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Discussion in 'Ju Jitsu' started by munkiejunkie, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. munkiejunkie

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    Is there anyway for a person to train locks (kote gaeshi etc.) at home? Our dojo doesn't run over the holidays. Also, is there any way to get used to an opponent resisting by themselves? I ask my partner to resist but he never does
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  2. Poop-Loops

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    Start applying enough force to almost hurt him, that might get him moving. :p

    I don't think there's anyway to train at home with grappling. :(

    You'll just have to excercise some other way.

  3. ubermint

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    Certain grappling movements (bridging, takedowns, footwork, sprawling) can be drilled in the air, but only after you've done them on a human being.

    As for your friend, give him a smack or two.

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