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Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by Guitar Nado, Feb 21, 2015.

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    Ok - I know there are fans here. Belltoller at least who uses bubbles photos as avatars.

    I am late to the party I am sure - but I just saw the episode with Rush and Alex Lifeson, and it is one of the funniest/best things I have ever seen! I loved the Closer to the Heart guitar instruction bit. Also I loved the many references to Helix and April Wine. Despite being an American I know these bands and some of their songs. I had a few April Wine cassettes back in the day. For that matter I guess I had a few Triumph ones too! I'm familiar with a few Anvil songs even. It goes without saying I know Rush of course, so this episode was fun. It's like the Young Ones episode with Motorhead which I vaguely remember from my childhood (ok, this is British, but the best I can think of to compare to). I'm sure there is a truly American equivalent to this, but I can't think of one now...
  2. Hannibal

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    TPB with Sebastian Bach is my fave
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    I use to really enjoy Trailer park boys however the show kind of lost its charm, if however you get a chance to see them do a live performance do it! Laughed my butt off. We had john dunsworth and Patrick roach do a show here in 2006, one of the best comedy shows I've seen and they stuck around, had a few beers with the locals. A really good time.
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    My favourite TPB moments:
    "I'm mowin the air Rand!"
    "Patrick Swayze" - Conky
    The episode with the rocket ("Spaceweed? No Ricky, use real space words")
    Vodka in the swimming pool
    Rickyisms - "well, Bubs took the blame, so there was none left for me to take, cos Bubs already took it"

    I think the entire first series is on YouTooobs too!

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