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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Southpaw535, Jul 11, 2010.

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    I totally disagree. The thing I want to push my body is the specific exercies I'm doing. If you're rolling five minute rounds or sparing five minute rounds. Or doing HIT training, or circuits, or pad work, its quite effort enough to concentrate on putting 100% into the technique.

    I'd rather spend my energy in hitting harder, moving quicker, being more explosive, more fluid, more skillful. From the first second of the first round to the last stretch at the end. Anything that makes that goal harder I try to avoid, so I get the best equipment I can and try to avoid temporature extremes.
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    Everywhere I go and getting there has aircon. This is the 21st century right?
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    Southpaw should really get that rash looked at.
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    I get what you're saying, but you can't always choose the environment you want to train (or fight) in. I think some kind of adaptability has to come into play and getting your body used to certain temperature changes (not necessarily extremes) can be useful

    Also, we don't choose to train in the heat, it's an environmental thing we can't control, so we just get on with it

    A lot of the guys can't stand it, but I try to use it to my benefit
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    I dont have a rash!!!
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    Sometimes training harder can equate to training out of your comfort zone. If that means lack of AC... so be it. It's not going to kill you. It will however make you have to work harder both mentally and physically once the temperature goes up.

    I was always surprised at how much focus many of the students would lose in the gym once I started killing the AC's for Muay Thai training. Every student walked out looking like they'd just jumped out of the swimming pool. That's a good thing in many ways.

    When I trained or train in Thailand... there's no bloody AC. Are you kidding? Mid day under those tin roofs can be murder. But you deal with it. You switch on mentally and have to dig deep and deal. There are 9 and 10 year old girls who can do it... so if I can't then... ffs... I really need to pack it in and go home.

    It's much more humid down in Singapore, Thailand or the Philippines. I count my luck on a lot of days here in Hong Kong.

    Tonight's bodyweight workout outdoors was a great example... it was hot and humid (see the inset of Hong Kong weather today). And it was a great day to train... and then trained again at the evening time. Yes poured with sweat. Clinch work was nightmarish as you were as likely to drown in your own and your partners sweat as you were to get a grip. In fact grip was impossible. I really had to stay on top of people to keep hydrating. And then constant reminders that by the time they got home they still needed to be hydrating.

    The heat does take it out of you... but if you manage it right no it's not going to kill you. It does add an extra dimension to the mental fortitude side of training and it does add extra toughness to the physical side of training. You don't have to do it all the time but it's nice to get in and train in as many different conditions as you can.

    Comfort can be the enemy and variation is the key to progress in training.

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    Genital warts aren't really considered a rash anyhow.

    Just manage them. Remember you are the boss, you run your life not your genital warts. If they start to look like you've dipped your sweaty sack in bowl of Cornflakes then you need to deal with them... if your starfish is surrounded by a halo of Cornflakes then dude just get yourself to the clinic.

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    My genital hygiene is fine!

    Actually I genuinelly do have a UTI but thats irrelevant....
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    If it's grown from a rash into anal Cornflake fringe... can that really be considered as fine!?
    Bro help us to help you. Friends who have friend with genital warts don't let them live in denial. It's just not right. I won't let it happen on my watch bro. I'm down for you.
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    Looks like the tag fairy has been active again.:)
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    I hate this forum so, so much.

    EDIT: On the flipside I have a webcam if anyone wants to help?
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    here is our 7 day forecast for HK... just curious how that squares up heat and relative humidity wise with others here on MAP.

    My guess is most people don't have the humidity as high generally. But curious to see where you guys are at weather wise.

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    I like cauliflower :) well used to. Cheese on it too
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    gah... I just threw up a bit in my own mouth. The thought of cauliflower glazed with cheeze. That pungent aroma... the burning itch... the stains on the underwear when you scratched them so hard they bleed, the shame of having to explain to your partners what your anal cauliflower halo is all about... ugh.... God I really feel for Southpaw.
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    Been there done that. Why do all the really pretty nurses work in the 'special clinic'?
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    No jeans Lefty....loose fitting boxers only
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