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  1. mani

    mani Valued Member

    I would like to know your thoughts and opinions on traditional karate and full contact karate.

    would you go to a traditional karate class that emphasises more on old drills and forms.


    would yo go to a full contact karate class that puts more emphasis on sparring and more fighting based techniques rather than old forms.

  2. Adam

    Adam New Member

    Effective? For what? Fighting? In that case, I would go with full contact karate.
  3. Cain

    Cain New Member

    Traditional can be full contact you know ;)

    *readies fire extinguisher*

  4. johndoch

    johndoch upurs

    Depends on the individual and there goals. I guess in the true essence of the Trad would be a more complete system rather than just simply fighting.
  5. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    Since when is "traditional Karate" not "full contact karate"?

    I've been away from the Karate scene for a while but, in my experience, the more "traditional" the Karate was, the more "full contact" it was.

    Maybe the definitions have changed since I've been out of the loop.

  6. RedDragon

    RedDragon New Member

    The way I see it, everyone trains in full contact Karate... but for the sake of safety and insurance purposes, when kumite occurs in a dojo, it is light contact.

    I have to agree with Mike.
  7. kempocos

    kempocos Valued Member

    This type of question comes up often. I see it mostly from new students who watch alot of UFC/NHB/PRIDE events. KARATE should be taught in progression as the persons skill set and conditioning gets better the contact should be increased, but never to FULL contact. In a training situation Full cantact all the time produces nothing but injuries and reduces the training time. If it is for a FULL CONTACT FIGHT EVENT then some full conatct training will be needed. Most do not train for the this type of event.
  8. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    I argee with Mike too, the more traditional the karate, the heavier the contact. More modern takes on karate have reduced down the level of contact to keep students happier/prevent injuries.
  9. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    Well said. I would say that this is true of every art. As one of my instructors says, "you have to develop a tool before you can test it."

  10. 47Ronin

    47Ronin New Member

    i am in traditional uechi karate and we are full contact, same with all the other schools for uechi..
  11. Goju

    Goju Yellow Belt

    Traditionla Karate

    Sometimes full contact karate dojos are based on winning in "tournament" or "competition" , rather than saving ur life during an attack!

    I really dislike those karate ka who take those "get a black belt quick" courses, quit karate and buy a punching bag claiming they are still black belts in ability!
  12. LIQUID

    LIQUID New Member

    Neither do Kickboxing it's a better style of karate for street IMPO
  13. WhiteWizard

    WhiteWizard Arctic Assasain

    Your views about karate are well known so if you have nothing to contribute then what are you doing in here anyway.

    For my part everything is trained to be full contact otherwise what would be the point you maybe don't go at it full tilt every time you spar but the intention should always be there
  14. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Kickboxing was evolved by USA Karate people as a way of pressure testing/competing in their Karate.

    So kickboxing is Karate! :rolleyes:
  15. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    I thought kickboxing was invented by people who were to lazy to learn karate kata and bunkai. ;)

  16. Tosh

    Tosh Renegade of Funk


    I mean rah rah rah!!

    Dood r u serus? I hop knot or me n mi Krataka/Nija buds will cum whoops on u

  17. remus

    remus New Member

    Hi Guys,
    Just thought to give my two cents here...
    My instructors were former JKA guys but have since changed organization to SKI and they told us some stories about their trips to Japan for special events held by JKA or just to test for a higher dan belt in the early eighties and the story that stood out for me was that each of them were "welcomed" by some black belts. What the "welcome" means was that they will have to go one round of kumite with the resident black belts and punches or kicks were not pulled during the match. it was either you get hit and get bloodied or worse have broken bones or you are able to successfuly block them or avoid them. To be standing after the round unscathed is a feat in itself we were told as it was an all out welcome. They trained "Traditional karate" during that time. The attidute towards training then was different.
    In this day and age those kinds of "welcome" are not welcome anymore or you'll get sued off your pants.
  18. El-Zerb

    El-Zerb New Member

    Best of both Worlds

    I study Renbuaki Karate, it seems to be the best of both worlds. Our classes are taught in the traditional style (including kihon kata etc.), but we spar full contact. I don't think there is any point to learning how to fight if you can't take a hit.

    Just my thoughts :)
  19. tai-gip

    tai-gip New Member

    I dont think you actualy find real full contact anywhere karate was created because the Japanese where physicaly larger than there neighbours so they developed a style based on force where when something comes at you you break/destroy it with your block/strike then either knock the attacker out or kill them....

    one block one strike ...end

    .....i havnt seen that around in competition so i guess there realy isnt full contact there might be classes where you hit and kick one another pretty hard though

    actualy i have seen that style of karate used by a friend in point sparring but not in contact ...i dont think your meant to actualy destroy the opponant just beat them sensless..... :D
  20. remus

    remus New Member

    I have to disagree with tai-gip that karate was created against the Japanese because they were larger than their neighbors, unless tai-gip is talking about the Sumos of Japan, and it wasn't even created with any particular enemy in mind. MA in any country is created for personal defense against any enemy though the empty handed ones(karate,judo,tekwondo) have limited scope compared to the ones with weapons. And though it's not posted here but i read in some magazines that Karate was created against the Japanese Samurai and that the purpose of toughening the knuckles is so that it can penetrate the bamboo armor they are wearing. Now i am not a practitioner of Kenjutsu but i have seen them practice and i don't think any sane person will have the cojones to go toe to toe empty handed with even a not so good kenjutsuka.

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