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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by mattt, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. mattt

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    I've enjoyed access to a great bunch of people with local knowledge through training at local clubs when I travel, though my most recent trip motivated me to work harder at my game, since in some ways you are representing your club when you do this.

    Do you guys think to drop in to class when traveling, and what experiences have you had doing this?

    Some of my best memories include Dublin (multiple pints after class) and more recently dropping in with Team Nog in the UAE. I didn't bring a Gi with me and they didn't have any loaners so I just went to the local shop and bought a pair of shorts and got to roll with their guys in NoGi open mat.

    I've found it a really cool experience, testing yourself against new people with the added bonus of having people with local knowledge to give you great tips about the town you are in.
  2. Mushroom

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    Nothing wrong with travelling and training.

    It gives you a good insight in how others are training and also sees where you are at your own level.
  3. Kwajman

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    The last time I was in Mexico I popped into a local TKD school to observe and ended up training for a night. GREAT FUN!
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    Trained lots of places when travelling... often called ahead and have been treat like a king almost every time. Have also dropped by places to watch when at conferences etc.. MA people generally aren't too bad to strangers as long as you are polite and unthreatening.

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    One of my favourite activities is to travel around and learn from new teachers and groups. Through experiencing different systems and techniques, we not only gain fresh new knowledge to explore, but also gain fresh perspective on the knowledge we already possess.

    Whilst there is certainly a lot to be said for being thoroughly committed to your "home" system or club, the peaceful exchange of martial/combative knowledge across borders has actually been going on for a very long time. One of the world's first "universities" was Takshashila (aka. Taxila) - believed to have been founded around 700 BCE - where people from all over the world would gather to learn languages, politics, warfare, and strategy (amongst many other subjects). Martial knowledge has been treated as a valuable commodity for millennia - its trade is in our blood.

    And like you said, it's a great way to make new friends and find out about the local area!

    One of my favourite experiences was being taught by Simon Burgess in New York. He is a highly skilled Pekiti Tersia instructor, and the input he delivered into small blade work has forever changed the way i train and teach the subject of edged weapons. Another one of my favourite experiences was when i met up with Radhika Shaikh - a fellow Filipino Martial Arts instructor - in Mumbai. I was working as a security advisor at the time, and was on a very busy schedule. So after all the eating, laughing and joking, it turned out there was no time to train! Picked up lots of valuable intel though, and will forever have a family in India :)

    Likewise, i've had a lot of travelling martial artists through my doors here in London (mostly from Europe, with a few from the USA and Australia/NZ), and i've always done my best to make them feel welcome.

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