Training 6 Days A Week -- Any problem?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by SPX, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. resman

    resman New Member

    High kicks for me is anything above my own hip.

    I agree with your idea about primal moment, and in most of those moments the knee does not go higher than the hip bone, in the case they do the moments where not "snappy" but "pushy".

    I learnt the lesson the hard way, I used to be a kick boxer for more than 7 years. All those high kicks ruined my lower back and knees.

    Anyway you slice and dice the argument it will be inconclusive, so why take the risk of a high kick marital art when there are a lot which do not include these at their core ? (Unless of course you have problems in your arms)

    Anyway, you would not want to use high kicks for your self defence. They are nice to watch on movies and in ring fights but I would not take such risks in the street.
  2. Simon

    Simon Moved on Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    Because training under an instructor who understands correct movement and technique, warm ups and cool downs, specific drills aimed at proper mechanics etc removes that risk.

    Poor training leads to injuries. Correct training doesn't.

    Training in an art that doesn't have high kicks doesn't reduce your risk of knee or back injuries.
  3. Bobby Gee

    Bobby Gee Valued Member

    "Correct training doesn't lead to injurys" say wha..? Maybe in tai chi
  4. Simon

    Simon Moved on Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    I think you know exactly where I'm coming from when I made that statement.

    Kicking high does not lead to any more injuries than training in an art that focuses on low kicks.

    I would argue that correct training for high kicks gives you a healthier posture and a stronger back.
  5. KaliKuntaw

    KaliKuntaw Valued Member

    Some folks have been warning me against lots of high kicking.
    Apparently it is believed that high kicks can damage the hip.
    I dont know how true it is but i do know a few martial artists that have had hip surgeries.
  6. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    High, overly dynamic kicking when you don't have the flexibility or push to reach too hard, too fast, too vigorously may cause you problems long term - especially without good levels of warm up, stretching, warm down and so forth.

    But that comes down as much to training methodology as it does anything else.
  7. KaliKuntaw

    KaliKuntaw Valued Member

    I have always had one hip more flexible than the other and now in my old age i feelthe joints flare up after a little too much training. But i guess it comes with age.

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