jeffrey Smith

    Jeffrey Smith New Member

    In some diets for loosing fat, they actually recommend that 20% of your calories still come from fats at least.... and polyunsaturated is best, but it's hard to eat just those.
  6. MingTheMerciles

    MingTheMerciles Valued Member

    About the Fish oil , does Cod liver oil be consider a good source of fats ?
  7. bwhite55

    bwhite55 Valued Member

    yeap. arctic char is one of the best sources of omega 3 you can get tho, and its supposed to taste delicious. but cod liver oil is good.
  8. MingTheMerciles

    MingTheMerciles Valued Member

    alright then , so my only mistake is the lack of a good source of fats ?
  9. Jeffrey Smith

    Jeffrey Smith New Member

    Pretty much, :3~

    And do you eat anything while you run those 24km spurts?
  10. MingTheMerciles

    MingTheMerciles Valued Member

    About that ... it depends , on weekdays , I pretty much did that in the evening or afternoon ...... so I most likely have eaten my lunch and dinner but it is a six small meal plan though . I ran and then I eat . But on Weekend , I will run on an empty stomach . But on occasion , I will take in Breakfast Cereal
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  11. mookie

    mookie New Member

    where's the rest day? you have quite a hectic routine, i don't do squats and deadlifts on the same day either as i feel i can't utilise my full potential for squats if i've done deads and vice versa i switch them between workouts
  12. Jeffrey Smith

    Jeffrey Smith New Member

    Not eating at all during a 24k run doesn't sound good. Even if you run an 8 minute mile, thats still an hour and a half. You've probably burned over 1000 calories in that time. To not eat at all during that, or even worse, on an empty stomach isn't such a hot idea. Maybe bring a light snack and some gatorade for carbs?
  13. slacker6

    slacker6 New Member

    I can't starve your body on those runs. At this point, your metabolism is probably racing along at a good pace so you CAN increase the calories or fats with minimal if any, negative effect. I just lost 50# and can attest to this. Just keep rolling with the tuna/salmon, etc, add in some nice veggies like brussel sprouts, etc and you will be good. Your body will also thank you on that 24K run.

    Cheers to the poster above from North Carolina, I used to live in the 'Boro also:)
  14. MingTheMerciles

    MingTheMerciles Valued Member

    well , some people told me to eat after u run ( they told me that instead of targeting the calories , I ate , it will target my bodyfats ) , and btw , i only run 3 times a week , not everyday , i will not do squat , calves and deadlift during the day , I am running , but I also take as much rest as possible . And of course , I will quickly eat something after the long distance run .

    But then I will usually run on weekday night and weekend morning .......
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  15. Jeffrey Smith

    Jeffrey Smith New Member

    True, it will start targeting bodyfats, but it will also start targeting muscle as well. So all that weight lifting you do will be tossed out the drain.
  16. MingTheMerciles

    MingTheMerciles Valued Member

    running burn muscle ? but how ?
  17. bwhite55

    bwhite55 Valued Member

    it doesn't burn muscle. it's hard on the muscles and joints, and takes longer to recover from than other cardios. thats why its so easy to overtrain w/ running. safe distances are fine, but people who go long distnaces alot during the week tend to overtrain. w/ proper rest, it can be amazing to add to your workout. it also trains different types of muscle fibers, which is why alot of runners don't necissarily have big legs, but they can have very strong lower bodies. just be sure you are taking some gluco, chondroitin and msm while you are running to protect your joints, and get plenty of protein and carbs for energy and muscle repair, and you should be fine w/ running if you do it in moderation.
  18. MingTheMerciles

    MingTheMerciles Valued Member

    ok , because , I only ran 3 times a week , not everyday ....
  19. Jeffrey Smith

    Jeffrey Smith New Member

    This time I will have to argue with you slightly. When your body is at the point where it is out of glucose and glycogen, your body will convert to two things, fat and protein. The protein can come from your blood stream or wherever if you have had some in the past few hours, but if you haven't, it WILL start to break down your muscles.

    "The other mechanism is that if your body does not have enough blood glucose, it can manufacture it by breaking down protein. If not enough protein is available from food, it will get it from muscle tissue [Berning, 1998]. Again this is only likely if you’re training excessively, or undernourished. The most obvious example of this is “hitting the wall” in the marathon or cyclists “bonking” on long rides. "
  20. bwhite55

    bwhite55 Valued Member

    wouldn't that be at the point of overtraining, which i talked about a lil bit in my post? also goes w/ not getting enough nutrition throughout your diet. and doesn't this happen w/ all cardio, granted running is probly the most likely cuz it's one of the highest intense and hardest impact on your body forms?

    very nice post btw. can you send a link to the info so i can read more?

    edit: i also talked a lil bit about protein and carbs for energy and stuffs on my post above....:D

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