training for a marathon, how to go about it?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jordanblythe104, May 15, 2012.

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    I have recently decided to train myself to compete in a marathon. I can run 12 km at the moment, so i'm just asking for a few tips on diet, training, how long it woud take, etc. Any other long distance runners on this board who can give advice?

    Cheers, Jordz
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    What is your time on the 12k? How long is your recovery time till you're back to optimum? What is your diet like? How old are you and what sort of shape are you in? Any pre existing conditions or injuries?

    Post up some info about yourself so we can give you an idea of where to start.
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    I can't exactly remember how long it takes but I generally recover within an hour or less. Every morning I eat a massive bowl of oats and then eat something at dinner time, usually a bunch of vegatebles I chuck into a frying pan, along with alot of coffee(maybe 2 or 3 in the morning). 17 years old, fit with no pre existing injuries but I do have a minor case of asthma which doesn't seem to have an effect when running. I also do regular exorsise and I also box competatively.

    Cheers, Jordz
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    Check out a 10k runners schedule as this is the best way to train for a marathon.My training on a weekly basis throughout the winter was:

    Mon.16km at an easy pace,recovery run from Sunday. moderate pace. pm 10km easy pace.

    Wed. 20km intervals at hard pace,70secs 400m followed by 200m recovery.This type of run is absolute hell but it produces quick results.

    Thur. same as Tuesday.

    Fri. 10k recovery run rest day.

    Sat, Easy run of 20-25k

    Sun,long run peaking at 50km at 60 seconds below race pace.

    This schedule was followed throughout the winter and in the spring returned a 32.26 for 10k and 2.42 for the marathon.

    To run a decent time for the marathon you have to train really hard and make a lot of sacrifices plus you will need a good diet and extra sleep.You also need to enter 10k road races and cross country races on a regular basis so you keep a competitive edge.
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    cheers dude :cool:

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